Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker Brews in 30 Seconds Compatible with K-Cup Pods Grounds and Loose-Leaf Tea Reusable Filter Compact 14 oz Black/Stainless Steel Mug Not Included Reviews

Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker Brews in 30 Seconds Compatible with K-Cup Pods Grounds and Loose-Leaf Tea Reusable Filter Compact 14 oz Black/Stainless Steel Mug Not Included Specs and Product Reviews

FAST BREW TIME: With this single serve coffee maker, you can get fresh coffee at home in 30 seconds from start-to-brew! Depending on your preference, you can experiment with less water for a bolder flavor or more water for a milder taste.ONE TOUCH OPERATION: Enjoy coffee house quality, fresher and faster with this powerful yet compact 950-Watt coffee maker. With the one-touch operation you can quickly brew up to 14 oz. of coffee, consistently at the perfect temperature.K-CUPS OR GROUNDS: Have your cup of joe how you want it with ultimate versatility to select K-Cups or fresh coffee grounds. Includes reusable filter for use with coffee grounds and loose-leaf tea. Prevent mineral build up by using the self-cleaning feature on this BPA-free coffeemaker.COMPACT DESIGN: Narrow profile fits and stores anywhere and can be used to brew coffee on vacations or trips, in dorms, offices, or any size kitchen. Tall enough to use with most 14 oz. travel mugs, you can quickly brew your favorite hot beverages on-the-go!RJ14-UB ASSURANCES: CETL approved with advanced safety technology for long lasting durability, & 1-year assurance provided by Chefman, so you can purchase worry-free! For information on how to use your product, scroll down for a PDF User Guide. Power Source: 120 Volts
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Tag:Explore Coffee Machines, Explore coffee makers for offices, Explore Single-Serve Brewers

3 thoughts on “Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker Brews in 30 Seconds Compatible with K-Cup Pods Grounds and Loose-Leaf Tea Reusable Filter Compact 14 oz Black/Stainless Steel Mug Not Included Reviews”

rPxuo says:

Its a great machine but most of our coffee comes as beans, ground or in non-certified k-cups…This brewer does it all! K-Cup, or Grounds, you can have a cup of coffee in literally 30-60 seconds.However this will really only work for you if you want coffee really fast and don’t like piping hot coffee.I love the travel mug, especially in comparison to my kuerig.For years, we’ve used a Cuisinart thermal coffee maker.So far I haven’t had any issues – I got a mixed box of different flavored coffee and I can taste the difference in all of them. Sleek little coffee maker, starts brewing as soon as you ask him to.Love it! It brews quickly and it just what I need to get going on mornings.I went through 3 kcuos thinking I was putting them in wrong.It had a very small footprint in a very small kitchen, so I bought this one.I reviewed my options, and was unimpressed by the moderate to poor reviews that the Keurig makers received, particularly at their high price-point.Stops before emptying all water from reservoir.It was so great otherwise, though, I getting a replacement sent and giving it one more chance.I needed a tiny coffee maker and this definitely fits those needs.The lower temperature is okay for tea leaves, but not great for coffee.This product has none of that extra maintenance.

ePHAH says:

We discovered ours had a serious mold problem, but it could not be fixed for certain because we could not access or see into the internal chamber.Perfect size.The good; The basket for loose grounds works as well as pods and is easy to empty and clean up and makes a good cup of coffee as well as quickly, except…….It’s super fast.I cleaned it, which was super easy, and then I did a brew with nothing in it, just letting hot water run through 16oz.It takes maybe 2 minutes for the first cup to be done, but 1 minute for the next one.1.The flavor was horrible the first few cups and I thought it was the cheap k cups or creamer, but I think I should have fun it a few times with just water to clean it all out.Went to put my k-cup in it this morning, heard a bunch of weird noise, went to check it out, and discovered it just makes loud noise and shuts itself off before making the cup of coffee,leaving the water inside.It’s compact and slim.It’s also faster and it comes with a small basket to put ground coffee/tea in.Versatile, it accepts K-Cups or you can use the included basket for your own ground coffee.The big Keurigs with reservoirs just make me go yuck.Pros: Good size for small space.Worked fine several times then in the midst of brewing this morning , the top flew off and a coffee bomb exploded in my kitchen ….It brews very quickly, quietly and was a great price! LOVE it! I bought this coffee maker 6 weeks ago so the return policy window has expired.Cleaning was no issue, first cup was incredibly weak .After a second call to Amazon they sent my contact info to the company and the company called the following week.It only stayed on for 10 or 15 seconds and quit.

GbtNed says:

Super fast brew, uses pods or fresh grounds.Otherwise, you end up with watered-down coffee that tastes like the grounds were used twice.Although I could get mainstream name brand I was not interested in that as I wanted my coffee maker and stat! Quick delivery, coffee begins to dispense in like 20-30 seconds.I thought this would be a quick simple way to have that one cup.But the smell is horrid.The top piece does not fit on the bottom piece securely.Also, I’m a K-Cup guy, so it had to be compatible.This happened 3 days in a row.This thing is super slow.Others have had this problem it seems.He likes how easy it is to clean and how little space it takes up on the counter.Easy to use, easy to brew, space saving footprint.Perfect in that regard.No more worry over a glass coffee pot breaking, which is what prompted me to buy this product.So when the time came to replace it, I came right back for another.It’s super easy to use just pour in your water and you literally have coffee in half a minute.You fill your desired cup with amount of water for your drink in the tank, pop in your k cup in and its ready in less than a minute.Dislikes – after only 12 days of receiving maker and 15 cups of coffee it has stopped brewing.

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