LEEHOO Drip Coffee Maker 2-12 Cup Programmable Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe&Auto Shut-off&Brew Strength Control for Home and OfficeBlack and Stainless Steel Finish Reviews

LEEHOO Drip Coffee Maker 2-12 Cup Programmable Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe&Auto Shut-off&Brew Strength Control for Home and OfficeBlack and Stainless Steel Finish Specs and Product Reviews

♥ [LARGE VISUAL WATER RESERVOIR] – The 12-cup coffee pots allows you to brew 2-12 cups before having to refill, saving you time and simplifying your morning routine get fast, fresh brewed, delicious coffee in minutes♥ [FULLY PROGRAMMABLE] – Wake up to a hot cup of coffee by using the small size electric coffee machine with fully programmable functionality, programmable timer allows you to set brew time up to 24 hours in advance♥ [TOUCH & AUTO BUTTON ] – Our team specially designed the fastest and the easiest way to make delicious coffee with just click the button for on/off operation. This coffee maker stainless steel also features auto shut-off preventing from overheating and keeping you safe♥ [EASY TO CLAIN] – With removable drip tray on the black cafeteras electricas, you can clean this coffee makers with thermal carafe easily and make your private cafe without any mess. Built in self-cleaning prevent mineral and coffee scale build up♥ [LEEHOO CUSTOMER SERVICE] – We devote ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer.If you are not satisfied with our coffee maker with carafe. Please contact our team at any time,we will assist you soon
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3 thoughts on “LEEHOO Drip Coffee Maker 2-12 Cup Programmable Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe&Auto Shut-off&Brew Strength Control for Home and OfficeBlack and Stainless Steel Finish Reviews”

GGzQG says:

This coffee maker is great.This such a nice coffee machine I was very impressed with it when it arrived.It’s the exact same coffee machine as my old red one, but slightly better since it comes with a filter, which my old one from Walmart didn’t.The machine is automatic so just put all the ingredients in and put into the machine.the design is modern and easy to use with a LED screen.LCD will not light up when plugged in.I’ve had it for one week and have used it everyday.So I purchased this drip coffee maker.I normally just drink instant, because it takes so long to make brewed.She wanted to try to make coffee herself.There is NO separate water container, you fill it from the carafe at the top.Good quality, especially the pot is very nice.She said it makes the coffee perfectly and very quickly as well.At first I thought this coffee maker would be too small in capacity but I was proven wrong.I love this coffee maker too.This is going to be perfect for when my mom visits.I was taking almost a hour to brew 10 cups! The new machine is awesome.[/review2][review3] I have a few coffee machines and this is a quick and go to maker if I don’t feel like making espressos or drip coffee.I don’t think the warranty was put in place.

lsGER says:

I’ll use this coffee maker if I know I’ll be in a rush the next day.It is easy to use.And it is much more affordable to in the long term.The best coffee you can buy won’t be that good in a bad coffee maker.By the way, it is easy to clean up either the tank or the kettle. It does everything that one more expensive would do.Also makes the counter very warm where it sits!! prefect for my kitchen It looks good and does a faster good cop coffee I like it The coffee tastes smooth.

MKKHtV says:

So far, I haven’t been able to discover the Cappuccino & Latte functionalities, but I bought it for the coffee maker specifically. This is a perfect easy to use coffee maker.I was somehow reluctant on brewing the coffee as it was there in my mind that it’s quite a hassle to brew.entry-content –><!– .I am really really happy it has a reusable filter attachment which I didn’t realize when I ordered.Bought it for a friend who’s coffee maker broke recently.The operation is simple and fast.Found this one because I saw it had a programable clock.This was super easy to set up and works great.The auto shut off is key.It’s very simple to program/use, no need to add a filter because it has its own built in, and it makes fresh delicious coffee! I also love the sleek chrome look! We drink lots of coffee everyday.

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