Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker with Auto-Shut Off Small Drip Coffeemaker Compact Coffee Pot Brewer Machine with Cone Filter Glass Carafe and Hot Plate Stainless Steel Finish Reviews

Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker with Auto-Shut Off Small Drip Coffeemaker Compact Coffee Pot Brewer Machine with Cone Filter Glass Carafe and Hot Plate Stainless Steel Finish Product Reviews and Specs

【ONE-TOUCH BREWING】 – Easy to use. Just press the ON/OFF Button to brew. Enjoy flavorful coffee in minutes. 4 Cup capacity (600ml) brewer, perfect for home and family use.【SWING-OUT DESIGN】 – The brew basket is easier to access from the front than a top load basket. It swivels out quickly and the basket holder is minimally designed for easier cleaning.【COMPACT SIZE】 – Stainless steel decor provides great addition to complement your modern kitchen and office. Compact machine takes up less counter space.【UNIQUE HOT PLATE】 – After brewing, non-stick warming plate holds coffee warm for 1 hour then auto shuts off for boil-dry protection.【EASY TO CLEAN】 – Detachable filter, funnel and coffee pot can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. 30 Seconds anti-drip device ensures no more messy spills on your counters.
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3 thoughts on “Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker with Auto-Shut Off Small Drip Coffeemaker Compact Coffee Pot Brewer Machine with Cone Filter Glass Carafe and Hot Plate Stainless Steel Finish Reviews”

ybjMQ says:

It’s sleek and adorable.Yes, I know how to make a pot of coffee.The flavor was just fine and it was perfectly hot.I did purchase a box of the cone shaped filters at Target, because it makes it much easier to get rid of the used coffee grounds.So many coffee makers are designed where the water and coffee are added right next to each other, design flaw.I had another brand and the element was not heating plus it took forever to brew.There is only the two of us so it has become very convenient and easy to use.It would be ideal for a boat or RV where space is at a premium.It brews coffee hotter than the others..Unfortunately, it was discontinued, so after ten years of use, I had to look elsewhere.Well packaged glass pot was undamaged.Size great for my little counter.The carafe is too short.But the mesh filter is extremely flimsy and tore after only a few uses, subsequently I have had to search for a more permanent replacement.You copensee the small broken part in palm of my hand.

ASYcC says:

The carafe is too short.Near as I can figure it’s because the water flows through the grounds too quickly.Very stylish, easy to use and clean. It’s cute.The compartment which holds the coffee grounds does not latch closed because the little part that holds it is broken off and the hot coffee drips down onto the hot plate.My mother used for 9 weeks and it broke. Awesome ?? Great small coffee maker It seems to work just fine for me- fairly quick and coffee is hot & flavorful.After attempting to clean everything possible, it proceeded to spit out half the carafe of coffee.But easy to use.I would definitely buy again.Their ‘4 cups’ would probably be demitasse, not the “big American cups”.[/review4][review5] When the coffee maker arrived, the small plastic knob on top of the basket was broken.Works well, compact, cone filter, good flavor and most importantly the auto shut off works.

JONXJr says:

This small plastic piece allows the basket to swing open and holds it in place.NO coffee smell, just offensive plastic.Check out out how it is not attached at bottom.I asked the seller they gave me a few ways to fix it with no luck, i tried to return the maker with no luck they would not take it.The only item that could be added would be a small pocket in the back to tuck the power cord into for storage.Also the actual opening of the carafe is quite small.Inferior product! My coffee spills all over the counter when I try to pour it in my cup.I use #4 paper filters versus the included mesh basket, but I have to trim the filters to a smaller size to fit in the basket. Returned as it was smaller than expected.Easy to use.Now in the trash.But the water level gauge is located only on the left side, making it very awkward for a left-handed person to pour in the water from a large filtered water pitcher and watch the water level at the same time.I read the instruction manual and gave it about 4 tries and nothing happened.

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