Redline MK1 Coffee Brewer (195-205 Optimum Brew Temperature Pre-Infusion Mode Included). Review

Redline MK1 Coffee Brewer (195-205 Optimum Brew Temperature Pre-Infusion Mode Included). Specs and Reviews

TAKE YOUR COFFEE BREWING EXPERIENCE TO THE LIMIT: The Redline MK1 is a premium quality coffee brewer available at an accessible price. Enjoy your favorite coffee to the limit by brewing with the Redline MK1 8 Cup Brewer.OPTIMUM BREWING TEMPERATURES FOR OPTIMAL EXTRACTION: Create a pot of perfection every time. The MK1 reaches optimum brew temperatures of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit It will also brew a full pot in under 6 minutes.BREWING MADE EASY: With a press of a switch, you are on your way to make consistently great coffee. The MK1 also includes a pre-infusion mode which your coffee to “bloom”. Blooming allows your coffee grinds to expand, resulting in optimal extraction from your grinds. This can all be achieved with the press of a single switch.ELEGANT DESIGN: All of the MK1’s features are simple, mechanical and thoughtfully considered. The wide-mouth water reservoir is designed for easy pouring. A simple drip lever we nicknamed “The Parking Brake” allows you to “pause” the drip during the middle of your brew for those times you need to get to your coffee ASAP without worrying about making a mess. We believe the Redline MK1 Coffee Brewer should be a pleasure to use while also looking great on your countertop.SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We want you to enjoy the coffee made by the MK1 down to the very last drop, every time. That is why every Redline Coffee brewer includes a Limited 2 Year Warranty and 60 day return policy.
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3 thoughts on “Redline MK1 Coffee Brewer (195-205 Optimum Brew Temperature Pre-Infusion Mode Included). Review”

HvKMt says:

This is a great coffee brewer with several gems that make it superior to your average coffee maker.I discovered this unit for about 1/3 the price of the top rated brewer that was out of my budget.Coffee is still perfect and this thing is built to last! I truly adore this machine.▪ The machine itself looks stylish.My favorite way to brew is the Moka pot, it produces a rich smooth large cup of god’s favorite beverage.Gets hotter then my MM .It does.In the past, I’ve used a Technivorm and Bonavita.I spent hours researching a new coffee maker to replace my Keurig.I have been a pour over coffee drinker for a long time This brewer is as close to it as it comes.Obviously I was looking at the Moccamaster kgb or the Bonavita, but after some research and trying to keep in my budget I went with the Redline and I’m happy I did.Glad I didn’t, but here is a no frills, honest review.I keep a Nespresso machine in my office at work because the workplace coffee is rubbish.Simple in form and function.The good reviews led me to make the purchase and overall this is a good machine.The “heating tower” looked to be made of cast aluminum.They may be right, but I do not know how similar these are, since I have never owned, used or tried coffee made with a Technivorm before.After all that, it does make a tasty cup of coffee which is what it’s all about anyway.After several months of good experience with a different brand of pour over machine I decided to experiment and get this Redline brewer because it had such good reviews and the descriptions seem so accurate as to what a good coffee maker should be.I was going to go with a thermal carafe , but most have some kind of issue, mostly with usage of the carafe but I also don’t want to spend $300 on the Technivorm.

EVrUM says:

The whole machine is made of cheap plastic.I’ve been using it for 9 months now.Makes much better coffee than most others we’ve tried .I should feel lucky that I didn’t have an electrical fire in my house for the 2 days it has been plugged in.Could there be improvements? Yes! First a good cup of coffee begins with the type of coffee you use and your preference.This machine brews a perfect hot and strong pot of coffee in less than 5 minutes.I can’t stop talking about it when people come over, and god forbid someone asks me about it because I will go on and on about how perfect the coffee it produces is and how much of a huge, well spent upgrade it was from my Hamilton beach coffee maker.And at 1/3 the price.Makes mess.We have just started using whole bean coffee and this coffee maker provides easy, trouble free brewing.But, it is a good coffee maker, especially for the price.It’s simple, well engineered, and impressively made..The customer service was prompt and thats why i changed it to 3 stars.Coffee taste great and is hot.I have cleaned the brewer and doesn’t help.The resulting coffee had a lot more flavors going on than when made in the Braun using the same batch of beans with a sweetness I never noticed before .But after two years of daily use, its lack of durability is showing.I’ve had many of the major coffee makers over the years and the coffee was always pretty good.First, the brief 40 minute hot plate time is insufficient, it really should be an hour minimum.

qYettK says:

It is easy to use, and makes a just ok cup of coffee.There are no problems with grounds ending up in the coffee and the “parking break” feature keeps the hot plate clean.I have not gotten any coffee out of it that is more than average.I used a bottle I got on Amazon.It’s easy to make a smaller amount of coffee just by filling the water tank to the desired amount.The box was open, manual was missing, the carafe had coffee stains, and it had this smell with it.I first tried the NINJA so highly rated on Amazon and elsewhere.Any cup even after 5 mins of completed brew needs to be microwaved.Great build quality.However with this machine it made the smoothest cup of coffee that I have ever had.It’s fast, quiet and consistent.There are nine holes in the shower head to evenly drip over the coffee, and water only came out of the first two.No frills, no bells and whistles, not an espresso machine, just a good little coffee maker.Brews at a perfect temperature to be able to actually taste the flavors..After reading lots of reviews we decided to not get a coffee maker with a lot of computerized technology.I should have known better as it felt incredibly cheaply made.Coffee is not hot and somehow tastes different from what I am accustomed to.The Redline current tech and design is a pleasure to use; pre-infusion feature is what sold me plus the multitude of great reviews.This little machine for $100 is great! Definitely a great purchase.

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