Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker One Quart White Reviews

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker One Quart White Reviews and Key Specs

The Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a durable BPA-Free Tritan pitcher with an airtight lid and non-slip silicone handle. It produces 4 servings of smooth cold brew with any type of coffee grounds and is less acidic than traditional coffee brewingTHE FINE-MESH COFFEE FILTER in this cold brew coffee maker keeps grounds out of your freshly brewed pot – differing from other coffee machines. Tritan plastic withstands hot temperatures if you want a hot cup of coffee. Fits in most refrigerator doors.PREMIUM BOTTLES AND LIDS: Our innovative line of insulated hydration solutions come in a range of sizes. We offer water bottles in 18, 24, 32, 40, and 64 oz sizes, beverage makers and pitchers in 1 Qt and 2 Qt sizes.BPA FREE HYDRATION SOLUTIONS: From insulated stainless steel water bottles to beverage makers and pitchers, as well as a variety of product accessories, Takeya USA products help you stay cool, refreshed and hydrated for an active, on-the-go lifestyle.INNOVATIVE HYDRATION SOLUTIONS: Takeya brings over 55 years of Japanese design heritage to our line of insulated, BPA-free water bottles & our sustainable iced tea, fruit infusion, & cold brew pitchers.Included components: Includes Pitcher, Ultra-Fine Mesh Filter, Instructions
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3 thoughts on “Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker One Quart White Reviews”

nJhbq says:

At about $7 per bottle though, it was costing me more to buy it that way rather than brewing my own hot coffee and adding ice.The only downsides that I have experienced is leakage of grounds into the drinking portion and you have to wet the grounds in the filter BEFORE submerging it in the water- if you simply submerge the filter in the water pitcher, the top portion of the coffee grounds will remain dry despite shaking and inverting the pitcher.We have a keurig and simply put brewed coffee in the fridge overnight.This cold brew jug has only 4 pieces; the jug, the handle, the lid, and the coffee filter.I make my coffee on the weekend so that I don’t have to deal with it on weekdays when I’m busy getting ready for work.That said, I inspected the inner ring and saw a little extra plastic piece that was keeping the seal from working.At first I was saddened that it is 100% plastic and not glass but I realized that you could take something like this hiking/camping with you if you’re the type of camper that needs their coffee right away when they first get up.Then, for the amount of ground that goes in to make the coffee, there is hardly any flavor to the coffee.My coworkers and I were going to the local siren at least 3-4 times a week for our afternoon pick me up.This makes up to 18 servings, and I use between 14-30 TBSP of fresh course ground coffee grinds in filtered water.Like it’s ridiculously easy.Unfortunately, it has a very small leak and after cold brewing for 18 hours, it’ll leak about 4 ounces or so.The results were a strong smooth ice coffee we both enjoyed very much.I let it sit overnight and the next morning, I remove the filter and dump the grounds.so why use your time & energy placing grounds in the product’s filter cage to begin with, when post-steep filtering will be necessary? ……well, as such, we felt that is is inefficient to even put the grounds in the ground’s cage… plus, you have to empty and clean the cage!… so, we discarded the filter cage and just use the carafe, with it’s handle, sealed top, and pour spout, as our cold-brew sealed container; we pour in our finely ground beans, top it off with h2o, seal the top, shake vigorously, place it in the frig for 24-36 hours , then pour it over our simple, standard pour-over filter & carafe system…and, viola!, you have a full carafe of filtered, wonderful, full-bodied, cold-steeped coffee… drink it cold or heat in your mug for a regular hot cup-o-joe, but a tasty, smooth, velvety one!here is a simple, lang-lasting pour over system, for filtering your cold-brew; This review is for the 2 Quart model.First time I thought it was my fault, then I looked at the seal and a piece of plastic not trimmed from the cap was causing the silicon not to seal against the lid.At first I used the instructions with the amount to tablespoons for each, but found the taste and strength lacking compared to cold brews I would have from ones from coffee shops.Then I came across this cold brew pitcher and thought I’d give it a try.Very disappointed.

FGGuX says:

It wasn’t to say that it was bad.This Takeya takes up very little space in my fridge and the flavor of the coffee is so much better.Takeya solved that problem!This product is incredibly easy to use, and the coffee is delicious! All it takes is some coarsely ground coffee, water and time to brew.Blown away by the smooth taste, ease of use and easy clean-up.It was so easy to make and delicious too! I bought this because of the discount and wow, it seals nicely and very easy to handle.Its like the filter works TOO well.It is fairly high quality but you do need to be careful with the filter basket as you screw/unscrew it from the lid.I am someone that makes coffee for the week and leaves it in the fridge.Buy this for cold brewing coffee if you love lazy convenience.” and that it is a Japanese product which I trust and prefer over every non-US manufacturer.I kinda wish it was glass, but BPA-free plastic is OK too I guess.I’m so glad I did! It’s super easy to use and clean up is a snap.I actually prefer it a tad less bold so I think I’ll try either less coffee or less brew time next time.Regular boiling water poured directly into the container worked fantastically for a good concentrated tea which I just popped into the fridge to cool to prepare cold milk tea.This gadget uses quite a bit of ground coffee to produce very little.I would have loved one of these in college but not sure if I would have spent the money on it.I also like the pour spout that other cold brewers I’ve tried don’t have…it allows me to pour into the cup without a mess.You just add 14 tsps.I assumed that getting coffee grinds in your cold brew coffee was normal.(It’s supposed to come with the filter too.

rFajHc says:

The grounds stay submerged rather than float to the top of the filter.This was not the one he originally wanted, so I have purchased three other ones since then so we can make an educated decision on which one to keep.It doesn’t matter to me because I would never lay it down in the fridge – it just doesn’t look like the seal is supposed to be totally leak proof.(The perceived "lump" in my throat from overnight reflux went away within days.I bought it over a year ago – still love it, has held up perfectly, and looks brand new!It is easy to clean, durable, well-sealed, and high quality!Making coffee this way provides richer flavor profiles and notes.One of the main flaws is that you cannot pour the water through the coffee that sits in the filter.You have to keep it upright.It passes all the tests.I needed to switch or I would have to stop drinking coffee all together and I was told cold brew was less acidic and should help.It takes two cups of grounds per pot and lasts two of us ~3 days.I actually put my coffee pot away because I may drink cold brew year round at this rate.That said, just about else was a con.But I might need to go back to buying those.It’s east to use, does what it’s supposed to do, and cleaning is pretty easy.Dishwasher safe (fortunately I can put plastic items on my bottom rack, because there is no way it would fit on top.We use it every single day, and we have an infant, so it’s constantly working overtime with us.I have had no complaints about this cold brew coffee maker yet.I got the larger size as it’s quite huge and yields many servings.My wife never drank coffee because she hated the taste of it.No matter how tight you try to get it, it does not take much for it to come loose.

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