Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker System with Extra Filters and Rubber Stoppers Bundle (1) Reviews

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker System with Extra Filters and Rubber Stoppers Bundle (1) Key Specs and Product Reviews

Felt FiltersMade in USAPatented cold brew system uses regular coffee beans to create incredibly smooth coffee concentrate with 67% less acid than coffee made with hot brew methods, it’s easier on sensitive stomachs and all with no electricity requiredGet more out of your coffee grounds, as the coffee concentrate stays fresh for up to 2 weeks with no change to the flavorAlso ideal for making tea, served hot or coldToddy Cold Brew System comes factory sealed. Additional items in bundle are packed externallyExtra Toddy Filter (2-pack) and Toddy Rubber Stopper (2-pack) are individually packaged
Tag:Best Rated in Cold Brew Coffee Makers,Cold Brew Coffee,Cold Brew Coffees
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Tag:Best Rated in Cold Brew Coffee Makers, Cold Brew Coffee, Cold Brew Coffees

3 thoughts on “Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker System with Extra Filters and Rubber Stoppers Bundle (1) Reviews”

eHfvu says:

I’ve had several others that I’ve not liked as much.Very simple.The typical recipe asks for 12oz of coarse ground coffee; I’ve only used 10oz of dark roast coffee and have had consistently great results.The parts are in expensively made.So kind on the stomach and gut, no more heartburn or stomach aches.I started with a cheeper coffee because I didn’t know what to expect, but now I go for a middle value and I’m so pleased.This works so nice.My wife likes it.Amazing cold brew every time.I recommend this to anyone that wants to get into cold brew coffee or cold brew teas.I was so glad when someone in my Keto group brought it up! If you want a smooth coffee without a bitter bite, this is the way to go.Coffee tastes spectacular.I mean you don’t need spend alot of money and get this device to make cold brew, but it is very convinient..A few moves later and I’m so glad I purchased a new Toddy System. Makes cold brewing much easier The paper filter made the whole process very easy therefore it’s a system I’ll be willing to continue using for many years.

Mnylk says:

I don’t know how we ever lived without this! Great cold brew system This product is exactly what I was looking for.Easy clean. This method of brewing changed coffee for me. Love the ease of this system.Highly recommend. I am familiar with the Toddy cold brew system as I have had one since the 70’s.Currently making our second batch of cold brew.THE DIRECTIONS ARE THE SAME AND I’M NOT USING THE FILTER BAG WHICH WOULD SOAK UP SOME OF THE LIQUID.

baeURu says:

The unique thick filter absorbs coffee acids, resulting in a true coffee flavor with less bitterness from the beans. I am not sure where I bought my Toddy.I purchased this for his birthday gift and he loves it.I use a nylon mesh bag in addition to the paper bag and filter to ensure that I have no mess from accidental ripping of the paper bag when I initially mix the coffee grounds in cold water.Another plus are the spare pieces it comes with. This device produces incredible tasting cold brew with very little effort.[/review5][review6] Love Toddy Brew system.

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