SHARDOR DripCoffeeMakerTouch-Screen Programmable CoffeeMachine AutomaticStartandShut OffBrewStrengthControl WarmingPlate 50.72oz(1.5L) Review

SHARDOR DripCoffeeMakerTouch-Screen Programmable CoffeeMachine AutomaticStartandShut OffBrewStrengthControl WarmingPlate 50.72oz(1.5L) Key Specs and Product Reviews

Smart Touchscreen: Featuring the LCD screen and touch screen, it is easy and intuitive for you to choose start time and strength settings.24-Hour Full Programmability :Wake up to a hot cup of coffee with 24-hour full programmability coffee maker.Keep Warm for 2 Hours:With a pad that can keep coffee warming for 2 hours after brewing is finished and will automatically shut off after 2 hours.Easy to Clean: Removable brew basket and touch screen panel make it easy to clean.Select Regular or Bold: The strength function allows you to personalize each pot.
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3 thoughts on “SHARDOR DripCoffeeMakerTouch-Screen Programmable CoffeeMachine AutomaticStartandShut OffBrewStrengthControl WarmingPlate 50.72oz(1.5L) Review”

mSLqc says:

It matches my stainless steel appliance perfectly.The product was so light and petite compared to our old ones.Were my friend showed me his coffee maker and no filter, I never heard of that before, so I had to have one.On the weekend I use this coffee maker because everyone is home in the morning at the same time and instead of using the expensive pods, I make a full pot of coffee for everyone.Looks perfect on a coffee bar.Easy to clean and fill water.The touch screen function works great, it’s super easy to clean as well as control.Tbh I’m not the biggest coffee person, im pretty picky when it comes to coffee and i can say that this machine knows how to appeal to my taste buds.I use my own beans and grind them and put the coffee grounds in the filter pre included with this machine.I also like that you can pull the pot out during brewing to pour a cup..Or, the drip feature would continue even after removing the carafe from under it.After looking at many reviews I finally decided on this one.It will keep your coffe hot and won’t spill when removing the coffe pot.Ordered this coffee maker to replace my last one that was broken a while ago.It doesn’t keep the coffee hot.It’s nice to set my timer to 7am.However the downside is that it is very difficult to clean the coffee grounds.No time to physically go out and shop for coffee pot.

vcITm says:

I like this coffee maker.Coffee comes out nice and hot .After I used it couple of days I can say, so far, that I am very happy with my purchase.Mine can’t seem to keep time.You get a really nice quality product for a very affordable price.It can make 6oz in about 10 maker.Besides, this coffee maker cannot make a latte.Within 10 seconds of pressing the lid down, I was grinding my baby to a pulp.I will recommend it to my friends I bought a coffee machine a few days ago, but the brewing sound is loud enough and the coffee is not hot enough, which makes me sad I received this coffee maker last week.In this case, the email provided is bogus.Nice design and not too big.Makes great coffee, and I love the programming function to schedule brewing.I load it the night before, and I get hot coffee when I get up.It offers a fancy touchscreen and has enough capacity for group of people.otherwise its a good coffee maker, just widh they were more honest with the description.

HeHnbS says:

It can cook two different flavors according to your preference.This coffee maker is great! this coffee machine works well, I like the face that it was delivered at the moment that I needed it.Lots of extra features, super easy programming, nice to wake up to freshly brewed strong coffee! Also, no need for paper with the coffee maker! Really easy to clean too, great value., easy to operate and clean, would highly recommend product! We’re still happy with our purchase.Sleek design, does not take up a lot of room, makes excellent cofee This is a good coffee maker.It’s a well priced and functional .This product is also very easy to clean. Love my coffee maker, great product and love how theres a strength button u can press to enhance the flavor of coffee.So I have to convert in my head…This should be noted in the description.Very happy with my purchase I’m a coffee lover and I have to have a cup of coffee every morning.So far, this has produced pretty amazing coffee.The quality of the grinder is good, it is very easy to use at present.So far very happy with it, easy to setup and brew coffee.Second,the spout is poorly designed,it dribbles after pouring.This is so convenaient love it.

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