Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Café Barista Silver Reviews

Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Café Barista Silver Review and Specs

Semi automatic 3 in 1 espresso maker, cappuccino maker, and latte maker15 Bar Pump System Brews Rich Tasting Espresso CoffeeTrouble Free Automatic Milk Frother Removes the Guesswork. Do not wash the water reservoir in the dishwasherOne touch control panel for drink selectionsEasy fill, removable water and milk reservoirsCord length: 26 Inches; 1040 WattsImportant: It is important to note, instruction manual must be followed to prime unit before using café barista for first time (Pg; 8, Steps 1 and 2); The total amount of beverage can vary depending on type of milk used and froth control knob setting; It is advised that frothing tube be cleaned after each use because that can cause a variance in the frothing as well
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Tag:best coffee maker, best drip coffee maker, Best Rated in Kitchen Small Appliances, big tray, brew supply, coffee expresso

3 thoughts on “Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Café Barista Silver Reviews”

tIBKu says:

I am not, nor have I every been a barista.Two months later, I have been consistently blown away on all three! For those who say it’s wears after some use, are you cleaning it properly? Cleaning is SUPER easy and I do it after each use and have had zero issues.It makes great espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc.After 1 year and 1 month our Barista died, and the irony was that I purchased second Cafe Barista, for a friend 2 weeks before ours hit the bucket.If you had asked me for a review during the first month of use I would have rated this machine 5 stars but after less than two months of use this machine will no longer brew espresso.We returned the machine and received a replacement one, but the same problem occurred again in about one month.I came very close to choosing the Delonghi, but what pushed me to the impatience waiting for it to heat up for a couple minutes prior to use and 3.I’ve brewed about 4600 cups of espresso with it.At the time, it was only about $150 , making it a relatively inexpensive way to try different drinks at home.Coffee Café bistro about eight months ago.We contacted Mr.A friend raved about the Nespresso systems but I had used a Keurig for a few years and was done with the whole pod system, which seems wasteful and expensive, plus it was hard to keep it clean from icky sludge that formed in the water dispenser.I looked over different brands and costs and while I agree this is not a expensive or professional machine, it does make great espressos and lattes.At first, I was really pleased, but within a month on making one cappuccino a day the froth started getting big bubbles and became watery.I have had it for about 2 weeks now and used all the options on it.So I just got this unit yesterday and completed the setup / primed the unit and gauged using the Latte cycle plus added additional foam and voila! We are both pegged on Peet’s golden lattes right now, so I added a turmeric mix plus a half teaspoon of honey and 1/4 tsp of ginger, and the drink is already an 8 out of 10 plus a 10 for hotness.I’ve experimented with this machine in the last few weeks and I’ve liked it more and more with each passing day.our first starter espresso machine Krups XP1000 lasted us little over 2 years, our previous De’Longhi EC155 lasted us 2 years, and looks like this Mr Coffee ECMP1000 died just after 1.As soon as I got this machine it was setup and cleaned as instructed.

DFZWS says:

She likes the machine a lot, largely because it is very easy to use and the espresso drinks taste fine.Better then a $500 Silvia.And I have several saved but I wanted one now that wasn’t super expensive.I almost hate to admit how much I love this machine though.I can’t comment on the quality of the latte because I don’t drink latte and so I cannot judge.My family uses the Barista four or five times everyday and for it’s price, can’t be beat.No issues so far.The lattes I make with this machine are so much better than the ones I used to get from a well-known coffee house .5 years of use, making 4-5 espresso shots per day, 365 days a year.Their system is antiquated and incomplete.It made some of the best coffee either my wife or I ever had, the foaming function worked really well.But you don’t have to do that! It’s no different in taste – just presentation.Coffee a try.Every use is a fight for a luke warm cup of horrible coffe.You still need to clean out the puck, rinse your filter holder and grounds basket, and wipe the milk wand with each use.For context, I’m not a coffee expert or connoisseur.Trust me.I tried 4 times to get it to prime with no luck.Same exact cup used twice with the same settings produces less product, very strange.The machine could be a little more stylish as well.

TwShsB says:

I used it almost every day, even for frothed milk for my other beverages.It takes way to many steps to prepare, only makes one cup at a time and cleaning is another process.Flavor was decent and I probably could have perfected it with a few more tries, but it wasn’t worth it to me for a product I didn’t love.Rinsed the portafilter and wiped the machine attachment between each cup.Upon arrival, I prepped the machine as stated per instructions.Over the period of 14 months I own this machine, and doing 4 espressos every day, it holds up really well.It’s an awesome value that is compact with a water reservoir and yet looks legitimate at the same time.I love this espresso maker! I really do! I love coffee and was at a point where I could not stand watered down K-cups for one more pathetic cup of coffee!! So I went on a search for something I could afford and not regret if I was not an instant barista.I was skeptical at first about the machine but I actually really love it.The milk frother is difficult to clean up so I almost never used it.Never great, but good enough.Before cafe barista, most of the times I settle with my coffee just being bla or eh, what the heck it’s coffee, just need to stay awake.She asked me to find the best of the inexpensive espresso machines.The instructions say to tamp the coffee grounds firmly, but whether you do it or not, enough water is left in the filter to continue dripping for a while.It is a nice little machine and pulls beautiful shots.Hey….I’ve had it almost 2 months and I’ve given it a fair shake.I love that I can pre fill the milk container and leave in the fridge in between uses.I am an entry level espresso drinker.I purchased a few coffee syrups and caramel and mocha sauces.

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