Vinci Auto Pour Over Gen II Coffee Maker with Timer and Warmer 12-Cup Programmable Electric Coffee Machine Glass Carafe Stainless Steel Patented Rotary Dispersion Technology Reviews

Vinci Auto Pour Over Gen II Coffee Maker with Timer and Warmer 12-Cup Programmable Electric Coffee Machine Glass Carafe Stainless Steel Patented Rotary Dispersion Technology Reviews and Key Specs

✔ NEW PATENTED “ROTARY DISPERSION” TECHNOLOGY – With its innovative and exclusive spinning spray head, the Vinci Auto Pour Over coffee maker automatically replicates the traditional manual pour over process (allowing time for the water to extract more flavor from the coffee grounds; thus, resulting in a much richer and bolder cup of coffee).✔ SIMPLE & EASY TO USE – No complicated or confusing buttons to worry about. Just either press Timer, Bloom, or Brew to get started. Keep Warm feature can be adjusted for the warm heating plate to help keep your coffee staying hot longer (up to 4 hours). You can also set the timer to automatically bloom at a preset time and brew a fresh cup of coffee. Programmable coffee maker features include Wake to Brew, Pre-Soak Bloom (Auto Bloom), Auto-Off, Keep Warm, and Clean Reminder.✔ Generation II Unit – New stainless-steel look, redesigned glass coffee carafe, updated clock system, adjustable “Keep Warm” time that you can program up to 4 hours (in 1-hour increments), and brew cycle completion indicator.✔ INCLUDES 12-CUP GLASS CARAFE, PERMANENT GOLD-FINISHED BASKET FILTER, AND 2-TABLESPOON COFFEE SCOOP – Dishwasher-safe. BPA-free. Easy to pour and no drip. Also compatible with #2 and #4 cone paper filters. Measures 10.98″ L x 8.07″ W x 16.5″ H.✔ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Taste the difference with the Vinci Auto Pour Over coffee maker. Backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and One-Year Warranty.
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3 thoughts on “Vinci Auto Pour Over Gen II Coffee Maker with Timer and Warmer 12-Cup Programmable Electric Coffee Machine Glass Carafe Stainless Steel Patented Rotary Dispersion Technology Reviews”

SHZea says:

The Vinci makes a good cup of coffee.So, that was disappointing.I even watched her while she was brewing it.I was rather frustrated with the wait so I wanted to experience the coffee before completing the review .I had heard that the pour over method was the way to go. Okay after a few issues with the clock it wasn’t keeping right time.I am sick of the weak coffee produced by my Keurig at my home, and I dropped the coffee pot for my moccamaster in my office and didn’t want to sift through the multiple options to replace it.I was amaze.But there was a problem with the clock on the unit I received.COME ON!This is a known problem and the company SAID the problem had been fixed for NEW production.It was safely and securely packaged.The coffee time is always off, no matter how many times i change it back.He wanted to try the new pour-over technology and it really works! I don’t get exactly how it works but it’s really different, so yummy and fresh from the beginning to the end.Today I noticed the clock was off.Then the issues started.If you are a fan of bold, smooth coffee this brewer will make your day! This is a unique product.I’m glad I gave this coffee maker a try, it makes noticeably better, smoother coffee.I read a couple of reviews about the clock not working but ordered anyway on the chance those purchasers got a lemon.

EmFOr says:

When the cleaning cycle light illuminated I cleaned the pot as instructed and the light will not go off.Now, we have to push the brew button 6 to 8 times just to brew a pot.The first one’s clock didn’t keep correct time.Returned it for exchange of another, and the second one had the same problem so I returned it for a refund.It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, which for me is a plus – just simple controls that are easy to use.I have this Vinci coffee maker for two weeks now and I loved it.A friend of mine recommended this pour over coffee maker and I felt compelled to write a review because I was amazed of how good coffee can taste from this home use coffee maker.We also have to set it ahead because of the keeping time issue.Easily the best one I have ever owned. Recently I started to drink the coffee because I need drive long distance.The coffee maker was a little costly to purchase but is well worth it.It changes its time on its own.The brewing cycle is so loud with hissing and belching it wakes up people on the second floor.It’s useless.It would be off by 10 minutes or less for the first month so I just checked it everyday, it never really impacted me on the morning timer.Looks good.Coffee.Which made it hard for the mornings because you can not pre-set.

ECVaqx says:

Does brew a nice cup of coffee.I contacted customer service and they replaced my machine quickly. Hotcoffel I received the Vinci coffee pot for a Christmas present. I noticed a minor clock delay issue with the brewer and reached out to the company to make them aware of the issue to an otherwise perfect machine.I came across this coffee maker and decided to give it a try.A couple of things with the Vinci: First, the coffee didn’t taste as strong as with the Cuisinart, even using an extra scoop of coffee.My wife and I are big coffee drinkers and are very pleased with this product.Better than the best restaurant coffee we have must of gone to China & back because it did not arrive until Mid Feb.I wasn’t too concerned about it at the time and kind of thought, how bad can it be. This coffee maker is very wobbly and cheap.Have had mine about 3 days and clock started acting up.entry-content –><!– .

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