Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Coffee Maker White – DR4-RB Review

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Coffee Maker White – DR4-RB Reviews and Key Specs

On/off indicator light lets you know when your coffee maker is on or offGrab-A-Cup Auto Pause stops cycle if you need a cup before brewing is finishedDual water window allows visibility as you fill—no more overflowsRemovable filter basket for quick and easy cleanup
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3 thoughts on “Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Coffee Maker White – DR4-RB Review”

IYVkZ says:

Recently, my coffee maker just stopped pumping water into the pot.You have to readjust it.Coffee machine.I used them about 7 years and then replace .It’s a 20 dollar coffee maker and I didn’t expect it to last and perform well this BUT IT HAS.HOWEVER, THIS PURCHASE DIDN’T LAST LONG AFTER USING FOUR TIMES.I have used coffee maker from Mr.I know nothing about fluid dynamics except what I observe as a user, but this user finds that if you fill the reservoir to or near the top it’s next to impossible to pour your first mug without spillage as you pour.The problem: when the pot was sitting straight on the heating pad, the top didn’t make contact with the button below the basket, so the water would accumulate in the basket.She also said she loves how it makes just enough for her travel mug for her way out the door.Coffee DR4MC 4-Cup Coffeemaker, White" This NOT a 4 cup pot unless you use demi-glace cups or expresso cups.I also told her to let the designer know what I disliked.ALL came with a permanent mesh filter included withthe coffeemaker.Doesn’t come with filter or canister so be aware.By-the-cup coffee makers didn’t provide enough coffee for me, and I don’t need a huge 12-cup maker, only to pour extra coffee down the drain.I can not brew four cups because regardless of the filter, even without it, the coffee basket fills up with water because the lid or the little dome that opens the basket is not high enough to open the dispenser.The loop that elevates the drip bar when you open the lid pulled the assembly loose when the lid snagged the underside of a cabinet.But most importantly, the different shape of the carafe compared to my old Mr Coffee is much maker except it was the more expensive model with with the digital features.

Anpte says:

I use it twice every morning .I suggest not buying this model and buying one of higher quality.Just right for me.Very happy.However, I once neglected to turn off coffeemaker until late in that afternoon. The plastic straw waterer that is supposed to return to its slot when the lid is put down, wouldn’t go back into its hole.I had one of these for years until I broke the glass pot and bought a new one.If zero stars was an option that is what I would have given it.As a long time user of Mr..I just make two cups of coffee once a week.My sister stayed twice and both times went up to Starbucks to get her coffee rather than using this coffee maker.The contact between the top of the glass decanter and the bottom of the basket that holds the coffee grounds is not close enough to let the water drip through in a timely fashion.Coffee is very noisy, I can hear it even from my bedroom.2 months after I bought it, the switch shorted out.I am very disappointed in a product made by Mr.

mxSQKd says:

Really nice compact coffee brewer. My second little Mr.Still works great, so if you’re looking for a cheap coffee maker for one or two people this one would be a good buy in my book.It does what I want it to do but-and this is just me-this pot only brews one cup of coffee for in 3 min, rinse the pot, empty the grinds and get on with breakfast preparations.the price is great…it makes 4 cups of coffe in a hurry and keeps it hot when sitting on unit.I would recommend buying extra filters though.The cover is also difficult to open because I does not have the tab as the picture shows. I love it i should have bought it long time ago now i make my coffee at home Sat and –> <use xlink:href="http://az.Not big enough to drip coffee.Cup measurements would be ideal for thimbles, not cups.Both my husband and I use it almost daily, as we use different amounts of ground coffee.Doesn’t matter to me that it has a timer, I always turn it off to after I pour my last cup.

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