KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker 5-Cup Silver Reviews

KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker 5-Cup Silver Product Reviews

PERFECT FOR 1 OR 2: Brews up to 5 cups of coffee/ 750 ml/ 25 fl ounces.CONVENIENT: Allows you to pour a cup of coffee while brewing and automatically keeps your coffee warm.SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE: Coffee pot with no drip spout, which controls the mess; easy On/Off button to start brewing and turn off the brewer; and a conveniently located water tank.MODERN DESIGN: Premium stainless steel finish.ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Glass coffee pot, permanent coffee filter and coffee spoon for your daily brewing needs. All are dishwasher safe.
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3 thoughts on “KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker 5-Cup Silver Reviews”

QyiYC says:

Brews very quietly too!! Ever purchase something that once you used it you just knew that the people who designed it and approved it never used it even once? That’s the case here. This is a fine 5-cup coffee-maker, and a very good deal.So I am a little disappointed to see that the mesh on the filter is coming apart at the top, I’ve only had this coffee maker for about 2 weeks and used it 5 times.So I settled on this one and I like it because it is simple and easy to use , the top flips open for the water and the filter holder which is better than the filter holders that swing out on a hinge.It’s the perfect coffee maker if you are looking for something small.Instead of going with a timed outlet, which for me would have been more complicated, I decided to have fun, and added a blinking light, which I connected to the power button.smooth coffee….It spills all over the place.It is sturdy yet small so can be used daily but doesn’t need big space.I generally like to have two large mugs of coffee in the morning, and this makes this perfect amount.I like Krups products.Makes me question if it is really a “new” item, or if it was previously purchased and returned by someone else?I’m considering whether or not to return – I can’t rate the features now as I haven’t used it.I was told it could “wake the dead”.One issue, it did not come with any instructions or warranty information, and when I contacted Krups, they said this was an old, discontinued model..The one problem? No auto shutoff.So if that’s not important to you.

YgdiT says:

This seemed to be a quality coffee maker but died after 3 uses.It’s much better quality and it looks much more stylish than an ugly Mr.So cute and a nice small footprint on counter with sleek design as pictured.It arrived today.I wanted it to make a small amount of coffee that would taste as good as if it came from a large pot.I have been folding a standard coffee filter instead of buying the pricier cone shaped ones, and it has been fine..Difficult to fill the tank due to the poor flip-top cover design..Small, attractive, seems well made and easy to clean.That may be true as the description mentions 30 minute the unit turns off—-that is not true.It just broke when we picked it up to pour out the water the class just broke.My husband needed used coffee grounds for his compost pile and the kcups suck to open! This is just what I needed since I pretty much only drink one cup per day , a large cup though, fits about 3 and a half cups. Of the four small coffee makers I have bought from Amazon, this is the best for me.Most times I need to microwave it for 30 seconds to make it hotter.The mesh filter is only mesh on the sides and not the bottom, so just turning it upside to wash to get out whatever grounds I couldn’t scrape off doesn’t work.It comes with a metal filter, but that is messy to clean so I do need to buy some paper filters.Classic Krups design.Double filter situation here where one would either use or not the paper filter to supplement the metal filter that comes with this.

CLVQEx says:

.The basket is a bit smaller than a #2 filter, but if you’re too lazy to fold a filter, you don’t need to use one at all.First thing you notice is the pungent plastic smell.I just got this in, couldn’t wait to try it and made my first pot immediately.Cons: coffee is not hot enough to put cream/milk in it. This is my third Krups coffee appliance and it did not disappoint.I wouldn’t classify rinsing as “misuse or abuse”.Krupp as a company is very bad.It’s really not bad, but it does not have auto shut-off and it’s a little difficult to fill the reservoir the way it’s designed – water tends to spill into the filter basket as the back lid gets in the way.I didn’t realize how much not having an automatic shut off would bother me.I normally make a pour over every morning for myself since i’m the only one in the house who drinks coffee and I think it tastes better.The price is certainly reasonable enough and shipping was free! For those who are unhappy with the permanent filter, I bought a big pack of #2 unbleached cone filters for 99 cents to use instead of included filter.In less time that it takes to shower, it makes a perfect to-go mug of coffee for that morning java jolt.I placed it on the counter and it wobbles and has nothing to do with the rubber bumper pads on the bottom of it.It’s extremely easy to use, being that it’s a pretty basic and simple coffee maker.entry-content –><!– ..We use the basket filter which is a little difficult to clean.

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