Folgers Morning Café Mild Roast Coffee 72 K Cups for Keurig Coffee Makers Reviews

Folgers Morning Café Mild Roast Coffee 72 K Cups for Keurig Coffee Makers Key Specs and Product Reviews

Contains 6 Boxes of 12 Folgers Morning Café Coffee K-Cup Pods (72 Count Total)Mild roast coffee with light and bright flavorsA blend of mild and clean flavors100% pure coffee. Roasted in New Orleans, LouisianaConvenient K-Cup pods are made to work with your Keurig machine and brew in less than a minute
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Tag:brewed coffee, cafe coffee, light roast, light roast coffee, new orleans items, Oil Cups

3 thoughts on “Folgers Morning Café Mild Roast Coffee 72 K Cups for Keurig Coffee Makers Reviews”

gUCkW says:

Over the years my family had more or less settled on Donut House Dark Roast.I opened another box and it wasn’t as bad but it just doesn’t taste right.The gourmet is a cheaper coffee every where.The price is reasonably when bought at $30 per 72 pods, lately not available, bomber.The pods say Black Silk but the boxes don’t match.90% of the time Colombian since i like the beans consistency across brands.It says folger lively columbian columbian supreme coffee cafe.decided to try something slightly cheaper…WASTE OF MONEY…the pods do not sit down into the space, so when you close the lid, it makes a huge hole in the top of the cup…filling the cup with grounds….I won’t waste your time with any more words.Worst coffee I have ever had.It is not the product they advertise, the very first pod caused a malfunction in my keurig, once fixed I was able to get it to make a cup and it’s horrible tasting.Makes me wonder how it’s been stored in the crazy heat we’ve had this summer.This morning café says it’s a mild roast but it’s about the perfect strength.Now I order this here.I always keep this on the shelves, the flavor is smooth but still wakes you up in the mornings.My husband loves a full bodied coffee, dark, rich, and this is one of his favorites.The coffee I received isn’t what I ordered.If I don’t run a cleansing hot water cup the next person gets my grounds too.As soon as I tasted it, I had to dump it out because it tasted stale and horrible as if it was outdated or something.My friend waits for this item to go on sale at the grocery store or Bed Bath and Beyond.

JmUts says:

first off the box came all torn up and looked like it has been traveling around getting thrown onto things for months.It lacks the full body, tastes thinner than the original, which we still keep.Now with Keurig it isn’t exactly the same, but still good.The problem is that the replacement order was only 1 box again. I am extremely dissappointed, half way through box, and every kcup is pouring all coffee grounds into coffee cup.I plan to continue drinking Folgers for my enjoyment ! Folgers Morning Cafe has become my new favorite k cup.We have had a single serve coffee maker for years.THIS was a total disappointment in that regard … again perhaps just for me.Recently, I searched Amazon for the K cups and discovered the same great coffee came in portions, making it easy for us to grab a cup of coffee when only one of us wanted to drink it.The Starbucks works perfectly, but when I use the Folger’s it barely disperses coffee.It is amazing how coffee companies are loading sugar into their products to make them taste better.After having tried so many more I have gone back to a flavor that Folgers had that is neither too strong nor too weak.They break open at top and allow coffee grounds into the coffee and foul the brewing machine itself. I bought a Keurig single coffee maker..When this brews, it smells delicious.

ZiKxHJ says:

My Sister and her Husband Love Black Silk..She is happy that it comes in large quantities which eliminates frequent trips to the grocery store during inclement weather.Hope they get some soon.The best coffee in and out of this world. I like Folger Black Silk.I have purchased it several times and was thrilled to find this larger count box available at a more reasonable price.After tasting, returned to store and cost was much more–almost $10 for a box of 12.Only comment I have is sometimes, very rarely, you’ll get teeny bits of grind in the coffee.It is still bold and rich flavored.THERE IS NO WAY ANYONE CANNOT BE SATISFIED WITH THIS PURCHASE.So I’ve ordered it for her several times already this year.We’ve tried many different K cups and this one is the best that everyone can agree upon.entry-content –><!– .By chance I thought maybe Amazon has coffee.I also would like to add that sometimes trying different brands against each other i find alot of times the french silk bitter.[/review5][review6] My go to coffee.

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