Craft Coffee A Manual Brewing a Better Cup at HomeHardcover – November 7 2017 Review

Craft Coffee A Manual Brewing a Better Cup at HomeHardcover – November 7 2017 Product Reviews

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Tag:Best waters for coffee, craft coffee, Explore coffee makers for homes, Explore French presses for coffees, Green Tea Recipes, Pour Over Coffees

3 thoughts on “Craft Coffee A Manual Brewing a Better Cup at HomeHardcover – November 7 2017 Review”

vwWrl says:

After reading both, this is my impression of each and how they are different from each other.One of my favorite brewing guides out there! Gave away 4 as Christmas gifts.I haven’t even come close to reading it all, but you’ll find chapters about the history of coffee in our modern era, details about the nearly every origin and variety of coffee bean, and easy-to-follow instructions for brewing delightful craft coffee yourself – even on a limited budget.Thank You Sweet Maria’s in Oaktown!) and I’ve been looking for a book like’s full of actually useful information for coffee enthusiasts, and i love the illustrations inside.It helped me understand much better what I should really be looking for and I’m excited to have this book on quick draw when I want to try something new! This is the best book I’ve read about coffee! From the novice, to the seasoned barista, everyone could learn a thing or two buy picking up this beautiful coffee table addition.The book was not a disappointment, if I can use an analogy, I came into reading it a bean and and came out fine ground.My coffee tastes so much better now and I enjoy the whole process from choosing to brewing.I especially enjoyed the brewing techniques outlined because they not only give you lots of recommendations on brewing with different devices, but explain to you _why_ you should do each step.He now has lent it to several of his baristas to help further their knowledge on the craft.Firstly, the author is a superb writer.Highly recommended for anyone else that loves craft coffee! Excellent source of information for both, neofits and coffee conoseurs.It is a well-researched, thorough, and informative guide, written in a straightforward and approachable style.Appears educational.This book guides you right through it and helps you make educated choices.Makes it a great reference book, but also an easy read! I highly recommend it! Especially if you like learning new things! Great book about craft coffee that has a scientific element to help better explain certain segments.

QYUyO says:

Appears educational.. Book seems cool, but it arrived dirty and with a big scratch on the front cover.Very well designed and very well written! Purchased as a gift for a coffee lover.So if you are sensitive about that maybe reconsider. It was such a great purchase ? I love it! Book was in excellent condition! This book tells me everything i wana know about coffee.Skip the online blogs and YouTube videos and just buy this book.Readble for the ones that dont come from coffee understanding . I love this book.It gets into the details of coffee extraction as well as different brew methods, recipes, etc.

dqTdWk says:

Well-written.Doesn’t cover automatic brewing methods or espresso which is fine for me since I prefer manual, pourover or immersion brewed coffee..Tudo colocado de uma maneira bastante acessível .However, my knowledge of how to make a good cup of coffee is extremely limited.Desde o famoso coador Melitta, o japonês Hario V60, prensa francesa entre vários outros. This book demystifies and opens up the world of craft coffee.Mi è piaciuto perché non solo copre tutti gli argomenti basici legati al caffè ma va oltre e fornisce anche consigli e curiosità.Um, turns out I am doing basically everything wrong.This book even includes a quick guide to start brewing into different devices. Great overview. El libro es una edición de pasta dura bastante bella, por desgracia llegó con las pastas sucias.

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