Mixpresso Mini Compact Drip coffee Maker With Brewing Basket Black Small Coffee Pot (10.5oz) Review

Mixpresso Mini Compact Drip coffee Maker With Brewing Basket Black Small Coffee Pot (10.5oz) Product Review

Mixpresso Mini Compact Drip Coffee Maker for a special aroma of coffee comes with a one-button on / off switch for maximum comfort and at least a headache and for efficiency and cost savingsOur coffee maker machine is build in size of 8.8 on 6.2 on 5.7 and therefore provides a compact size that saves space with a small footprint that takes up minimal space on the countertop.The size of the coffee machine allows it to be portable from one place to another, so it is ideal for camping, travel, hotels, and allows you to use office with a high quality coffee result for an amazing break.EASY FOR USE > – Our small coffee maker comes with an easy-to-remove filter basket and reusable filter – no need to spend money on disposable paper filters. Both the filter basket and the reusable filter lift up and out for quick and convenient cleaningTHE USE OPTIONS > – Our coffee machine allows you to experience exceptional use by using graund coffee for maximum aroma and flavor results, as well as the coffee machine gives you the added pleasure of giving tea leaves inside the sieve box for high quality tea to enjoy in the family tea timeLOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK > – Here at Mixpresso, your satisfaction is the core of our mission. That’s why we want you to get in touch with us if you are not entirely thrilled with your purchase for ANY reason and we will make it right. After all, your Mixpresso Coffee Machine is covered under the umbrella of our 1-YEAR WARRANTY.
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3 thoughts on “Mixpresso Mini Compact Drip coffee Maker With Brewing Basket Black Small Coffee Pot (10.5oz) Review”

fbGiW says:

It could be a hazard to me or to itself.I’m a fan of cheap no frills coffee makers, and have owned 3 in the last decade..I’m not going to crawl under my desk to measure now that I have it in place but I’d say approx 24″ long.I drink coffee throughout the day and I need it pipping hot.If you’re tired of coffee being wasted due to larger 5-12 cup coffee makers, this will work great.It does pour out slowly so if you are in a rush start this a few minutes earlier.It gets hot.I like that the filter is reusable!Takes a little longer than I expected and it tends to splash coffee on the counter due to it not coming out a steady stream.For a toy coffee maker such as this it is not even worth the money even though it was quite an expensive Easy unless you like to save dumped grounds and even left even overnight they are wet – Quick, yes compared to heating water and then hand pouring boiling water over a filter of grounds – but it makes a terrible cup of coffee – thick with this mud in the bottom of the cup – I have to cut it with water even if I cut the grounds to half the recommended amount – when I’m desperate for a quick cup it is better than instant but not to look forward to as an enjoyable cup of coffee.I’m finishing up my last semester in college and I’m not very big on coffee so I didn’t want to spend over $30 on a coffee maker.Then, after 6 weeks of twice a day, weekday only use.It is a small but it is perfect for me! Maximum water is 8 oz.But other that that you get what you pay for…….Smaller than pictured and the water pours out the bottom of the coffee maker! It floods the electrical components and the counter is dripping wet.Hard to poor water in coffee maker the way it is made.Yes.Coffee tasted good and it was nice and hot.maybe it will work for others but not me.

rNSqF says:

Bought this for my wife to take to her office.Great for Camping and or for a desk job! Hubs ordered this but doesn’t do reviews.It’s basic, very compact, easy to clean, and most importantly makes a good cup of coffee. Fits Perfectly on my computer this nice for study .Leaving it on does not keep anything warm, except the guts of the machine , which means it will burn out soon. Works great! I don’t have to leave a pot on all day, I can just throw a tiny scoop in whenever I want fresh coffee.And I also don’t want to pay for a Cadillac to get a cup of Joe.Coffee mugs barely fit.As soon as you turn it one it takes a minute to start as it warms up.I had to cut down my paper filters to use inside of it.It’s cheap, functional, and compact.Pos![/review3][review4] I love that it’s tiniest, cutest ,and very good cup brewer for an Amazing price.

gWgJwm says:

This is small but mighty.Doesn’t keep the coffee warm though so you have to drink it right away.And super easy to clean.I love this thing.Super cute and lightweight. this product doesn’t heat up to high enough temperatures and always gives me warm coffee, it is also a hassle to constantly have to refill it as it only fills up one cup at a time. used this for my dorm, great space saver.If a person likes mild coffee and not too hot, this would work for them.having you wait forever to get hot water and the coffee feature is not the best.entry-content –><!– .And don’t have to wait on a coronavirus line thank you This is the cheapest piece of plastic they could find.I should have got black though as the red plastic looks really cheap, but for the price it’s good enough.

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