Calphalon Special Brew 10 Cup Coffee Maker Dark Stainless Steel Review

Calphalon Special Brew 10 Cup Coffee Maker Dark Stainless Steel Product Reviews and Key Specs

Coffee strength adjustment to match your preferred tastePrecise brewing temperature delivers a flavorful cup of coffeeFresh Brew Timer tracks the time since the last brewDelay Brew Function for easy brewing at a later time4 hour nonstick warming plate keeps coffee hot and provides easy cleanupPremium boiling system extracts 20% more flavor (Compared to leading brand’s best selling model)
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3 thoughts on “Calphalon Special Brew 10 Cup Coffee Maker Dark Stainless Steel Review”

QJUUH says:

This one is easy to use and looks very nice on my countertop.Significant coffee hits the counter and floor.If I could change it to minus 1 I would.Don’t try to set the time while the coffeemaker is brewing ‘water’ for the initial cleaning……I should have read the instructions! The carafe has a ‘flap’ lid and not one you have to ‘pry off’ to fill with water.If you manually push the button to start brewing you can turn it off when you desire….Tried to replace with Calphalon…out of stock.I saw this highly rated Calaphon brewer on Amazon for about 1/2 the cost of a new Bunn machine.So, when the priced dropped to $38.Seems we morphed to second cups of morning coffee.One case where you get what you pay for.It has a edge made into the top of the pot that will splash hot coffee on you if your not careful when cleaning.No such problems with this coffee maker! It is easy to pour into, there are no drips or leaks, AND it makes a great hot cup of coffee.1.It fell apart!Seems it has a washer on the filter sideThat’s holds it together…well, not goodFound the washer but impossible to replace itWith regular sized hands and fingers.It makes good coffee and relatively easy to clean.It’s the same basic design as a 30 year old Mr Coffee, but with stainless steel, digital timers, etc.Doesn’t drip or spill when poured2.Plus it brews really good coffee.” That is perfect! The filters work better than others I’ve ever used.

ZhSxV says:

My only disappointment is the caraffe.It’s a pretty big unit .If you go to make another pot and use a full amount of water, then you have half a pots worth of water spilling out all over the kitchen.Push the ‘off’ button.The single flaw is that the lid is not removable. Easy to use and makes decent coffee.But the carafe’s cover is permanently attached, by a cheap plastic hinge that is sure to break eventually, and that is always in the way when pouring and make great coffee! It looks good on counter! The only problem I have with this wonderful machine is when washing, the dish soap around the seal is hard to remove.Easy spout for water.Won’t overflow.Couldn’t be happier with it.The price at $59 was amazingly competitive for a maker rated the best.DO NOT DO THAT! The coffee maker works great.Got a great deal on it and it makes a great pot of coffee.

DKEwHO says:

Won’t overflow. A little large, but not really an issue unless you have low hanging cabinetry above the countertops.I have it set so that it automatically brews every morning at 6am.y I bought this coffee maker because it was top rated on CR.The result: I frequently get hot coffee all over my mug holding hand, especially when you pouring the last cup of the pot. The stop flow part on the bottom of the basket fell off after the third use.However, after just 2 weeks the nozzle that controlled the flow broke and could not be replaced by the company. Love my new coffee pot! Easy to use and it taste grea! May be the flavor wasn’t right Good coffee pot.I bought a Gold Tone filter and it really doesn’t fit either.I don’t recommend and worried about safety Killer cup of mud.

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