KRUPS ET351 Coffee Maker Coffee Programmable Maker Thermal Carafe 12 Cup Black Reviews

KRUPS ET351 Coffee Maker Coffee Programmable Maker Thermal Carafe 12 Cup Black Product Reviews

12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker With Easy-To-Read Lcd Screen; Pause And Serve Feature Allows Removal Of The Carafe At AnytimeThermal Carafe Keeps The Coffee Hot For Up To 4 HoursProgrammable Digital Clock For Auto Start In The MorningAdjustable Brew Strength: Bold Function For Fuller Bodied Taste And 1- To 4-Cup Small-Batch Setting For Maximum Flavor When Brewing Little QuantityClean Function At The Touch Of A Button To Facilitate The Descaling. Refer User Manual For Troubleshooting Steps.Included components: Coffee Maker, Thermal Carafe, Installation Guide
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3 thoughts on “KRUPS ET351 Coffee Maker Coffee Programmable Maker Thermal Carafe 12 Cup Black Reviews”

BbFzp says:

After researching other brands, I finally decided on a new Krups, but it is DEFINITELY not the same! My old one had a tapered thermal carafe that was easy to handle, and poured flawlessly.The cons are as other reviewers have noted: 1) the water tank is difficult to fill, particularly if attempting to fill with the bulky and constantly dripping carafe; 2) the poorly engineered bulky carafe spout drips like no other carafe I have experienced, no matter what angle one pours coffee; 3) if the carafe is not properly positioned in the coffee maker, COUNT on a COFFEE FLOOD on your counter and floor!While I can live with having to use a separate pitcher to fill the water reservoir, I can not live with the constantly dripping carafe and the mess it makes on the kitchen counter.At my age this will be the last brewer I will buy and I refuse to be saddled with some turkey that fails when I’m 90, assuming I make it that long.I’m in absolute shock.We contacted them about a faulty carafe and they replaced it for free which was great and promising.Until 1 year and 7 months have past and the coffee pot started acting strange.It was the best coffee maker and the only reason I replaced it was the glass broke inside and I could not find a replacement.The water receptacle is right next to the filter and hard to fill with the carafe without spilling water into the filter area which then pours through to where the carafe should sit.I have now had it a little over a year, and it is no longer useable.I like the changes to the control panel, especially the move from the base to the top front as it’s less susceptible to spills.I should have listened to the other reviews that said it leaks! The coffee drips out faster than it can go into the carafe – flooded the countertop, ran down cabinets and onto floor.The advantage of the carafe is that it keeps coffee hot and can be put on the table.There aren’t many 12 cup thermal carafe coffee makers out there, so despite the mixed reviews, I decided to give this one a shot.Besides having better water level indicator, the automatic timer is more to my liking: it will only come on once after it’s programmed, not repeatedly until you turn it off like the old one.My one criticism of the design would be that due to the size of the pot, it’s hard to get all of the water into the reservoir without spilling a little bit as it’s tough to tip it all the way up to drain it.We bought a black and decker that didn’t beep when done but there was something wrong with design of the filter basket…even when making small amounts of coffee the filter always fell and there were grounds in the coffee.The coffee pot is NOT kept warm by a heating element, so the coffee doesn’t ever ‘cook’ after brewing.Other reviews have talked about the pot leaking all over the counter and we did have that issue for about the first 3 or 4 runs.PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE.The timer is easy to use, however it seems the carafe must be in the exact position, otherwise the auto brew will not start.

JYwuD says:

After about 10 months of daily brewing coffee in the morning we noticed a nasty chemical smell from the kitchen and panicked.My only real complaint is that the ‘pause and serve’ feature does not consistently work.We loved that coffee pot.The second Krups lasted just over a year.You shouldn’t have to set the Auto Brew for morning coffee to auto brew by pressing several buttons.It really and truly keeps the coffee hot for 24 hours.The Auto On button doesn’t work and the top lid to the device does not fit well so each time I lift it to fill it with water and coffee I have to reattach it manually which takes considerable effort.The carafe can keep your coffee hot more than 4hours long.No issues with overflowing the pot except for human error .My husband , and I are very pleased with this coffee maker.Do yourself a favor and go with this one – it’s a much better buy as well.Coffee does not stay warm longer than two hours.This one is very tall and quite heavy, making it hard to slide from under my upper cabinets.It is always easy to push a start button.I’m terribly clumsy and tend to break glass carafes.Bought as a gift for in-laws who wanted a stainless steel pot.I bought this to replace my old Krups coffee maker, which I loved for years.Reservoir is difficult to fill, carafe is unwieldy and difficult to empty entirely.It’s quite fast and makes good coffee.

fIxDHs says:

It’s nice to be able to keep the carafe on the kitchen table, rather than being tied to the coffeemaker.The coffee is great.Every time you pour a cup of coffee from the carafe, get ready to clean up the spillage.Extremely efficient extraction process requires less than half the grounds as old machine for nice strong brew.Took it apart and found that the heating element was no longer working.The bold feature is awesome & really works.In October 2017 the machine began to have problems controlling the flow of coffee into the pot as it brewed, resulting in overflow all over the counter. It’s a great coffee pot! Only takes about 5-6 minutes to brew.Great cleaning cycle.No glass pot so no worries about breaking it.Also, the carafe is partially stainless steel and partially plastic.It’s noisy and annoying.My husband and I are thoroughly satisfied.Unfortunately, we didn’t begin to use the maker until it was well past time to return it or I would.Same here.The coffee mostly tastes either burnt or one-dimensional.If you purchase this coffee maker and something goes wrong with it or if there is a defect like my case, your only option for correction under warranty is to ship the maker out at your boxing expense.Obviously there is a major design or manufacturing defect with this unit.

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