CHEMEX Classic Series Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker 10 Cup – Exclusive Packaging Review

CHEMEX Classic Series Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker 10 Cup – Exclusive Packaging Specs and Product Review

CHEMEX – simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant designAll CHEMEX Coffeemakers are made of the highest quality, non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residuesThe patented CHEMEX pour-over design allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavorAll CHEMEX Coffeemakers are measured using 5 oz. as 1 cupUse CHEMEX Bonded Filters FP-1, FC-100, FS-100, FSU-100
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Tag:best 12 cup coffee makers, classic coffee, drip coffee maker, home stuff, kitchen stuff, Pour Over Espresso Makers

3 thoughts on “CHEMEX Classic Series Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker 10 Cup – Exclusive Packaging Review”

LdBLl says:

After having it for almost 2 months now, I can say that we LOVE it! Our 2 year old, 100 buck, "high end" POS maker crapped out.But it Doesn’t keep the coffee warm very long.The resulting coffee is excellent.This is because:1) the coffeemaker can be cleaned; it is dishwasher safe which means that there are no residual oils in your finished product.The kind of brew for which I WANT to spend a months salary on an espresso machine, but alas, my priorities have kept that on hold.I use this to make enough coffee to serve 3 normal human adults who drink more than tiny cups.POSI have been using Chemex for 20 years.No residue in your cup as you get with a French press.The new Chemex is very fragile in comparison to the older version.O.When my second Keurig gave up on brewing, I spent weeks looking for a replacement.The French press is great, but the coffee is more flavorful when made in the Chemex.But over time, I got skeeved by the thought of all the plastic leaching into the water and about what might be growing in in it—because, hey, have to obsess over something.Now that I’ve got the hang of things, this method of coffee brewing couldn’t be easier! (I also have a french press, and that is what I used on a daily basis prior to purchasing the Chemex.I combine mine with a reusable metal filter for an even better coffee-making experience.It is glass so it gets hot but the wood and leather wrap makes it easy to handle.The amount of coffee used, grind size, flow rate, water temperature / volume, bean roast – all of these variables play a role in the final product.Surely it takes a little more proactive effort , but it is so worth it for the rich’m definitely purchasing another for our oldest daughter who’s getting married this fall!![/review2][review3] This method of brewing is second only to the “American Press” coffee method.

jtwvW says:

It has a tendency to lose heat quickly, so I would recommend moving the coffee to a good carafe.So, having already have had the Mr.The wooden piece with the leather tie is a little gimmicky but it serves it purpose.Classic does not me original.I grind my beans before brewing a cup, warm up the filter, dump the ground beans into the filter, and then slowly pour over with slightly below boiling water.The second, when he tapped it with a mug that he was pulling out of the cabinet. The drip coffee technique was not cutting it.You will need to find-out where you can get your filters; the Chemex filters are not normally sold at markets/department stores but can easily be purchased on-line.When I pour it, I’m a woman, my hands are small, so I have to use both hands to pour and if you don’t pour slowly, too much coffee comes out at once and makes a mess on the counter.I combine the chemex with a burr grinder and a kitchen scale.Mine broke in three months after normal use, I was pouring a cup of coffee and the wood pressed into the glass and it broke.By the time I’ve put in all the water in the filter , the coffee is lukewarm.I’ve tried a lot of specialty brewing equipment and after a lot of experimentation, the honest truth is that simpler is better.This brewer has opened a new learning adventure; water temp, coffee grounds to water ratios and how to execute an pour over.After he used the Chemex for a few days he said, “I don’t even know what I was doing drinking that terrible Keurig coffee.The glass is not very strong so be careful.Yes it is beautiful and yes it makes fantastic coffee.After discovering my coffee maker could be leeching potential harmful chemicals into my daily cup of heaven, research led me to the pour over method.

YYzokD says:

If you’re looking for a delicious cup of coffee with a bit of minimalism, this product is for you! This is the second go-round for us with a Chemex.This sent me down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out how to make a better cup of coffee and enter the Chemex.Even if made strong it will still be smooth.Would absolutely recommend.This is so easy to use for coffee! I love it! There is nothing negative to say about it.This is how coffee should taste! Stopped using “press & brew” maker years ago.I have numerous pour over makers but I need one larger decanter that could handle three coffee drinkers and this large Chemex worked.I replaced it for him because he loves making coffee in this pot! He uses it daily.He’s a coffeephile, but was using some substandard brewing equipment .But…….It makes an exceptionally good cup of coffee! Seamless transaction.Love being able to keep the Chemex on a warm stove top[/review6]<!– .I think the two most important factors apart from pour technique for a good brew are: pre-heating the glass with hot water so your brew holds its heat longer, and putting the thick side of the Chemex filter on the spout side of the funnel.Once you get a process down, it doesn’t take any longer than any other coffee maker and I kind of like being actively involved in the coffee making process .I purchased a titanium gold pour over coffee filter as well and am very pleased with the results.

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