Hamilton Beach 46205 Programmable Coffee Maker Standard Review

Hamilton Beach 46205 Programmable Coffee Maker Standard Reviews

Fast, easy filling rotating base lets you easily access the rear water reservoir with just a quick twistProgrammable clock set it up the night before with the programmable clock and pour yourself a hot cup first thing in the morningAdjustable brewing options 12 cup capacity with bold, regular, and 1 to 4 cup brewing optionsSwing out brew basket with release button with the touch of a button, the brew basket releases from the front for easy filling of your favorite groundsNo spill serving automatic pause and serve lets you grab a cup during the brewing process without any overflow plus, the no spill pouring spout and nonstick warming plate make for easy, clean serving
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3 thoughts on “Hamilton Beach 46205 Programmable Coffee Maker Standard Review”

nSvPk says:

HOWEVER, I would up ordering this as a replacement for model 46201 which I bought 3 years ago, and which to all appearances is exactly the same design.We tried running a cleaner through it, but it made no difference.So there is no clock and the settings cannot be used.I was concerned by reviews that cited brewing coffee overflowing the coffee basket with larger brew sizes, but since I typically only brew six cups, I thought I would not encounter that problem and bought it.Love how with a push of the button, the basket holder opens! It has a really easy water resevoir to fill; just lift out and fill at sink, making it easy to clean and the carafe doesn’t have to be used to fill which causes spills sometimes.I hadn’t replaced my good ol’ drip coffeemaker in over ten years, but the time had come, so seeing a great price on a machine with almost all the features needed, I jumped.but by the third time the pot broke in the middle of brewing a cup.That reservoir is why I chose this model.I love everything about this coffee maker except the fact that the clock is defective.Let’s see how it does after 30 days.The old one lasted for about 3 1/2 years, which isn’t half bad these days.I bumped it on the corner of my metal kitchen sink & that broke the glass & put a hole in the bottom edge of the carafe/pot.) Special pot that doesn’t spill when you pour.The pot dribbled when I poured coffee.So I ordered a replacement carafe on the Hamilton Beach web site from a CSR who assured me that their replacement was the correct item.that makes it correct twice/month.I liked the ability to adjust the temp of the coffee, brew small pots 1-4 cups.You can also pick up the whole reservoir, right out of the machine, and fill it at the sink – very easy to do and to replace.Pros:– it can make water warm enough to eventually spew over grounds to make what can be considered a cup of “coffee”– the engineers who designed this have really nailed it when it comes to annoyance and inconvenience.Four months later and now I lose 1-2 cups of water each use from all the steam that is produced by this thing.

AOzDj says:

Unfortunately, after 6 months we just couldn’t and bought another Cuisanart.It was the best.I love the design.This seems like kind of an important aspect of it working so I am hoping and praying that it doesn’t fail because I really love this coffee maker, it’s compact but still does the same amount of coffee as any other.However, the Mr.I like that I can choose to hold the coffee at a lower temperature since after a while most pots taste burnt.Just didn’t fill the reservoir until right before brewing.One of the best cups of coffee I’ve had.I’m certain this machine is not much different than a $19 machine.The main reason I purchase it is that it makes great coffee, i.I found this out when looking at the wet grounds and there was a bare spot in the middle of the filter.I love the removable reservoir – I always made a mess pouring water into my old maker, and it was awkward for my wussy wrists.Sleek looking too.I like the design and it is very easy to use.It recently died, and I wanted the same model again.But I hate hate hate the carafe.loved the first 2 and the last is still working after 5 years but we just moved it to the camper.once I was reintroduced to the rich, wonderful flavor of a brewed pot of coffee, i knew I had to get a regular coffee maker for my house.When it finally bit the dust, we wanted to reorder another one.The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker absolutely make much better tasting coffee than my previous one even though it costs only about $10 more.

NAkhnc says:

I went with this one because of a few things:1.All packaging was intact, and it was packed very well, to prevent any possibility of damage.This could cause problems.It’s easy to use, easy to clean and makes good coffee.So far, this is my favorite.I settled on this Hamilton Beach after googling something like "good cheap coffee maker" and finding a review that rated this the best among 17 inexpensive machines.Absolutely, her unit was much better in terms of built quality and fit and finish ….A couple weeks ago I was cleaning it, and when I brushed the carafe against the…the…the plastic part with the little spring nubby thing above it, the nub caught on the carafe and broke.It was a fantastic coffee maker! We make coffee everyday….The coffee pot only stays on for 2 hours before turning off, not long enough for a mom lol.It does make good flavored coffee & I like the ability to manage brew strength and the temp of the plate for keeping the coffee warm.The controls were fairly self explanatory and easy to use.Sure it’s fantastic at making coffee but has major manufacturing quality control issues.Makes filling it at the sink easy and clean.We clean it monthly with vinegar and water, but the leaks still happen at random times.Sometimes if u make 12 cups, it will overflow as if there is leftover water inside.Coffee and it just didn’t heat the water well enough anymore.Waited a day, ran a second pot.We contacted seller and they sent us a replacement .

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