Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker Black Review

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker Black Product Review

On/off indicator light lets you know when your coffee maker is on or offGrab-A-Cup Auto Pause stops cycle if you need a cup before brewing is finishedDual water window allows visibility as you fill—no more overflowsRemovable filter basket for quick and easy cleanupStain-resistant warming plate is easy to clean
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Tag:best coffee maker, best drip coffee maker, best office coffee makers, Best Rated in Coffee, Tea & Espresso Appliances, thermal glasses, thermal plastic water

3 thoughts on “Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker Black Review”

YTQEo says:

That’s right, I said it.So we’ll be buying a different coffee maker soon, would buy this one again but I can’t return it, I don’t like to buy things that I can’t return it without paying a ton for shipping back and forth to the manufacturer.Coffee 4 cup makter I’ve bought this year.If i leave the pot on the warmer for about a hour it will warm up but no where near hot.Coffee makers with auto/timer switching will effectively disable any Alexa commands in favor of its timer settings.Initially wanted to brew right into my oversized coffee mug, but the pause brew thingy required the original carafe to be in there… but even without brewing directly into my mug, is still a great investment for my single cup of coffee… About 3 cups is all i need for 1 of my mugs… So glad not to have to battle with my kurig anymore… plus… frakin’ love this thing! When I bought my first Mr.I really only make one cup of coffee at a time.This one is much more compact and is just enough coffee for my wife and I.She makes 1 pot a day each work day and It has only been 2 months and the thing barely works.The Keurig is far more elegant, it requires fewer steps, and has no carafe.Looking back through my orders my last two were 5 cup and this is 4 cup at the same price, with the same 5 cup pot and the same exact look as the 5 cups that my last two models were.If you hold the button firmly in the on position the green light comes on and it starts brewing.I measure it using 3 cups of water and one big scoop of ground coffee but it’s a 2 cupper when you pour it into my cup.I have owned two Mr.Decided to replace it with this.So I needed something small and cheap and easy that IF it broke it be ok.It’s simple, works well, makes good coffee , and the carafe dribbles every time when I pour coffee into my cup.No timer nor clock to reset after power outages.It does everything it’s supposed to do for a good price.

XfRxr says:

It’s incredibly easy to use, and it makes delicious, strong coffee.Coffee programmable coffee maker that lasted almost 3 years before it stopped heating .When I needed a new coffeemaker for another household, I went with another brand, thinking "these are all built the same".).Coffee has always pleased me with their products and I’m really glad they made this 4-cup coffee maker.Coffee looks pretty nice, the price is right, and after a handful of uses functions just fine.No help from Amazon.Makes about a mug and a half of coffee, in under 5 minutes.I needed something to use to make my morning coffee after I returned my Keurig coffeemaker.It’s perfect for 1 person as I live alone.The HOT coffee drips and streams all over the heating plate below.This time, most of the coffee would be pooled on my counter rather than in the pot.Easy to use.Huge bummer, as I was very happy with it.Tried several times and just a big spill.Like 24oz total I believe.I don’t think it’s supposed to do that.The coffee got cold quickly even though it had a “thermal” carafe.This time I’m not happy with it.

UCcgZS says:

Just enough coffee for the morning.I used to have the Black &Decker 5 cup maker, but I like this Mr.When the pot is tipped, coffee clings to the outside of the pot runs down onto the counter. This coffee maker is pretty good.I didn’t get the one I wanted.It runs down the side of the pot unless you pour as slowly as possible.Coffee used to be a reliable brand to buy, but no more.i realize now that the clock on its brother costs $10 and its black numerals on a gray background making it almost impossible to read.Crab!!!! Danger.At the time it was easier to replace the whole unit than just the carafe so I bought a new one.No fancy shmanshy bells and whistles or settings that no one ever uses, this little booger is all business.This one holds 2 cups .simple to use—wake up –cut it on— cut it off—repeat the next day.They work fine for about six months and then something always goes wrong with them.It is notably cheaper to use a small coffee maker like this, than to use the now popular single serve machines .It was a perfect coffeemaker that did its job.Plus, it was likely half the price.

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