Wemo Light Switch WiFi enabled Works with Alexa and the Google Assistant (F7C030fc) Review

Wemo Light Switch WiFi enabled Works with Alexa and the Google Assistant (F7C030fc) Review and Specs

Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)WeMo light switch seamlessly replaces your old wall light switch. Control you lights from WeMo light switch on the wall, The WeMo app, and even your voice with both Amazon alexa and Google assistantSet SCHEDULES and timers. Set porch light to turn on at sunset. Schedule ceiling fans to turn before you arrive home. Sync on and off times to Sunrise and sunset, and moreWorks with Amazon alexa and Google assistant. Pair WeMo light switch with Amazon alexa or Google Assistant built-in devices like Google home to turn your lights on or off with just the power of your voiceRandomize lights to protect your home. Enable ‘away Mode’ When you’re away and WeMo will turn lights on and off randomly. Electrical ration: 120V/15a/60Hz/1800WNote: Works with any one-way connection light switch (not compatible with 3-way) and requires a neutral wire
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Tag:device switches, electrical connection, electrical connections, fan boxes, small android tablet, smart house devices

3 thoughts on “Wemo Light Switch WiFi enabled Works with Alexa and the Google Assistant (F7C030fc) Review”

cwBFp says:

Spent 2 hours trying to get decent wiring directions for connecting to single black single white and ground connection.Setup is not easy or smooth and takes quite a while.There would be occasional hiccups like power interruptions that cause the switches to restart, but they have never failed on me.It was amazing.You should expect to do a factory reset on them after the initial installation, though.I now have the same problem with a Wemo smart switch.I’m not really sure how long because it was on my porch light and supposedly working automatically according to internet sunrise/sunset schedules.I like the fact that they don’t require a separate hub and that they can be controlled from my cell phone.At first, they all work.Heres the problem… i recently changed my wifi router and i have had nothing but problems ever since!! Yes, i reset both swithes to factory default settings, and they still give me a f******* headache every day!!Today, i set up three eWeLink switches in different rooms and they took barely one hour to set up and activate.Just a simple tap turns on/off.Received my switch in great shape….Then they began failing starting with the bulb kit; they could not connect to my network.However, the switch looks and works great! I love that you can use it like a regular switch and control it remotely.Instructions are pretty easy to follow.I use them to control:Bathroom heaterBathroom VentBathroom LightOutside lightsOutside AmplifierKitchen LightBedroom tvLivingroom tvKids TVKids bedroom lampThey are easy to setup and are generally pretty consistent.When I am at home working these devices through my home wireless system and cell phone or tablet they work most of the time.Durning this time I added other smart switches from other brands but didn’t see a need to replace the Wemo ones I already had.In general once the app is correctly paired with the device, we like the convenience of a smart plug/ switch.However, there is a fix for this.

xSPGC says:

We’d had it for 15 years and I was excited to be able to get a smart switch we could control from anywhere.Pro’s* Cost, yes, honestly.They are very unreliable.After contacting tech support, I was able to get it reconnected, in spite of having great difficulty getting it re-paired with my Alexa.When we opened the electrical box in the wall where we want to install the Wemo, and we saw the Romex circuit jacket with Red, White, Black, and Green/bare wires coming up thru the bottom of the box.The biggest issues are– reliability of the WiFi connection– recovering from power interruptionsTo improve WiFi reliability, I had to move the access point as the switch kept losing connection while all other equipment saw a strong signal.The installation was super easy and took me approximately 30 minutes to complete on the first attempt and 10 minutes for second one.I have to open the WeMo app to make it look for the switch, and it’ll come back online within about 30 secs or so.A few months later I had to reboot my router and the switch disconnected from the network.I’m not very handy, so I was surprised by how easy it was to install; took me less than 10 minutes, and thankfully the existing switch had the required neutral wire.I read some troubleshooting suggestions that recommended to turn off security, rename the WiFi, change the password.Now using ALexa.But it has too many problems:1.They really helped me save some money on my energy usage.I installed them in my entire house and now I wish I didn’t! Always says device is unresponsive when I try to use them with Alexa.Especially if you’re ganging them and you have multiple switches, you really have to be methodical about how you put the wires back into the electrical box or else the switch doesn’t fit very flush against the wall.Save yourself the trouble go with a different a brand.After seeing multiple mixed reviews, I was hesitant about making the purchase, so I went ahead and ordered switches to operate my front outdoor lights & entry way lights, allowing me to test the switches to see if they would function well.One is for our outside light which we setup through IFTTT to turn on/off at sundown/sunup which is excellent because we always forget to turn off the outside light in the morning.I might add that I have been using two other manufacturers smart switches om the same WiFi with no difficulty over the same time period.

sMEEAf says:

Totally worth it though.” Side note – It’s named Curly because it has a spiral light bulb in the fixture.Most importantly you need patience because sometimes it just wants to update or takes a while to connect to your router.I tried power cycling but it wouldn’t come back.We installed it in our unattached garage.Downgrading to 4-Star due to loss of settings .The dogs don’t like going out unless the light is on at night.It would not connect to house wifi no matter what I did.Installation was quite easy.I’ve had the switch in place for a few weeks now, and these are my impressions.I ran across an issue where the original 2 gang face plate sticks out and looks very unprofessional.I have 600 mb/s connection with top of the line router and modem and it still does not connect 95% of the time.The packaging is great, instructions very well laid out and were easy to follow.Everything was going smoothly until it was time to stick it all back in.Been using it for 7 months now with no issues whatsoever.Mind you, it was not the fear of doing the electrical work more so the fear of what the previous owner left me when it comes to installing new switches.I was looking for a way to automate turning on and off some exterior lighting each day, and wiring in a light sensor was going to be a pain.Given that information, you’d think I’d be technical proficient enough to install a simple WiFi smart home device.I use it via Alexa by giving voice commands to turn on various lights and lamps throughout the house.I feel like a home automation wizard – without any of the wizardry skills.

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