Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker Programmable 12-Cup Machine Multiple Brew Strength Keep Warm Reviews

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker Programmable 12-Cup Machine Multiple Brew Strength Keep Warm Product Review and Key Specs

THE BEST TASTING COFFEE – Brew a full pot of coffee using your favorite grounds and with brew strength control you can select regular or bold coffee flavor, whatever you like better.EASY BREW & PRECISE POURING: Pause and serve function allows for pouring a cup at any time during the brew cycle. Special carafe design ensures drip free and your coffee down to the last drop.EASY FILLING – Built-in water reservoir for easy and safe water filling. No more dripping or mess on your countertops.PERMANENT COFFEE FILTER – Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker includes one permanent coffee filter, saving the money from buying paper water filters.SUPERIOR QUALITY WITH MUELLER – We are here to offer you only the best quality products designed to make your life more easier and fun. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us, our professional customer support is always here for you!
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3 thoughts on “Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker Programmable 12-Cup Machine Multiple Brew Strength Keep Warm Reviews”

QvNsp says:

It is attractive, easy to use, and makes good coffee.I still can smell the burnt plastic fumes wafting from my mug and the machine itself.I had decided that I wanted stronger coffee and started my search for a new drip coffeemaker.00 bucks that had a 5 star rating.This pot had high marks across the board so I bought it, and I’m pretty disappointed with the cheap design.That was my first indication.Doesn’t take up a lot of space.For this price range, attached water tank is fair, but cleaning water tank area isn’t easy due to design.Not only that but it has a button for extra strong brew, after a long night with the new baby, yes, please! The coffee maker even has a reusable coffee filter, so no wasteful paper filters! The 12 cup capacity means I can make enough for me and my guy on the weekend too! Solid postpartum purchase that I’m sure we’ll be using for a long time! Oh, and it came with a cute little coffee measuring scoop too! ? We purchased this after breaking the coffee carafe on a Ninja coffee maker and could not find a replacement.The filter for the coffee is too deep, so the water doesn’t pick up the flavor and the coffee grinds becomes a brick, that you have to dig out, to wash and or refill.I looked back at my order history and saw I placed the order on January 27, so I’ve had the machine for just about six months.The product box was very worn.Very easy to use and the first cup tasted great.Now when I’m trying to look up information on “Mueller” website I can’t find it listed.Like the look of it, nice clean lines and modern.I did notice that is easy to clean, and put back together, my old one had so many things that you had to pay attention to after cleaning, and got so very annoying, but the mueller one is just amazing Cannot recommend an appliance that stops working after two uses! Hot plate didn’t heat up.Seems high quality, easy controls.This one not only ticked them all off, but based on my few days of usage, this has performed well in all those areas.

ZWxct says:

Now, with the whole shut down and the inconvenience to try and get coffee with crazy lines, has made me buy a good ole fashioned coffeemaker.other pots have not done that.But then my boyfriend attempted making coffee and found out the same issues I had been having.The permanent filter basket is by far the best I have seen and even though I literally fill this thing to the top, no grinds in my coffee.The two shortcomings I found are:– Too lightweight – unit moves if I try to push buttons or even open the top lid– The water tank is difficult to clean – but I think it’s not uncommon from a lot of coffee makers out there– The water tank is not removable, as it says on the product description point #3Overall it is easy to use.The water reservoir…Just an inch or so too narrow all the way around (can never dump all the water out of the pot because there is no more room to tip it up.Coffee that was getting old that all the functions on the front wore off power time set ETC but still work fine all in all I really like this maker it uses the cone style filter witch is my first and I think that’s why it makes better coffee I use the reusable filter and the brown paper filters and the coffee is consistently very good better than the none cone style filter coffee makers I am sold, Look no further!! I LOVE this coffee maker! I read the reviews and one stands out to me ….That is just a preference not really a bad thing about the coffee pot.I previously have had 2 Cuisinart coffeemakers and the second one lasted almost 10 years before its electronic components fizzled out on me.I have not yet purchased a single serve K-cup brewer, but with this simple coffee machine I got the flexibility trying variable brands of ground coffee and making proper amount of coffee for myself or my family.00 coffee pot, this is good, probably great.After the second went back to Amazon, I thought about how much I liked my Mueller Coffee Grinder and went back to re-read the coffee maker reviews.It’s easy to use.Coffee basic model from the grocery store that would be cheaper and far more superior than this ridiculous thing! I tried everything to make it work- this thing is a joke! i already threw out the box in recycling so I basically am screwed.I don’t get the reviews saying this makes the best cup of coffee.I’ve had very good luck with Cuisinart coffee makers in the past.While there aren’t many bells and whistles, this unit has everything you really need in a coffee maker and it really does produce some great tasting coffee! The heat pad does an excellent job of keeping the coffee hot for a couple of hours, and the glass carafe is very easy to pour and clean.My wife and I like strong coffee – but are fine using Mr.Coffee) to give up the ghost…LOL! Decided to go with a different brand, and Mueller was a brand I’ve haven’t tried…until now! So far So good! For the NORMAL coffee drinker, this machine may be a great choice and have a long happy life….

TTjNmL says:

It does not! I reported to Amazon since this could throw others off as well.Didn’t expect a perfect cup of coffee from this coffee pot, as it was just a regular drip coffee maker.To my astonishment, this little beauty makes excellent coffee and I couldn’t be happier.The base gets very hot.Her coffeemaker had broken, and I had to search *everywhere* online to find one that’s both well-made and easy enough for her to operate.This coffee pot is easy to use and I really like that it is programmable.Great functionality, easy to use and makes my mornings simpleLove the filter too.I also like that it doesn’t continue to drip when I pull the pot out to pour a cup.Worked well, fairly quiet. We drink a lot of coffee and we like it dark and strong.I like every thing about this machine.Coffee model.It is easy to use and brews a great cup of coffee.Even with a silly drying rack mishap resulting in a broken carafe, Mueller wouldn’t let me buy a replacement, instead sending a new one under warranty.That concerned me because, as they say, “you get what you pay for.The delayed brew timer was a must for my husband and it works well.And I’m very happy with how simple and easy it is to set up and use.After reading the instructions all you need to do is fill it up with water and coffee and press on and let it do the work.Easy to use with a visible water level and large enough opening to pour in the water.