KRUPS EC322 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Professional Permanent Gold-Tone Thermobrew Technology Black Reviews

KRUPS EC322 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Professional Permanent Gold-Tone Thermobrew Technology Black Review

THERMOBREW TECHNOLOGY for exceptional coffee flavorTHREE-STEP brewing optimization draws out the most robust coffee flavorsCOFFEE CUSTOMIZATION designed to satisfy any tastePAUSE SERVE FEATURE : Enjoy delicious freshly-brewed coffee as soon as you need itPERMANENT GOLD-TONE FILTER : For added convenience and savings, this coffee maker features a permanent gold tone filter.
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Tag:coffe cup, drip coffee maker, Explore coffee makers for offices

3 thoughts on “KRUPS EC322 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Professional Permanent Gold-Tone Thermobrew Technology Black Reviews”

uSPOP says:

This coffee maker stopped operating after a month, it wouldn’t brew all of the water.I like the auto function and the simplicity of use.The it got stuck on the Clean cycle and would not brew a complete pot of coffee.The coffee squirts out from the side of the metal cup.My old Krups expresso machine finally gave up , and Krups is a reliable brand.Ensure you run clean water through the machine before first use, don’t overfill espresso grounds and make certain the porta filter is secure in the basket before brewing.Tea drinkers this is a great pot to keep your water hot water warmer keeps it at the right temp.Descaling/cleaning basically wastes a brand new filter and you have to use a new one and not the old one.My previous coffee maker, which was also a Krups, lasted many years and made good tasting coffee, so I decided to replace it with another Krups.nice large water reservoir….Out of the box, I was very impressed with the quality of the coffee maker.When packed into the filter cup it just couldn’t push the water through it.Auto set up is easy.Unfortunately, I needed to make double espresso shots for two people every morning to make Cafe con Leche’.They just don’t last anymore.I’ve owned it for about 6 months, use it every day, and still loving it.For what it’s worth, i’m not really an espresso snob.I was curious to see how this current machine compared, and bought one.We are not happy.

bfGwF says:

The first one delivered was missing the charcoal water filters and the required housing part, which was one of the reasons we liked this product.The coffee maker looks nice.Brews as quickly as hoped I have to admit I’m on the fence with this cappuccino maker and actually kind of disappointed.The result was a lot of steam escaping the unit with the hot water that did make it into the basket coming out VERY hot from overheating.The machine works well, both with the screened filter that comes with it as well as regular coffee filters.Very disappointed.What I really like about it is, I don’t drink small cups of expresso.and they told us to return it as it was defectives we did and got a replacement through Amazon on 7 Nov 2019.I am an avid coffee drinker and this brews quickly and doesn’t make a mess.And that’s that.It is a great machine.I was always chasing that certain restaurant flavor that you get every once in a blue moon.I’m a brand loyalty guy, so staying with KRUPS, the XP33208 seemed like the logical replacement.I thought it needed cleaning , etc.Bought this to replace a machine i’d used or 8-10 years.Had tried another brand and it did not work.I looked here on Amazon for a couple of days.Sent it back for a refund.-the large capacity tank is not a good feature, it leaves you with a soupy mess of grounds that spills when you remove the filter.

qUpbNQ says:

We thought this one was close…There isn’t much if anything that we like about this new machine.There have been a few subtle improvements, which I think allow it to make even more flavorful coffee and to function even more reliably.The grounds basket is so small only 2 scoops will fit.It brewed a DELICIOUS cup of coffee.It is easy to use, programmable, easy to clean, and looks great on my countertop.I had 1 cup of coffee that was hot, and the rest of the pot had to be reheated per cup in the microwave.Easy to use.It’s not a big deal for me but my husband doesn’t like it.I like it , it’s easy to clean, looks good an the counter and makes 14 cups! The mixer I believe is a gimmick and kinda of in the way when I want to wash the carafe so I took it out and have not put it back in, if my coffee is not as “mixed” I’m okay with that.Also, it is convenient if you only want to steam milk and not make espresso.I was excited for this coffee maker.It’s as if the pour spout is too narrow, and given the weakened surface tension of brewed coffee, it just runs over and leaves puddles as you pour.I ditched my keurig because in the end that coffee took longer to make one at a time.Sorry, I’m displeased and would not recommend this product.I knew this wasn’t going to be a 5 star machine going in but I am still disappointed with the quality.yes 30 years.Got a different brand that lasted 3 with constant part replacing.not sure if i get defect unit, or it is designed to be not hot.The steamer works ok.All to no avail! The stream goes about 3 seconds before it turns to white leaving the coffee tasting very weak.

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