Hamilton Beach Programmable Front-Fill Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe (46391) 12 Cup Capacity Black and Stainless Review

Hamilton Beach Programmable Front-Fill Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe (46391) 12 Cup Capacity Black and Stainless Product Review and Specs

Keeps Coffee hot & Fresh Longer. The vacuum-sealed thermal carafe keeps Coffee hot and fresh Longer. Simply rinse the carafe with hot water right before brewing, which warms up the stainless steel to help Coffee hold Its temperature.Front-fill design. Makes it easier to fill the water reservoir and helps reduce messy drips on your counter.Extra-large 12 cup thermal carafe with drip-free pouring. Enjoy cup After cup of hot, fresh-tasting coffee without messy drips.Immediate auto shutoff: the thermal Coffee maker automatically turns off right after brewing, which provides peace of mind and increases energy efficiency.3 brew options & programmable timer. This Thermal Coffee maker has bold, regular and 1-4 cup brewing options to let you tailor Coffee to your preference. The programmable timer lets you set wake-up-ready Coffee in advance.
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3 thoughts on “Hamilton Beach Programmable Front-Fill Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe (46391) 12 Cup Capacity Black and Stainless Review”

fzYXq says:

Previous maker was a budget Mr.The ease of adding the water upfront was wonderful and convenient, but not something that is really needed.The flavor is great on the bold setting.The lid in the coffee pot uses screws to hold its parts together.It makes a good cup of coffee, and is supremely quiet, which is nice since my last one sounded like a car transmission on its last legs.However, it is a problem.Unfortunately, you need to graduate from Hogwarts to consistently pour from this carafe without dripping, so I don’t use it outside of the kitchen, and I now have a designated drip towel next to the machine.I really did for about 4 months now, but I just can’t anymore.This coffee maker makes a great cup of coffee.Coffee Drip machine, I thought this almost twice the price coffeemaker would be twice as nice.I like this part of it and the fact that it is a 12-cup coffee maker.But I am tossing this in the trash after many moths of frustration I can’t do it anymore.My greatest disappointment is in the design of the carafe.It drips really bad when pouring, no matter how I try to pour.Unlike some coffee makers I have had, this is uncomplicated and has few “moving parts”.dont buy pots with straight sides.We upgraded to this 12-cup version.When I got it, the electronics did exactly what stated.

oGGdO says:

Sadly, the coffee does not pour smoothly after the first cup and ends up “dribbling” down the carafe and onto the counter. Nice coffee maker for reasonable price Love that you can fill this from the front when it’s beneath a shelf or cupboard.Only downside is the darn thing drips all over the place when you pour- so we pour over the sink. Worst pot ever.And it makes great coffee! Coffee Pot is nice looking but it works terribly.The second one was fine for the first few uses now also leaking with seal being ok??? Will not buy again : ( Thermal pot is heavy and terrible design.they all leak when pouring coffee maybe some day I will find a coffee maker that doesn’t leak all over the place when pouring coffee Header says it all, it completely failed 3 weeks after return window closed.Not really worth how much it costs.Your last cup of coffee will be partially on kitchen table.[/review4][review5] I love coffee and am very impressed by the quality of my Hamilton Beach programmable coffee maker. I got fed up with the bland taste of K-Pod coffee.

XbfnZd says:

It makes plenty of caffeine just the way I like it.I’m sure this is not supposed to happen.Sometimes it shuts off after brewing even though the timer is set for 2 + hours.No complaints Given you have coffee ground….Flavor is awesome.In the picture I had brewed 14 in about 12 minutes.I had a Cuisinart for almost 10 years and was sad when it died. Unfortunately every time we try to pour from the carafe the coffee spills.My only issue is, upon arrival, a screw was missing from the lid of coffee pot…it rattled inside of the lid…I still kept and used, just more of an annoyance This pot works fantastic, and brew efficiently, and has the front opening to add water. This coffee maker works exactly like it should We decided to return the coffee pot.THAT part, I love. Keeps coffee pretty warm for a couple hours.Considering the money spent on this appliance I would think pouring coffee wouldn’t need a roll of paper towels.

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