Primula Burke Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker Comfort Grip Handle Durable Glass Carafe Removable Mesh Filter Perfect 6 Cup Size Dishwasher Safe 1.6 Qt Black Review

Primula Burke Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker Comfort Grip Handle Durable Glass Carafe Removable Mesh Filter Perfect 6 Cup Size Dishwasher Safe 1.6 Qt Black Specs and Product Reviews

BETTER BREWING – Enjoy smooth, delicious cold brew coffee at home. Also great for iced tea and infused beverages. The high quality keeps your beverage fresh for days!EASY-TO-USE – Brew, store and serve all in one. A simple four step process: 1) Simply add coffee grounds to brew filter, 2) Pour cold water over coffee, 3) Brew in the refrigerator overnight 4) Serve and enjoy!INNOVATIVE DESIGN – Made of temperature safe borosilicate glass with a durable protective holder and comfortable grip handle. Specially designed lid seals in freshness for days and provides a smooth, drip-free pour. Fine mesh coffee filter keeps grounds out of your coffee. Non-slip silicone base protects the glass from accidental slips.PERFECT COMPACT SIZE – Large enough for multiple servings yet still fits most refrigerator doors. The Burke makes up to five servings (6 cups, 1. 6 quarts or 51. 2 ounces) of delicious, smooth cold brew coffee or tea.ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES – Use your favorite coffee grounds or tea and base your brew time on desired strength. Coffee lovers can add their favorite flavors such as vanilla, cinnamon or coconut with coffee grounds before cold brewing while tea lovers can add mint or citrus zest.EFFORTLESS CLEAN UP – The Burke is dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze. Includes a removable brew filter that features a removable bottom to easily clean out used grounds.SAVES YOU MONEY – Enjoy the craft coffee experience from the convenience of your home at a fraction of the price!
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3 thoughts on “Primula Burke Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker Comfort Grip Handle Durable Glass Carafe Removable Mesh Filter Perfect 6 Cup Size Dishwasher Safe 1.6 Qt Black Review”

JbQAx says:

I really only have three complaints…1.The Primula interested me for it compactness and convenience.This is by far the best.Great health benefits too.Both of them have shattered under laughably weak force.Carafe glass is so much thinner than my other cold brew carafe.This product broke the second time I used it.I actually liked it enough to buy a second.I use a 1:8 coffee to water ratio by weight (e.At first, I loved it.-Pour your coffee grinds in the middle strainer only about 2/3rds full.I would have had a better experience if the glass was stronger and the product has lasted longer.I could not see any cracks or holes and when tring to remove the rubber holder from the glass container the glass broke in my hand and cut me badly.But even without the ice, it’s just too thin and weak.It filled a whole venti sized Starbucks cup and left a little left over.That being said, I am knocking off a star for the following reasons.It has a snug lid, and the coffee filter is easy to clean.[/review2][review3] I will be more careful about looking at the size next time.Normally I use a fairly expensive “specialty” coffee maker to make my iced coffee but now that summertime is coming I find that I want to drink larger servings than my coffee maker makes and it’s just kind of a pain to have to make several smaller servings at a time to fill my summer-sized cup.

NsfuE says:

This one did not make enough for the time you have to wait to cold brew coffee.Why do all of these have to be made with such thin glass? I feel like this one is way more protected, I still take care to set it down gently but I worry less than I would if there was no glass protector. I am very happy with the purchase, in terms of value and quality.I’ve tried adding grounds, but that doesn’t seem to work either.I use 120g of coffee to about 1000g of water, brew for at least 24 hours in the fridge or counter top.The mesh is fine enough that you can use pretty much any ground tea/coffee you want.And that added up to about $200! Rather than continuing THAT trend , this seemed like an economical option.It’s super easy to use.I’d been wanting to try a cold brew maker for awhile, and after some light research, decided this one was my best bet for quality and price.Obviously, the taste and quality of your coffee depend on the quality of the coffee you use, but with a good, coarse-ground coffee, the flavor turns out perfectly in this pitcher, and there is no need to measure the coffee – just fill the diffuser tube up to the top of the mesh, add the water, and give it 8+ hours to brew.Value is 5 stars all day long.I’ve had it about a week and on my second batch of brew.Followed the directions and the next day we had some great iced coffee.I needed to replace the filer but you cannot purchase the filter separately so I ended up purchasing a new coffee system.The 1st 2 were the same just replaced the one that broke due to very thin glass, and well the 2nd one broke too.I had purchased a different brand and was always worried about dropping it, just unprotected glass.For those who want to start getting into cold brew I’d recommend this product.Perhaps it’s psychological, I don’t know.If you take your time and slowly pour the water over the filter basket full of grounds, then you get pretty good coffee over night.

gHlheN says:

Families that drink coffee might need a larger container, but this is PERFECT for a single coffee drinker that enjoys a nice cup in the mornings.The only reason why I put my reveiw as a 4 star instead of a 5 is because of the excess coffee grit that accumulates at the bottom of the pot that came through the screen during brew as it sits for the 24 hours.This is so easy and makes excellent cold brew at home.I was concerned it wouldn’t make enough coffee for several days, but the capacity is actually quite sufficient for 3 days so I don’t have to make a new pot every day.I read a few reviews on-line about cold brew systems, and this one stood out.Doesn’t work.However, one issue I have with the carafe is the silicone gasket on the bottom.I’m not sure why this is the case but when the insert is removed before pouring it tastes so much better.I should return it but I figured out a way to use it & it be ok.When I use it I put the grounds in the filter and put the filter in the pitcher.As other reviewers have said, the glass is very thin at the upper edge.Footprint is a bit bigger than 1/2 gallon of milk minus the handle so fits nicely in fridge.This is by far the easiest way to make cold brew coffee I have tried .Was great.This nicely protected cold brew system rubber housing is perfect.Cover rotates to prevent accidental spills.I did not run through the dishwasher but it must have cracked while handwashing.

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