OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker Reviews

OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker Product Reviews

Microprocessor controlled brew cycle replicates the pour over method to produce 2 to 9 cups of SCA certified perfect CoffeeWater is heated and held at the perfect temperature for Coffee (197.6 to 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit)Rainmaker shower head evenly disperses water over Coffee grounds for uniform saturation and full flavor extractionIntuitive LED interface features a backlit screen that displays the Coffee maker status and freshness indicatorA single dial allows you to program the Number of cups and the 24 hour start timer. Double walled carafe keeps your brew hot and fresh. Voltage is 120Volt/60HertzDimensions: 15 x 8.3 x 17.2 inches
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3 thoughts on “OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker Reviews”

Ndqba says:

For a $200 list price coffee maker, these guys fell into the same trap lots of US manufacturers are, where they don’t bother to do some QC on manufactured units and verify the material quality.The second one worked for about two weeks and then would not fully empty the reservoir so I sent that one back for a refund.Does its coffee taste as good as the most carefully crafted pour-over? No, not in my opinion.This is pour over quality with zero hassle.The button on the bottom of the brew basket got stuck on both of them, which prevents the brew-and-pause feature from working.I waited awhile before posting my evaluation of this product so as to give a better assessment.I have made over 750 pots of coffee, and they are hot and tasty every time.It looks very nice and its obviously much more attractive than our old Bunn.Not the case.I thought it would loosen over time but it hasn’t.In addition, basket continues to drip long after brewing completed whenever carafe is removed.But after owning this for three months, I’m suffering serious buyer’s remorse.My wife and I love our coffee.I used my digital meat thermometer and got 190-192 deg F on two different batches.Poor quality.I did extensive research on coffee makers, and this one was at the top of a few lists.I even wait 2-3 minutes after it is done, but no matter what, when I remove the carafe it drips coffee on the base – we’re talking a pool of coffee – and makes a a mess.I have to reach up and pull it down to stop the flow of coffee.As good as the hype surrounding it? I don’t think so, but it is good.All the parts are easy to remove/reassemble making cleaning a breeze.

SdKoY says:

I’m a diehard french press fan, but the OXO Barista Brain comes very close and does a much better job of filtering fine gritty grinds.The bizarre rubber straw….The unit arrived and upon setting it up I noticed that the carafe did not align with the brew basket assembly.The only truly good coffee I’ve had is from my Vac pot or pour over.For example: water fill is see through glass container, filter basket lid flips open 180 degrees, one button/dial to adjust for number of cups, set clock etc.I wish I had paid closer attention as this is an annoying design flaw.Still makes hot coffee but the electrical fault that others have reported showed itself after one week and now seems to recur nightly..Really wish other coffee makers would give OXO some competition design-wise, perhaps that would give OXO the kick in the behind they need to fix some of the flaws with this coffee maker.I wondered if it was just me or if it was really the coffee maker.Definitely makes great coffee.I honestly can’t say my coffee tasted THAT much better than from my old Mr.It’s powerful enough to hit a good temp, gets all of the grounds wet, has a thermal carafe and fills the carafe from the bottom .I noticed a huge difference in the taste and aroma of my coffee the first time I used this machine, and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.It was so well reviewed in all the online videos and articles that I was sure it had to be a winner.First, it has a unique brewing system and makes a rich, smooth, perfect cup of coffee at the right temperature.It makes delicious coffee and is easy to use.It’s not too big, though, to make coffee I do have to pull it away from my cabinets, as the lid clearance isn’t there.So far over a week has gone by with NOOO Solution or service or replacement of the lid by OXO.We followed the instructions perfectly, even down to exact WEIGHT of coffee to be brewed.

JvFApg says:

This time around I was ready to take my coffee making to the next level, so I especially wanted something that mimicked the timing and temperature of a pour-over, with some of the nice lazy man features of a auto-drip.I live in a very small two-bedroom apartment with someone who doesn’t have to get up as early as I do in the morning.The manual advises that this removable and top rack dishwasher safe.Why? Primarily because the spring-loaded stopper in the bottom of the basket holder doesn’t spring closed all the way.I purchased this in 9/2017 and it has been my primary coffee machine each morning.These reviews acknowledged that the newest Bonavita machines maintained a slight edge in taste, but the trade off was worth it with the Oxo, overall.Here’s why:1.Super tedious and makes it hard to quickly grab a cup if you’re in a hurry and it’s still brewingCarafe leaks at the middle seam … you cant anticipate this or fix it from what I can tell.Coffee drips machines making coffee that tastes old every time , we decided to try the OXO on recommendation of friends.Our secret to great coffee is good beans and good water.But it now suddenly will not brew.As the unit is less than a year old, this is really disappointing – not to mention causing a mild case of caffeine withdrawal.The coffee maker is beautiful and works elegantly, but it had one unforgivable sin that made me return it: the silicone parts in the water reservoir and the carafe stank like cheap rubber and tainted the taste of the coffee.Unfortunately, it didn’t work for very long.Beautiful well though out design.The price was a selling point for sure.I was debating others at 2-3x this price Bonavita, Technovorm, and Ratio.It looks good, is easy to clean, and easy to use.Here is my story.1.

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