Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee Thermal Drip Instant Coffee Machine with Self Cleaning Function Brew Strength Control Reviews

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee Thermal Drip Instant Coffee Machine with Self Cleaning Function Brew Strength Control Product Reviews

☕ RAPID BREWED COFFEE RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: This personal single serve coffee maker will give you that fresh, pure taste that is required to jump start your day. Have your cup ready to drink in only 3 minutes! Hot enough to still have hot coffee with cream added. The water adjustment function allows you to control how much coffee you want to brew to save expensive grounds.☕ DURABLE & COMPACT DESIGN: Innovatively designed to be compact and durable, yet extremely effective, this coffee maker is much smaller than others. You will be able to fit it in tight places on countertops, office tables, etc.☕ 2-IN-1 BREWING: Whether you want to brew a coffee pod or make a cup of coffee the traditional way, this innovative machine will allow you to do either! The simple side button feature allows you to conveniently choose between these 2 brewing styles.☕ AUTO-CLEANING BUTTON: When you are done using this one-of-a-kind coffee machine, simply press 2 buttons and let the machine clean itself. Cleaning your machine have never been this easy! Forget to shut off your machine? Don’t worry, the machine will automatically turn off after brewing a cup of coffee.☕ WARM TIPS: Be sure to add water into water tank before press the button to start to brew coffee. The coffee maker only can be used under US standard voltage. A voltage transformer is needed when you use it in other countries. Black Insulated Coffee Travel Mug is not included.
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3 thoughts on “Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee Thermal Drip Instant Coffee Machine with Self Cleaning Function Brew Strength Control Reviews”

ooxks says:

I was so excited as I love frothy coffees.These days I brew my coffee by pouring boiling water over grounds in a #2 cone filter.I have always had conventional coffee pots, so giood is my first experience with a K cup compatible coffee maker.I used the self-cleaning feature after adding vinegar/water several times but the results were the same.Second, sometimes I used pods but ground coffee is so much cheaper, so I was using reusable K-cups for ground coffee, but water would leak out of the sides, and the Keurig just wouldn’t function properly.I appreciate the simplicity and ehe ease of cleaning the included container to use your own grounds.Outside is plastic and light, average for products of this price range.Small and fits easily on counter.She said it’s better than the one she had forgotten.I am going to try cleaning it although I have not used 200 times or two months.It is fast, provides a hotter cup than many others and offers a small “footprint” on your counter taking up very minimal counter space.You have to fill it every time and make sure you only fill it to the correct amount or you will end up with coffee all over.This machine makes a better single cup of coffee than my previous Keurig or Nespresso machines.So every time I put the kpod in the coffee would over overflow from the top.PROS– small compact design.Coffee came out hot, pods mixed well, flavor was good.The kcup works well.This is amazing.It’s a breeze to use too.Well it has a lot of very good glowing reviews.

MIqqN says:

Very happy with this single serve coffee maker.It is a bit pricey compared to some others.I do not like this coffee maker at all.Love the versatility but haven’t yet tried with ground coffee.The Keurig I had worked well, but I really didn’t like the water sitting in the reservoir for a few days at a time.I push the button again and then it completes.Definitely recommend!Update: Water overflows at the top…The pods are sometimes soft or weak on the underside preventing the bottom needle from penetrating the pod effectively enough when pressed into the K-Cup basket dispenser.This maker does not have a water reservoir so you have to fill coffee maker each time for one cup of coffee.We were then forced to find a replacement and weren’t thrilled about the changes Keurig had made about only using only their k-cups, so I decided to try a new coffee maker brand.I have only had this since December.If there was a lid of sorts that would seem to solve the issue.Takes a bit longer to brew due you needing to add water each time.I really wanted it to work but the water doesn’t seep in the grounds long enough to pull any flavor from the ground beans I put in the machine.I got the “arriving today “ message while I was drinking my second cup!!’ I may have gotten a lemon, but I purchased a $50 Keurig at Walmart.First of all it cheaply made.This is a cute selling point, but the fact of the matter is, that the grounds in k-cups are much smaller, and therefore brew much faster.Using both Kcups and different types of both fresh whole bean ground coffee, and packaged ground.This is a MAJOR flaw and an easy fix with a new cap for the filter to better spread the drip over the grounds so the center hole doesn’t form.We used it twice a day, on average, and it just stopped brewing.5 months of gentle once daily use, the machine completely stopped working.

HRCrNW says:

I bought this for my wife, together with a variety 40-pack of Peet’s has ‘exploded’ like in the picture!! Back to my old faithful Ninja coffee pot! More work but it’s at least functional.It comes with one filter basket for your own grounds and I ordered an extra for about 3 bucks..cup of coffee brewed within 2 minutes and 50 seconds! Designed for kitchens with small counter space which is a big plus for me.I would have expected at least one year out of this, and I would have expected the manufacturer to have some kind of guarantee, but I see that a few others got a “dud” like I did, so probably not going to introduce a warranty.Within the two weeks though, I had it “explode” twice .It claims to have two different sizes, but that’s just if you watch how you pour the water into the reservoir and either stop it at one divider or let it go to another divider.This is one of those Junky things which will probably last along time but always be junky.Would not recommend.What I like about it is the ease of using ground coffee or a pod, as I use both so I don’t spend a fortune on pods.Only produced less than half of a cup before it stopped working.It is the perfect size for a small space or in an office or bar.Long term, will require a bit of care when handling.Wanted to put it through the paces.I found that by lining the basket with a small paper filter I had reduced the mess factor to a bare minimum.With that said, I did like the temperature of the coffee and, when it was close to the amount of coffee I wanted to brew, the taste/strength of the coffee was good.After much research, I bought this coffee maker because so many people said how happy they were with it.Tear off 3″ strips of Heavy Duty Foil to make 4 circles larger than the top of the refillable K-cup.I tested it with just water first, no coffee grounds because that is what the instructions said to do.

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