Zojirushi Coffee Maker 10 Cup Stainless Steel/Black Review

Zojirushi Coffee Maker 10 Cup Stainless Steel/Black Specs and Reviews

10-Cup stainless steel carafe keeps Coffee hot for hoursRemovable water tank makes filling easy and is fully washable200 DegreeF high brewing temperature heats water to the right temperature to brew flavorful CoffeeSpecial design feature for brewing Iced coffee-iced Coffee water measure lines adjust the water-to-coffee ration for a stronger Coffee that doesn’t taste watered down when Diluted with iceDrip prevention mechanism prevents Coffee from dripping when the carafe is removed from the machineReusable and washable Permanent stainless mesh Coffee filter and measuring Spoon accessory included
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3 thoughts on “Zojirushi Coffee Maker 10 Cup Stainless Steel/Black Review”

BzEda says:

For the workday mornings when we have to get out the door, I have been using a Capresso MT-500 which was on its last legs. I really wanted to love this coffee maker.It replaces a Cuisenart, which I vowed I wouldn’t buy again from a company that was okay with using a horrible LCD display whilst charging $90.A few years back I went whole hog on the coffee thing – started roasting my own beans, bought a better coffee maker, burr grinder, etc.We bought a YTC100XB, but just ditched it for a Moccamaster due to poor coffee quality and temperature.I used a medium grind, as advised, as I grind my own with a burr grinder.Needed to upgrade my Keurig single-cup maker to something with a larger capacity upon moving in with the girlfriend.The carafe also fails to keep the coffee hot for very long.The unit keeps shutting down and having to cool off to continue the cleaning cycle, after calling customer service I was informed that they need me to send it in for repair which will take 2 weeks.However, I don’t think it is worth the regular price, but if you can get it on sale, it is worth it.Bought this because our Zojirushi to-go mugs keep coffee hot for 10+ hours.However, they will leak and cause a big mess for no reason at all.After reading hundreds of reviews on four different manufacturers, we decided to give this one a try.1) This machine is one of the best at managing brew temperature for optimal coffee flavor.Washed the carafe and ran two tanks full of water through it on standard brew (per the instructions.I purchased an AeroPress and have been using it for several months.This product is top rated for its carafe which looks great and keeps the coffee warm for many hours however we find we have to heat it in the microwave if we add any milk.00 dollar item it should last longer than 48 days , don’t you think! I tried troubleshooting and even called for help to no avail.It had given me almost a decade of trouble-free, hot, delicious consistently perfect coffee.

PuDVM says:

I’ve cooked enough to know that water just doesn’t cool off that quickly.Coffee coffee pot but it needed constant cleaning and within a short period of time the water did not go through the filter basket very well.It is easy to charge with freshly ground coffee, easy to add the amount of cold water, and the thermal carafe keeps the brewed coffee hot for a reasonable amount of time, even if drinking coffee alone.We worked around this by removing the lid of the coffee pot during brewing.I love the design, temperature point, best coffee ever.Only two gripes is that the old coffee maker used a #4 cone filter and would use less coffee beans for the desired taste.The good reviews looked promising and after using this machine for 3 weeks I’m super pleased.Beware, the scoop that comes with it is twice the size of a normal coffee scoop.There were signs that the heating element was in the process of giving up.After just our first week this new cap already stinks like rancid coffee.00, which made truly outstanding coffee and had the same great carafe, I found the EC-YTC100XB to be overcomplicated and much more expensive at $195.The flavor is better and there is less acid taste.You can buy German coffee here, thanks to the internationalization of commerce, but US made coffee makers have a hard time achieving the perfect brew.I absolutely recommend this coffee maker! I am OCD about my coffee and put a lot of thought into every element of the process.Everything about this item feels better, fits together better, looks better than many of those – overall it’s a keeper.However, I think it’s fine and am willing to overlook that for the form/function this provides.Removable water reservoir, so I don’t need a ton of clearance above the machine to fill it up with water….Carafe replacement is $80!! What a waste![/review4][review5] I had a Capresso maker for 18 years and loved it, but It broke and they no longer have parts available.We read a ton of reviews and it seemed like this one was well rated.

ZKxBqF says:

I was going to by another Capresso, but I bought the Zojirushi after doing a lot of research, and glad I did.? It does brew a good cup of coffee and the carafe keeps the coffee hot much longer than any other ones that I have had in the past.It does make a less bitter, well rounded coffee than many of the drip coffeemakers I have previously used.It’s easy to set, use and clean.The first was broken on arrival.My one complaint is I wish the water bin could be pulled out like the grinder coffee storage which swings open.The old one finally gave out.Not at all disappointed.Unfortunately, coffee is consistently luke warm.It’s simple to operate — just press the “start” button.Easy to use and sharp looking.When my Keurig broke after 4 years of using it, I decided to splurge and purchase the Zojirushi.There is no hot plate so you are relying on the hot water out of the tap.I highly recommend it if you need to program the daily brewing.I have used more coffee, less coffee, ground it to differing degrees but still am getting basically burnt flavored water.The carafe keeps the coffee hot but if you want to do it the right way, put boiling water in the carafe first, then pour out the water.Its features are well thought out and very conveinent and is very easy to operate.The design is compact, fits beautifully on the counter, and I like its symmetry.It works great.This one is so well built, the carafe is better and easier to pour.

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