KitchenAid KCM1208DG Spiral Showerhead 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Matte Charcoal Grey Review

KitchenAid KCM1208DG Spiral Showerhead 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Matte Charcoal Grey Product Review

Unique 29-hole spiral showerhead evenly saturates Coffee grounds for optimal extractionDosage ladder on the gold Tone filter and dosage chart on the water tankClear, easy to fill removable water tank with large opening to minimize spillsConvenient warming plate to keep Coffee at the perfect temperature up to 2 hours2 brew buttons (side, front) to place the brewer anyway you like on the countertopUnique spout design on the glass carafe helps prevent drips and messes
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3 thoughts on “KitchenAid KCM1208DG Spiral Showerhead 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Matte Charcoal Grey Review”

EBaTF says:

Three days later it is still degassing.After cleaning it I did not get that plastic taste and the coffee pot itself isn’t hard to clean with the rim piece, mine is still running great and doing its job! Kitchen aide does pretty well when it comes to their appliances I have to say.The top rim is a plastic piece with a wide lip that is glued in place that already looks difficult to clean the bottom side of the pour spout.What else should you expect from $70 only? : ) This is such a great coffee maker.This Kitchen Aide is probably the best coffee pot I’ve ever had – including the Bunn. Don’t let the “chemical smell” reviews ward you off.Filling our old pot meant putting water in the pot, adding just a bit because it doesn’t measure accurately, turning the unit sideways to see the tiny markings on the reservoir, and placing a dishtowel next to the unit to catch the inevitable water that didn’t quite make it into the reservoir.I’ve tried everything and the plastic smell and taste won’t go away.It is reasonably priced, attractively designed and works perfectly.I am so happy I got this one.Seemed OK.The reason for a lower rating is the cleaning aspects.Thanks for thinking of me.The Bad Thing is that the carafe is not as durable as it should be and breaks pretty easily.It took 8 ‘pots’ of water and 2 cycles of ‘cleaning’ , but soaking the plastic water container in baking soda/water helped to rid the coffee of the plastic taste.I ended up going with this based on a few reviews and price.Including those from Technivorm which are touted as the best.[/review1][review2] I love everything kitchenaide never disappointed!I’m doing a little update.

olsof says:

The unit looks nice and was reasonably easy to operate.There was an electrical storm the night before, and there must have been a surge.Easy to program.It is only me and my boyfriend who drink coffee, so we only need about 4 cups of coffee, which is the minimum you can make.The overall fit and finish of the Kitchenaid coffee maker is top notch.this was as close as i could find.The carafe drips.This allows the machine to dry quicker and won’t get grody and worn down over time from the constant moisture.Not well made.If coffee got a little low in the pot it would scorch on the bottom of the pot quickly honestly, this was the deal-breaker for me.I grind my own beans I almost replaced my bean grinding coffeemaker though I am more loyal to Kitchenaid then their competitor… I like that I don’t have to pour water be find the machine, I’m disabled usually more water gets on the counter than in the maker, the shower head is very nice.No! This machine makes a more robust tasting coffee…even with less grounds used in my previously owned makers.I almost bought a cheaper coffee maker from another brand but I’m so glad I went with this one.I also like the filter…no need for the paper ones.What I really like is the removable water reservoir..The water reservoir being removable, and away from the filters, keeps grounds from getting in the water.When you start your coffee at 5 o’clock in the morning and folks are getting up at 8 o’clock in the morning they’re facing cold coffee.It leaked on the bottom and it kept drippingcoffee on the counter when I poured a cup.I have a 40-year old KitchenAid mixer which I bought because my mothers mixer was 40-years old at that time — my brother had to replace mamas when it was 70-years old.

wugagJ says:

I have a 40-year old KitchenAid mixer which I bought because my mothers mixer was 40-years old at that time — my brother had to replace mamas when it was 70-years old.It is important to keep your equipment clean in order to make reliably good coffee but the pot is awkward to wash, and am fairly certain I will break it soon.I have had every one I think over my life time…but yours is perfect.The timer/clock works perfectly.Brews quickly.the only thing i would change would be the on and off switch on the front.We could not get a decent cup of “bold” coffee from it.Waste of money! We grind our coffee fresh and this coffee maker does not do it justice.I drink a ton of coffee and would prefer to use the French press everyday but time does not allow so I need a coffee pot.Not only does it make delicious coffee but it looks gorgeous too.I couldn’t get rid of the plastic taste and smell.We had out last coffeemaker for 20 or so years.Daughter opened to use after I gave it to her and it had coffee grounds in it so it had obviously been used before! This was to replace the cuisinart, which I will once again repurchaseDozens of vinegar cycles could not get this to change.I have made coffee a few times now in this pot and I feel it tastes way better than my Ninja Coffee bar coffee ever tasted and I’m using the same exact coffee.So far this is the BEST one we have had! Love the removable carafe, sturdy reusable filter, pot that doesn’t drip when you pour user-friendly controls, and most importantly, delicious brews.Worth the price.

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