Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Programmable Ensemble Coffee Maker Regular and Bold Functions Black and Stainless Steel (43254R) Reviews

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Programmable Ensemble Coffee Maker Regular and Bold Functions Black and Stainless Steel (43254R) Product Review and Key Specs

Compact, stainless steel design fits your space and your styleBrew options include regular, bold and 1-4 cupDrip-free carafeProgrammable clock / timer2 hour auto shutoff
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Tag:beach baskets, best coffee maker, best drip coffee maker, hamilton electric, kitchen must haves, timer restaurant

3 thoughts on “Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Programmable Ensemble Coffee Maker Regular and Bold Functions Black and Stainless Steel (43254R) Reviews”

KHmhg says:

Makes great coffee and the program functions work perfectly.Of course I never thought this would be a problem, so I didn’t look into "extras" on some of the fancier units like hot-plate temperature control, etc.Now it smokes, stays on when it s off.The reason is that when it is brewing or keeping the coffee warm, there is an intense blue LED light that I don’t care for.The 43254R does not have a removable water reservoir which makes cleaning much more difficult.1st one started pumping water onto the counter and floor after just over a year.I have tolerated this because I spent hundreds of dollars on coffee makers in 2018, as they obviously are making them designed to break, and I am talking about cheap coffee makers on up to the $150 coffee makers.I have used it for three weeks.I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect an appliance to perform for longer than 1 year, but it may be time to lower my expectations.My favorite part of it is the timer.It makes a good not great cup of coffee.The power light comes on, but it does not brew coffee or heat the warming tray.This was good at first I only had this since Nov.Loved how the coffee was brewed in just a few minutes.I can say that it makes the finest most flavorful cup of coffee I have ever had.It is big and bulky and takes up quite a bit of spaces on my counter.The carafe isn’t dripless.Why can’t the other manufacturers figure this out? It is simple, easy to clean and fill, and holds 12 cups easily.It caused me to always have a paper towel on my counter.It seems like the plate that is apparently designed to keep the pot warm after brewing doesn’t get very warm not does it contact with the pot fully.

hsnay says:

It seems like the plate that is apparently designed to keep the pot warm after brewing doesn’t get very warm not does it contact with the pot fully.Entire pot of coffee on my new apartment carpet .Made my first pot of coffee today, brewed it perfect .Using daily for last 3 months and no complaints.It looks nice, makes grear coffee and the carafe pours well.Other than that, it’s your standard coffee maker, thus far I’ve had none of the electrical or heating issues that others have had with it.I finally got to get rid of my girlfriend’s old horrible coffee pot.I washed the coffee pot and basket, then ran water threw it 4 times.In my case the product was also defective in that I could not change the brewing program.Usually, filling the water reservoir is my least favorite part of the day, because it always ends up running down the side of the pot, not funneling properly into the tank, etc; but with this machine its great.It’s easy to program.I sent it back and got a refund.I did see a few reviews complaining about the bright blue LED light on the coffee maker and though that maybe these folks were being overly sensitive…they were NOT… I actually had to cover the light with a piece of black duck tape because it was blindingly bright! Other than that it’s a great coffee maker, so just be prepared to cover the LED light I’ve had this coffee maker for several months now and am still very pleased.Great brand! Had the last one for 6 years, still worked perfectly but the hubs threw the coffee ground basket away while half asleep one morning.

fRDCgb says:

Well that was a mistake! I have had this pot for a couple of months and I am already looking to replace it.Not with this one! Coffee tastes great and is nice and hot right out of the pot.It is the second one I’ve owned (the first destroyed in an electrical dead short.Very confused at why this is .We ordered it in early October 2015, it was ceased working by January 8, 2016.It stays hot for 2 hours and has so far shut itself off reliably after two hours, although if I finish the pot before then I’m always sure to shut it off so it doesn’t heat an empty pot.Coffee before and this is great! I know it’s still a lower priced machine but the design of the water well and the carafe are far better than my last coffee maker.The carafe was well balanced & easy to handle.Our old Cuisinart broke right at the 3 yr mark, and we were looking for a replacement.prior to using this Hamilton Beach model we purchased two pots every year. This is great! I got it to replace one that had more bells and whistles, which is probably exactly why half of the features didn’t work after what I thought was a short time. We purchased this model as we were happy with the one we had been using for 3 years.We only use it every other day and recently it stopped sucking up water so it will not make coffee.post-content –> <use xlink:href="http://az.Today it started repeatedly flashing and turning itself on and off.Also, when it finished brewing it starts clicking constantly – I find it annoying – and only stops when you turn the heat off… so I can’t keep my coffee warm for long.

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