IMUSA USA B120-60006 Electric Coffee/Moka Maker 3-6-Cup Black Review

IMUSA USA B120-60006 Electric Coffee/Moka Maker 3-6-Cup Black Reviews and Specs

Insert Included Allows you to Choose Portion: 3 or 6-CupsEasy On/Off Switch with Detachable Base for Easy ServingTransparent Container to Monitor the Entire Brewing ProcessMake Fresh Espresso in Less than 10 MinutesReplacement Filter and Gasket sold Separately ( Search for Item Number SP-99405 in Amazon)
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Tag:6 cup coffee maker, cheese maker, drip coffee maker, espresso machines for home, one cup pour over coffee maker, top coffee maker

3 thoughts on “IMUSA USA B120-60006 Electric Coffee/Moka Maker 3-6-Cup Black Review”

tBbde says:

It’s the second one I buy and every time I try to make some coffe all the water leak from the base and it’s dangerous because is electric.It is thick plastic, but leaves a distinct plastic smell when first poured.Spews coffee out & makes a mess & safety hazard.Not the best, but for sure not the worst.Why doesn’t someone make a good stainless steel electric one??? Purchased two of these.possible so dealing with seller/manufacturer has been useless.It looks good, too, IMO, though beauty’s in the eye of the beholder.Second time around the steam comes out of the middle and produces 1/8 of the amount and the steam creates water on the burner.Wry small cups.Reminds me of strong siphon coffee.I used to use a french press, but that took a lot of time.Mine came in the product box.Amazon won’t warranty it.The only bummer is that I can’t buy replacement inserts for the tray to brew only 3 cups ? It would be great if the manufacturer made that available.the ring for the mini filer on it isn’t secure and now we just have to place it on each time to make the coffee.The small lid nab to push the coffee grain down broke off almost immediately after the first time using Does not work.I can get a great tasting espresso at work.The center of the base was loose and will not click together.

OMFPY says:

The center of the base was loose and will not click together. Great item! Good This product wasn’t shipped in a secured package.Friends are liking the coffee.Also you have to flip the button on and off for it to turn on.Pros: Works fine, quick and reasonably easy to wash.Just wish it held more liquid! Muy bien todo gracias I love this little espresso maker and use it regularly.This is the second one I bought because the first one stopped working after one use, And now this one fresh put the box stopped working after two uses.i searched on line for a cheap electric one for a trip so i can have my lattes in the hotel before leaving for the day…works great-hope it lasts.

cZqqds says:

The spring trigger is so tight,the water in the canister wont weigh it down.I’ll try the stovetop one next, hopefully it will last longer Very fast, but coffee produced is nowhere near as good as what comes out of a stove top Bialetti.Easier to clean / coffee made quicker.entry-content –><!– .The lights goes on and off I have to keep pressing to get the light switch to stay on constantly. This is one of the best personal coffe makers.practica y eficiente. Absolutely terrible quality!Only one daily use, and burnt out in no time. Sadly it broke after 3weeks, before that it was great.

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