Sboly Drip Coffee Maker Programmable Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe 8 Cup Coffee Pot with Timer and Strength Control Review

Sboly Drip Coffee Maker Programmable Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe 8 Cup Coffee Pot with Timer and Strength Control Review and Specs

【Coffee Maker with 8-Cup Thermal Carafe】The stainless steel thermal carafe is double-walled and vacuum-sealed to provide the optimal serving temperature for hours and keep the coffee fresh longer. The 40oz capacity of this coffee machine allows you to share delicious hot coffee with your family and friends any time.【24-Hour Programmable Delay Brew】Now your desires for a fresh brewed cup of coffee can be set on demand. You can wake up everyday to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and a any other time of the day you like. The digital clock with a fully automatic 24-hour programmable timer on this coffee machine is easy to set up and allows you to prepare your brew in advance.【Easy to Use with Brewing Strength Controls】The touch-screen control panel with LCD display is clearly visible and is easy to operate. From a mild savory cup, to a bold rich brew, have it your way any time and every time, with the customizable strength control.【Maximum Flavor Extraction and 30s Anti-drip Function】The internal water spout has multiple openings to dispense water evenly for extracting the best coffee flavor and aroma. The anti drip function allows the coffee to stop brewing for 30 seconds after the coffee pot has been removed. So now you can enjoy a cup of coffee before the whole batch has been brewed.【Clear Water Window and Built-in Filter Basket】The water reservoir is easy to fill and equips with a water window which offers visibility as the tank is filled. The built-in coffee filtration saves money as there is no need for paper filters. Best of all, the accessories including the coffee filter basket, filter holder, and coffee pot are dishwasher safe.
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3 thoughts on “Sboly Drip Coffee Maker Programmable Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe 8 Cup Coffee Pot with Timer and Strength Control Review”

jxlMX says:

The price was a lot lower than other brand-name coffee makers that came with a thermal pot, too.The reason I did not give 5 stars is because the coffee pours out sooooo slowly, and if you tip the pot too far coffee trickles out the center hole of the lid.I came across this product and it looked like it had what I wanted, a thermal pot, a timer to set, a small profile, a reusable filter and a very reasonable price.I was concerned about ordering an off brand coffee maker but was pleasantly surprised and impressed when Unpacked and set it up.Anyhow the reason I purchased this model was because of the carafe.The timer function is useful as well which makes sure that I don’t run out of coffee.No cheap-looking parts.I prefer using paper filters.This coffee maker isn’t designed for the seriously snobby coffee aficionado, but for the vast majority of us, it’ll work just fine.You can make it extra strong at a touch of a button and its so easy to use.The Reusable a cone shaped filter makes a good strong cup of coffee.Also, the carafe keeps the coffee hot without “burning” it like other coffee makers.Loved it.Design flaws.I don’t have to worry about leaving it in when I go to work because there is no hot plate that stays on, the pot is essentially a thermos and keeps the coffee hot for hours.It keeps the coffee hot making 5 cups is just perfect for two people in the morning.When I washed the carafe before using it , water got into the thermal layer of the pot.You can even prepare the coffee way in advance with the 24 hour programmable delay brew.Even so it’s just as easy to clean as you just dump the coffee grounds directly into the trash and rinse.It has a beautiful compact design.

hKlxI says:

We tried this Sboly coffee maker and so far it has worked great for us.It make a pot of coffee very quickly, stays hot long and makes a great tasting coffee.We use the machine every day and some evenings, and the coffee is perfect every time. Love the thermal pot and how I can wake you to it brewing This is efficient and affordable coffee maker.The 8 cup size is a nice compromise for me in terms of its capacity since I am the only one in my household that drinks coffee, but the slightly larger capacity is good if company drops by.Great size.It offers superb performance , and machines receive a Very Good rating for predicted reliability in our latest member survey.[/review5][review5] It’s nice to wake up to a hot cup of coffee![/review5][review5] Auto timer works just like you want it to! Simple features- a plus these days as things seem to get more complicated and break.I like the flavor of the coffee made on this device.Easy to program, turns off after brewing coffee which tastes great , keeps coffee hot and easy to clean.With past coffee makers, I’d brew an entire pot and reheat cups throughout the day.easy to clean.It has no glass parts, and the small footprint is good for small counter space.I wanted a small coffee maker that would keep the coffee hot but not scortch the bottom if left on the warmer.

SVDNez says:

It’s nice to wake up to a hot cup of coffee! Auto timer works just like you want it to! Simple features- a plus these days as things seem to get more complicated and break. With so many coffee drinkers in the house we needed a different maker.Carafe keeps coffee hot.Easy to use and clean.The filter is easy to clean, the maker makes a lot rather quickly. Simple machine- good quality for the price, coffee stays hot Loved this coffee maker! So good keeping your coffee hot and the flavor of it is rich, cleanes quickly so you can make your other cup quick jajaja Great product! We didn’t want to spend so much on a coffee maker with a non-glass carafe.Easy setup and easy to clean. It’s great.Best of all, it turns off as soon as it finishes making coffee.The carafe keeps my coffee hot for several hours.Makes great coffee and I like that the carafe is not breakable! I love a good cup of coffee and this does a pretty good job! The thermal carafe keeps the coffee warm and you can set it down anywhere![/review5][review6] I like everything about this coffee maker.

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