Hamilton Beach (48465) Coffee Maker with 12 Cup Capacity & Internal Storage Coffee Pot Brewstation Black & Stainless Review

Hamilton Beach (48465) Coffee Maker with 12 Cup Capacity & Internal Storage Coffee Pot Brewstation Black & Stainless Reviews

Enclosed brewing system with internal heater keeps coffee hot and fresh for up to 4 hoursMaintains fresh brewed flavor; Programmable for wake up coffeeBrews up to 12 cups like a traditional drip coffee makerWorks like a traditional drip coffee maker but holds coffee in an internal tank No carafe neededHolds coffee hot and freshPress bar to dispense It’s ready when you areDispenses one cup at a time
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3 thoughts on “Hamilton Beach (48465) Coffee Maker with 12 Cup Capacity & Internal Storage Coffee Pot Brewstation Black & Stainless Review”

GMezL says:

The design of this is so flawed, you’ll find the flow of the pour decreasing… and decreasing… and decreasing, all the while cleaning it as it instructs you to do.I own a different model Hamilton Beach brewer which is hard to fill, with a glass carafe, and has a non removable reservoir making it difficult to clean .What I think makes the perfect coffee is a pour-over and I have 2 of those.Why, we asked? We cleaned the coffee maker over and over.It’s funny to see people telling others what they will or will not experience; I guess such folks must be psychic :p Sorry, I’m not, so I can’t predict what others will experience – I can only describe what I experienced.I decided to order it.I’ve added two new photos to show how the leakage has gotten worse throughout the year.You can press the button to dispense one cup of coffee at a time.It was great at first, really liked the design.I have never been able to convert her to a pour over or french press method.It keeps it fresh for hours without a burnt taste.The way it works you have to open the lid and remove a small plastic bucket that holds the coffee filter, then take the large bucket on the top off, fill it with water, then pour that into the base of the machine.I read the reviews before buying and I have to say, some aren’t fair.So safe and easy! ‘I’ve been a Brew Station lover for years! My original one only had an off-on button, but it was enough.I also didn’t realize that the internal pieces would be wet and drippy when refilling or that pouring the water into the pot would be so awkward due to the design of the container.After about a month, a "clean" prompt will appear.Unfortunately, I instantly came to regret my decision and immediately began to experience problems with the design and usability of the machine.I really liked the idea of the internal storage with the above cup dispenser but in reality, it just doesn’t work on so many levels.No caraffe to break or wash.No carafe to deal with and coffee on demand.

KSCoY says:

I have no complaint about the quality of the coffee that it makes but then making coffee is just about pouring water over coffee grounds … it ain’t rocket science.Surprised this one even surprised shipping.I liked the idea of not having a carafe sitting on a heating element for several hours and instead being able to dispense coffee by pushing the mug against the lever.One can simply fill the tank and use it as measure or use some other water container.Got it in March 2017 and after only 4 month it quit working.So why did we buy a second one? Because we loved the feature of no carafe and dispensing is easy.But the last two we’ve owned haven’t lasted very long before the coffee stopped being hot enough.The leak worsened and now I have to keep a dish towel under it to avoid staining my countertop.The first two months it was great.Well eventually it broke so we needed a new coffee maker.Hoping that when the replacement comes it will work better I was very excited about this coffee maker at first.I didn’t hesitate to replace it when mine stopped working.Something that wasn’t too expensive, too complex, or defective.If fill button was farther down, it would solve one problem and exacerbate the other.UPDATE: AS OF TODAY 3/5/2019… it works!I contacted Hamilton Beach via email and received a prompt response with an option to purchase a replacement tank.5 years on the Less Expensive model before I replaced it with something else.Minor “gripes” first: I wish the area where you add the water had a gauge, I’d prefer to just pour water into it from my Brita.Ir was held on by tape so I thought it was all one unit molded FROM the pot.Recently we bought yet another identical one, but this time we were disappointed.

VLgsPc says:

I bought one of these about 2 years ago and the valve mechanism clogged, and is definitely not easy to clean.I tried tightening screws and trying to figure out if there was a way to fix it.I haven’t had any issues with the water running down the back of it and if you don’t over fill it this shouldn’t happen.And the only trouble shoot suggestion says that this happens when it’s got a clog from grounds.However, my purchase experience is a 1-star.It is nice, however, that it has the delayed start time and auto shut off.It’s my favorite one I’ve ever owned.Past return period, contacted Hamilton Beach.I found reviews for this machine on a few websites and decided to take a chance.This one is by far the worst of the Hamilton BrewStation models.This coffee maker has been a total dissapointment.I hadn’t used it very long before it started leaking from somewhere underneath it.I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and have really liked it.I also have a mini 4-cup coffee maker from 20 years ago.Here’s what I like about it:– Compact size.He’s been buying these every few years since we’ve been together for 9 years.HOWEVER, I bought this one to replace my old one with the round buttons when the cord actually melted.Agonized over fancy high $$ vs.It broke on 6/12/2019.The temperature of the coffee is consistent and we set it to turn off in two hours.

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