Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker 12 Cup Black Reviews

Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker 12 Cup Black Review and Key Specs

24-Hour Programmability with 12-cup glass carafe featuring an ergonomic handle, dripless pour spout and knuckle guardGrinds whole beans right before brewing to produce fresh and flavorful Coffee. Grind off feature for pre ground CoffeeBrew-pause feature, auto shutoff from 0 to 4 hours, and 1- to 4-cup feature, MC Cubic Feet is 2.68Includes: gold tone commercial filter and charcoal water filter that removes impuritiesSeparate grinder chamber and filter area make for easy cleanup24-hour programmability with 12-Cup glass carafe featuring an ergonomic handle, dripless pour spout and knuckle guardGrinds whole beans right before brewing to produce fresh and flavorful coffee. Grind off feature for pre ground coffee
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3 thoughts on “Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker 12 Cup Black Reviews”

RdZiH says:

I’m comparing this product to the Cappresso machine with a built in grinder that I had for over 12 years and just loved.Two cons to this one:1) Setting and operation of timer is not intuitive.I hate the mess the carafe makes when pouring coffee.We previously had a Cuisinart Grind n’ Brew that lasted five years and worked great.I feel like I should be paid by someone to review grind and brew coffee machines because I have owned so many of them over the past 3 or 4 years.The Grinder always has some ground coffee behind in the shute, however it’s dry and is easy brushed into filter basket and ready for the next brew……read below when I discuss the grinderCoffee Quality: EXCELLENTWe tend to drink our coffee in the morning with before during and just after breakfast — but when the pot is killed that’s it — we love our coffee strong and natural.Every pot of coffee causes a wet, terrible mess in the grinder .I am impressed with how long the carafe keep the coffee hot without heat, which preserves the flavor and prevents burning.Usually people lie in reviews to get things for free, but I’m not going to knock their game.Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want fresh ground and brewed coffee already made first thing in the morning when you first walk into the kitchen? This is why I bought this machine: convenience.Unfortunately I am now returning it.Bought it and set it up very easily.However after much research and many reviews there are a lot of grinder coffee makers out there but many of them have problems.The coffee made is excellent.As far as coffee goes, I am quite happy.I think what I was looking for was a "depth" of flavor, not a stronger brew.And the proof is on Amazon- they’re not retiring the previous, old generation model.However, after a year of use, the part that turns the inner wheel to advance to grinding and then to brewing does wear out BUT it’s super simple to continue to use it after that.The coffee it makes can be adjusted for strength.Broken down.

SnQbu says:

We had the one with the glass pot, which we really liked.We had several issues with the older version of this and were excited to get this one.I really thought a name brand like Cuisinart would be a safe bet.It had everything I wanted from freshly grinding the beans every morning, to being able to program all of the functions.Grinds perfectly and the smell during grinding is fabulous.Really liked the flavor of that machine but broke down all the time.It brews hot coffee quickly .The grinder is incredibly loud and unfortunately you can’t pregrind the beans at night so you can quietly make coffee in the morning if other people are still asleep.I still have some learning to do as far as how much beans to put in for us and how much water, but that we will adjust over time to the way we like it.The 850 is the burr grinder-with the steel carafe and bean holding container.I have had this exact unit for over 11 years with almost no issues what so ever.If you want a coffee maker that grinds your grounds, is programmable and makes great coffee…look no further.When we brewed coffee it was very weak… I like my organic coffee strong and this machine makes it happen ! My family is very happy and we are enjoying our coffee every morning and freshly ground! I have tasted coffee from all over the world in all sorts of fancy machines and you can’t beat this one! We put it to grind 12 cups at strong and put water for 10… ironically you can’t do this on other models of more sophisticated machines! ENJOY! p.Storage of extra beans in hopper no longer a convenience as you have to pull apart everything, set aside hopper beans and use brushes other than one supplied to clean out chute, grind area, top of basket, etc.FUSSINESS*The water tank in the back is very narrow and filling it is a delicate task of pouring the water just right so it doesn’t leak through the machine and onto the counter.So happy I did.I thought that all of the good reviews and the trustworthy brand would have ensured a quality machine, but this product is very poorly designed, and never should have been mass-produced.There is water and AC power at play yet this is equipped with 2 prong plug rather then 3 prong which means it lacks ground protection.1.

VDDjOH says:

I requested a refund and sent it back.The chute area that gets the ground coffee to the filter needs to be cleared every 3 or 4 pots.I was very pleased with the *coffeemaker* component of this latter , and was looking for a similar coffeemaker that also had a grind and brew function.We have gone through the setup repeatedly and it still does not work.Unfortunately, this machine is a disappointment on a couple important fronts: flavor and ease-of-cleaning.2) The grinder is incredibly loud.It had been used for about 2-years before I had to pack it away while working overseas.Like most grind and brews, it prefers less oily beans and the thermal carafe is a nice when you use the timer to make coffee in the morning before waking up.Have had it less than a week and am already over it! Have not had time to experiment with all combinations of settings to find a setting that is successful.I tried both the medium and strong and could tell NO difference between them.I purchased based on consumer reports statement that it offers a great cup of coffee.I’m so glad I bought this one.2- Every time you turn on the coffee maker you have to remember to press the grinder off botton even for just warming up the coffee.It is a time saver on the front end in that you don’t need to get out the beans and grind them each time you make coffee, but it requires a little more cleaning time than a standard drip coffee maker to work properly.So, cleaned out the hopper every two weeks, and cleaned the basket mechanisms every day.In order for the unit to start grinding, the hopper release knob at the top must be turned and locked so the whole coffee beans can run through to the grinder.This works for the two of us but if we have other coffee drinkers we’re making a second pot, which requires a full clean out of the filter, filter cover, and grinder top and bottom.It worked great, but I rarely used the grind feature because it was the absolute biggest pain to clean.I had mine for over 15 years and only needed to replace the carafe due to normal clumsiness on my part.One major problem is the instruction manual makes no reference to the need to turn ON the on/off switch, and turn OFF the grind on/off switch, to program a) strength, and b) number of cups .

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