Mr. Coffee 5 Cup Programmable 25 oz. Mini Brew Now or Later with Water Filtration and Nylon Reusable Filter Coffee Maker Black Review

Mr. Coffee 5 Cup Programmable 25 oz. Mini Brew Now or Later with Water Filtration and Nylon Reusable Filter Coffee Maker Black Product Review and Specs

Compact design that fits nicely into small spacesBrew later feature allows you to set your coffeemaker ahead and wake up to fresh brewed coffeeErgonomic carafe designed for easy pouring and handling with ounces markings for better measuringGrab-A-Cup Auto Pause lets you grab a cup before brewing is finishedEasy to view water window allows you to see the exact water level for no overflows
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3 thoughts on “Mr. Coffee 5 Cup Programmable 25 oz. Mini Brew Now or Later with Water Filtration and Nylon Reusable Filter Coffee Maker Black Review”

VRvMD says:

It’s so devoted to being small, that just the mere process of pouring hot water into its tiny PLASTIC coffee grounds basket necessarily shoves granules over the edge and into the coffee pot and sticks them to the handle… every time.It died when it arrived, so, now it is my main one.Just the right size for me, 2 cups .Originally had a mini stainless pot Cuisinart but basically wore it out till the hot pad rusted and the heating element wasn’t as efficient.I travel a lot for work, and I’m finding a lot of hotels no longer have coffee makers in the room.I’m having a lot of problems with it actually working correctly, though.I couldn’t find a replacement, so had to order a new one or pay twice as much for the original one.Good little machine but didn’t get hot enough.Also, an instruction booklet would have given me a description of parts.Then sometimes it turns off before brewing is complete.I removed the filter and it makes it slightly better but if I am not there babysitting the water spout it causes it to overflow.Now the spring fell out of the filter basket so it’s useless and no replacement to be found.You cannot purchase replacement parts for them as of the end of September 2020, so should I get klutzy and break the carafe, I need a whole new machine.Unless you enjoy super weak coffee, this isn’t the coffee maker for you, because you’ll always get grinds in your coffee.Coffee maker which is still working flawlessly.The quality seems good, it is programmable, a great size, and works well.

flAQm says:

Love it.The box was torn open but there doesn’t appear to be damage.It has automatic shut off and you can preset it.Coffee drains very well .It never stays on for 2 hours as the description says.The basket spring doesn’t always engage with the pot, so sometimes the coffee juice gets trapped in the basket and overflows out the top or back into the water compartment.Defective and very disappointing.Also no heating plate.It be nice if the clock was illuminated.[/review5][review5] Did not receive a How Too Use Booklet.They have cut back on the extra little things thatused to be a part of the whole system If you need space on your counter or if you just need a small amount of coffee, I highly recommend this unit.If there is only one or two people it’s great.I’m the only one that drinks coffee in my house, so I’ve always purchased the cheap college pots.

pWflRf says:

Did not receive a How Too Use Booklet. The coffee grind it’s always in the coffee I end up with coffee grind on my teeth ? not good I wish to return it Thanks good product Just what I needed I like Perfect for compact space.It also came with a small carbon filter.Coffee and generally make less cups than the 12 cups.Simple and easy.Easy to set timer for whatever time you wake up in the morning is awesome … Wake up and smell the Coffee ? The quality of the filter basket is bad.I’ve had it for about 1 month and it shuts off as soon as it brews..So the coffee then has coffee grinds floating in it.

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