Cuisinart SS-5P1 Single Serve Brewer Coffemaker 40 oz Silver Review

Cuisinart SS-5P1 Single Serve Brewer Coffemaker 40 oz Silver Product Reviews

K-Cup-compatible brewer makes one cup at a timePush button control for 3 beverage sizes: 6, 8, 10 oz.Removable 40 oz. reservoir30-minute auto shut off. Refer User guide below for Troubleshooting stepsCompatible with ground coffee filter (not included). NOTE: Refer user manual before user for better understandingActual unit dimensions: 10.7” D x 7.25” W x 12.1 ” H
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Tag:6 cup coffee maker, cuisinart appliances, metal tea mugs, modern coffee maker, one cup coffee maker with reservoir, small house kitchen appliances

3 thoughts on “Cuisinart SS-5P1 Single Serve Brewer Coffemaker 40 oz Silver Review”

ByJJU says:

This time I wanted a smaller machine.This one is smaller with similar reservoir capacity.That said, I’m tired of finding a small puddle of water under the machine each day and a large puddle following each brew. The Cuisinart SS-5P1 Coffeemaker worked great.Second one we bought and never got a cup of coffee! The first one boiled water & grounds all over the inside of the machine and into the cup.The 1st one would not turn on.I was really excited to try it. This coffee maker is great except for one issue; the water leaked out from the connection between the tank and the machine.Manufacturer customer support terrible! I actually liked the machine at first.It takes up much less counter space than our Keurig did and does exactly the same thing.The second unit works much better.While it makes a good cup of coffee in under a minute, it has many flaws, including constant leaking.It worked so well that I decided to purchase the same model for our vacation home in October 2019.This is a "back-up" coffee maker just in case something happens to our current one and they stop making this one ;0… that’s how much we like it! And the price was great… $79.He had me return it right away because it did not bring the coffee to the proper temperature.Brews quickly and it’s easy to use, especially with the water chamber attached .I purchased one for my summer cabin and found that the new unit was leaking water from the bottom of the water reservoir, which was a slow leak that left a puddle of water on my counter top.This operates differently from my Cuisinart SS-700 in that it doesn’t seem to have a holding tank to heat water, it heats it as it draws the water from the tank when pouring a cup, which is no big deal.

xuebC says:

Was very disappointed to see that all of the stainless steel parts on the unit that made it look fantastic, where now fake plastic.Enjoyed it while it worked but am extremely disappointed in the short time it lasted.Easy to refill and is an amazingly small size for the water capacity and speed.I called the manufacturer about the water leak and they couldn’t have cared less about there faulty product.I have never done a cleaning cycle since I purchased it .It’s sturdy and compact and makes a great cup of coffee that is hot always Third Cuisinart we tried.Customer service from Cuisinart is horrible.In the meantime I realized that it is the actual unit that was leaking.Nothing fancy but all I needed.I do not know why or where the leak is coming from but every once in a while it sits in a pool of water on the counter top.It is small and compact and FAST.Not even for a few minutes.Insert a k-cup and ten sexonds later you have coffee. This is my second SS-5.I’ve had Kureg makers and they didn’t last so I thought I would try another brand and this had a 5 year warranty.Amazon replaced this single serve coffee maker for us once.I will never order a Cuisinart again.Hot delicious cup of coffee.

kVzDGc says:

I haven’t figured out any solution to stop it from working and wish I had never purchased it.No more bugs, works great,easy to use and coffee is hot.I have a Keurig single serve and love it. North Europeans are among heaviest coffee drinkers in the world, and we drink strong coffee.But it is not very hot. I have this coffeemaker and love it.You come home to a flooded counter area.Started blowing up k-cups and I cleaned it and it’s till doing it.However, the water container is smaller than I –> <use xlink:href="http://az.Thanks for asking.Works with them all.Foot print is a little big.Not occasionally… every one.

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