Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker Black and Stainless Steel Reviews

Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker Black and Stainless Steel Product Reviews and Key Specs

COMPACT DESIGN: Perfectly sized 5-cup glass carafe is ideal for 1 or 2 peopleGOLDTONE FILTER: Eliminates the need for messy paper filters and is easy to cleanPROGRAMMABLE: Set the machine to automatically brew at your programmed timeKEEP WARM: Hot plate stays on for 2 hours and then automatically turns offDRIP STOP: Pour a cup while brewing
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Tag:coffee makers with timers, drip coffee maker, drip coffees, mini mother’s day gifts, pour through coffee

3 thoughts on “Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker Black and Stainless Steel Reviews”

pTfkq says:

I’ve purchased Capresso products before and have never had a disappointing experience.When filling it I can look down inside the water reservoir and see the easy-to-read cup marks without craning my neck to look at the side.Then the pot cracked and I replaced it with a Mr Coffee of the same size that looks strikingly similar.In fact, it looked like it had been used for months.My coffeemaker broke so I’ve been searching for a nice little coffee maker for some time.also like that we are no longer drinking too much coffee in the mornings… because it only brew 5 cups at a time.The molded text on the bottom of the maker says “model 426” and has the number 4245 as well .Since I’m the only one in the home that drinks coffee, I didn’t need a 10-12 cup one taking up space and certainly didn’t need 300 options on how to brew a simple cup of Joe.Didn’t even bother with a keurig because I can never get the coffee to taste right.I was very patient and used it for MONTHS hoping one day that awful taste would go away.It costs more than cheaper coffee makers and it is worth it! I have had this coffee maker exactly 2 months and this morning it made all kinds of bubbling noises that never ended.Opened the box and brewed two carafes with water to clean, then I tried making myself a pot of coffee and the thing is leaking from the water canister into where the glass carafe is and it made a mess.The carafe is tissue paper thin and shatters into a million pieces.Tried all recommended options and got advice from an electrician that the fault was terminal.The only drawback is that when one opens the top to remove the grinds the condensation from under the lid runs down the back of the coffee pot onto the counter, not into the machine.Most single serve coffee makers brew a measly 6, 8, or 10 ounce cup of coffee, which looks like a suggestion of coffee in my giant mug.This little machine meets and exceeds all of my expectations, and I can’t say enough how my mornings are so much better now.

WIJEL says:

I have ran vinagar through it and water.I have another small coffee maker, it takes 2 heaping scoops and coffee and it always comes out perfectly.Great size, looks nice, as others have stated the glass flask is a little on the thin side, delicate.This Capresso coffee maker is all of those things.Otherwise, makes a great cup o’ joe.I seriously consider purchasing the same Mr..Coffee and Black and Decker competition; however, the coffee is no where near hot enough.Coffee temperature is hot and the timer works fine.Made sure everything locked into place and maybe got a quarter cup of water in the holder.I really like the little karaff.The most recent one lasted just about three months, so I decided to try out this small drip brewer.Due to the steal-a-cup feature, you absolutely must make sure that the lid on the reservoir is clicked shut or the filter basket could overflow.I love this coffee maker.I chose to buy this one because:1.I removed the metal filter and use paper filters for a smoother flavor.I’ve been using a French press for years which I love but I miss waking up to a fresh brewed pot.One issue that I’ve had with all my small drip pots is a bit of coffee or condensation drops from the basket onto the hot plate when I pull out the pot.It arrived very quickly.To get a normal-sized mug of coffee, I have to fill the water to just under the line for 2 cups and add 4 scoops.

xgSiyg says:

I liked it a lot, until the brew component separated yesterday , with the plastic piece and the spring disassembling from the component.I wanted to set it the night before to start at 7 AM and I wanted the flavor to be robust.I broke the carafe on the Amazon coffee maker.Brewing a pot.Then, one day, it turned up dead… no signs of life whatsoever.So far, no problems or differences with this one.When I use it I have to press the top of it to make sure it drips into the pot.Generally just not a very good product.I’m always weary about buying anything for 40 bucks, as that dollar amount never seems to scream “quality” or “durability.Also has a handy automatic feature if you want to set it up every morning to wake up to and the coffee is better than the Mr.I couldn’t be happier with it; my coffee tastes fine and it’s easy to clean.Easy to use.If I want a cup, it’s easy to make enough for two and we both drink from travel mugs.I found that the included gold basket reusable filter impedes the flavor; I switched to paper filters and now need to use less coffee for peak flavor.Some comments said the coffee wasn’t very hot…it was VERY hot, even hotter than the 12 cup one I was using.It’s a simple drip, with a start-time control and auto shut off.I strongly recommend this product for singles who just want one to two cups of coffee.for the second time, the drip stop has broken and cannot be fixed.

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