Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Maker by De’Longhi Grey Reviews

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Maker by De’Longhi Grey Product Reviews and Specs

Automatic coffee/espresso maker: Espresso VertuoPlus offers the latest innovation from espresso with an all-new design and colors to complete the perfect single-serve coffee or espresso cup experience. Designed for espresso capsules only.Smart coffee maker: Brew the perfect single-serve coffee or espresso drink time after time, thanks to Nespresso’s technology using barcodes to deliver the best in-cup results including the perfect cream for large coffee cup sizes. Simply insert the capsule and enjoy freshly brewed coffee or authentic espresso.Complimentary gift: Each machine includes a welcome kit with a range of Vertuo capsules with unique aroma profiles. Cable length- 29.13 inches. Power rating (in watts)- 1300 wattBarista grade: Brew different single-serve coffee cup sizes at the touch of a button depending on your coffee needs – espresso (1.35 ounce), double espresso (2.7 ounce), gran lungo (5 ounce), coffee (7.7 ounce) and alto (14 ounce). Pour over ice to create your favorite iced coffee drinks.Features: The VertuoPlus has a motorized head and moveable 60 ounce water tank. The water tank can swivel out or stay behind the machine based on the configuration of your counter space. The machine also has a fast heat-up time of only 20-25 seconds and has an automatic shutoff after 9 minutes. Input power (watts): 1350
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Tag:Best Rated in Coffee Makers, Best Rated in Single-Serve Brewers, drip coffee maker, maker coffee, personalized gifts for chef

3 thoughts on “Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Maker by De’Longhi Grey Reviews”

CWiNl says:

The coffee is definitely delicious and coffee house quality.Don’t buy this junk..That said – I could not recommend this product.It finally guit.He saw that a few of the older models sold on Amazon had less than 4 star rating based on some durability issues, so he went with this version, which had a 4.I purchased it almost six months ago and it has worked well for me.Sent into Nespresso support; they returned it 5 days later with a part replaced.A bit more for the cups, but so worth it. I used to like coffee well enough, but I didn’t drink it often, I went elsewhere for my caffeine fix… but I tried a nespresso espresso years ago and never stopped thinking about it, haha.The machine started leaking coffee out of the bottom.What comes out is not quite coffee and not quite expresso, but something in between.Well, I’ve had my machine since Christmas and I’ve had no such problem.I no longer had the time to use my Bialetti, so I needed something to get me good coffee fast and easy with minimum effort and that’s what this machine gave me.The pods are a little spendy but delicious.I followed the instructions to clean the machine.I have water leaking all over my kitchen counter.

FBtoe says:

The coffee, as pictured and depicted by the commercials, is frothy, which some are not used to or like, but it gives a nice detail to the coffee if you ask me.There are tips, such as run 1 cup of water first to ensure it’s hot enough.It has been 2 weeks and I haven’t heard anything about it, so I called and was told that it is now going to take 4 to 6 weeks.They all taste exactly the same- just variations of extremely bitter coffee.The overall quality of the grey was not consistent with the online description, nor as good of quality components.I waited 2 weeks to receive the return kit, sent them the machine, and waited for another 2 weeks to get it back.the flavor is delicious, it’s easy and well thought out.I have gotten around this excess crema by refilling the empty cartridges with my choice of ground coffee and reprogramming the brew process to a shorter cycle.Not that impressed with how the gray color looks but LOVE everything else about it..Makes the freshest coffee and espresso I’ve ever had in the comfort of your own home.Currently waiting on Nespresso to contact me back re:warranty.This machine is quick and easy to make a good cup of coffee.Still leaks and makes huge mess.I have Emailed their customer service twice and received no response so I had to get Amazon rep involved to get a Nespresso rep on the phone.Still cheaper than a coffee shop..This is easy to you but prople who love real coffee will be disappointed.By June it was leaking coffee on my stone counter top.

fCqNgm says:

Always happy with them.Would be great if I had that stand to catch the drip.The first we could return because it was a week.It is smooth and the taste is delicious the aroma lights up our small kichen .I looked in the manual what this means and it means the machine is not running.After roughly one month, I noticed there are some water under the machine and today, after almost two month of usage, there are more water on my spills everywhere.I bought it in April of this year and it started leaking a month ago.I’ve tried all the tricks– heating the cup first, running it without a pod, but nothing works– all I get is a good flavored but lukewarm cup of coffee.Not a mediocre potful.Now does not work.No comparison.I’m impressed with how easy it is to make a cup of coffee or espresso.Rich, creamy cap-drinks.I googled and seems like the vertuo plus machines all have this problem so now I’m not sure what I should do? buy another machine or switch to the nespresso original line … This was a gift for my hubby I could t wait to use myself so I didn’t wrap it I just put it right to work.This one brews really quick and coffee is really hot.The crema on top is to die for! I was also impressed with the sample box as there was a wide array of different brews.Its attractive.

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