KRUPS EC314 Programmable Digital Coffee Maker 12-Cup Silver Review

KRUPS EC314 Programmable Digital Coffee Maker 12-Cup Silver Specs and Review

12-cup programmable coffee maker with easy-to-read LCD screen and intuitive rotating knobTimer for wake-up coffee; dual program settings allow for separate weekday and weekend auto-on start timesAdjustable brew strength; bold function for fuller bodied taste; 1- to 4-cup small-batch setting for maximum flavorCoffee extraction temperature at an optimal 180 degrees F; brew-pause function; keep-warm modeGlass carafe and gold-tone filter included; measures 9. 6 by 12. 2 by 15. 9 inches
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Tag:box maker, coffee descale, control panel, control panels, home entertaining gifts, small world clock

3 thoughts on “KRUPS EC314 Programmable Digital Coffee Maker 12-Cup Silver Review”

FsQGp says:

There are so many choices and each one out there has glowing reviews followed by scathing ones.I’ve been through a few different machines in the past six months and this one Is by far my favorite.It was scheduled to turn itself off at 1:30pm.What a shame! An Amazon customer asked me if the Basket was covered under warranty and I replied I didn’t know.BIG MISTAKE… So, when the last "fancy" one died , I went back to the tried and true Krups brand.These two, not even a total of one year.Urnex Dezcal Coffee and Espresso Machine Descaler Activated Scale Remover – 900g Bottle – Fast Effective Descaling Of Boilers and Heating Elements Faucets Spray Heads Milk SystemsIt also works for KRUPS KM611850 12-Cup Precision Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe, BlackWhat happens with these coffee makers is that they alert you with a light that they need cleaning.Being able to set the length of time coffee stays warm after brewing – and the temperature is a nice feature.The one I ordered was from warehouse deals which is basically either scratch and dent or damaged packaging.I like the fact that I can decide how long I want to keep the coffee warm for and what temp.Be aware that if it detects that it requires a "cleaning cycle" that it will not brew coffee until you do so.It has gotten to the point where it doesn’t even brew coffee anymore.It took 20% more grounds using the same coffee and water measurements as the old unit and still tasted weak.I tried to contact customer service but they say they are closed and list their hours which I’m calling at the correct times.We tried to follow the cleaning instructions with no results.The first one worked like a champ for over seven years.This is a nice machine but isn’t overly complicated.I love the Bold setting, how it is programmable, and the water filter contained within.This one is good and makes almost as good as coffee as the old one.The coffee is great and the newer features are great too.

zyqGO says:

Stopped working after less than 6 months.Also the keep warm feature even set on High does not keep the coffee much hotter than room temperature.If you like your coffee to taste like Plastic, This is the pot for you.The warranty was in effect but when we called we were told to return it at their expense.My complaint is that it takes up more counter space than did my previous Krups.I have had it for almost two months now and though it is getting better it is still detectable even in a strong dark roast coffee.Cleaned it multiple times but the heater seems to not sense the temperature and stays on boiling the water , instead of cycling.Looks great, makes great coffee.It worked well, but I fell for the findings of a leading consumer magazine that a flat bottomed bowl shaped grind holder makes a better brew than the cone shaped like the one in this coffee maker.It was decent coffee maker when it worked but for the price it should have been much more durable and longer lasting.Suddenly the code E3 appeared on the screen.The variable warm settings give us the option to keep it hot, or warm for immediate drinking.After a month or so the coffee maker would shut itself off and the display would show what appeared to be an error code.The clean cycle button came on and it would not brew even after I ran the clean cycle.E-3, E-5 pop up and the only way to remove is to unplug and reprogram.I have yet to be disappointed in it’s performance.After the brew cycle the warmer would not stay on.The only thing I was not thrilled about is that it really does not keep the coffee warm once it’s made.However, the design of the lid to the carafe was created by a squirrel.The next morning I turn it on and get nothing but E3 on the screen.

RTeemA says:

S.Taking the lid off the carafe for cleaning makes me nervous every time in that I feel like I’m going to break something, it takes some practice.I have been buying Krups for over 30 years and can’t find any coffee maker comparable.Most cheaper pots we buy stop working after a year so we decided to buy something a little more expensive hoping for a better build.However, both machines did not last more than a year.I have to restart it multiple times to get a full pot.I bought it primarily for the dual delay brew time feature since due to my son’s college schedule, he has his coffee at a different time on alternate days and now I don’t have to program the delay brew each day.One week after it stopped brewing the coffee completely.I’ve tried all the drip coffee maker brands in many price ranges.Also the gold filter allows the coffee to taste amazing.This one is the BEST! My husband loves the option to adjust how hot the coffee is kept, and the option to set different brewing for the weekends.Just got a defective one this time around.The front of the maker has partial lettering … looks almost use.Hope the replaceme3nt arriving tomorrow does as well, or better than the counter top irrigation appliance I just am returning.Krups older model I had for 15 years had ability to turn off the beeping.I would not suggest this product! It’s really expensive for a coffee maker that will work less than a year.I bought it to replace my old Krups coffeemaker, which died…that machine made delicious coffee.Unplugged it and reset everything, the next morning same message but it did not even brew.Back to Cuisinart[/review5][review6] Makes fantastic coffee and the, "keep warm" feature is very nice.Makes a great pot of HOT coffee and keeps it hot.

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