BUNN Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker 10 cup Stainless Steel Review

BUNN Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker 10 cup Stainless Steel Reviews

Digital clock with programmable brew start time for Coffee that s ready when you are each morningBrews 10 perfect cups in about 10 minutes when not using the programmable start featureAuto warmer plate turns on during brewing and off after 2 hours.Wattage Output: 1300 wattsExclusive shatter-resistant drip-free carafe delivers the cleanest pour on the market3-Year backed by Bunn customer service in Springfield, IL
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3 thoughts on “BUNN Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker 10 cup Stainless Steel Review”

uUMyB says:

They have made a few design changes from the previous model that are really annoying.The last one was a Hamilton Beach internal brew machine.Took a few days to get the "plastic" taste out of the coffee even though I cleaned it first but now that it has worked it out it makes a good cup of coffee.This would always make a mess, either it drips on the coffee warmer if you remove the pot or drip everywhere if you remove the filter holder.I love this coffee maker.Coffee was not doing them justice.After trying out a Cuisinart machine I discovered that I had gotten used to really good coffee and the Cuisinart was just not cutting it for me .If you’re considering this maker, then you probably appreciate coffee a little more than some.I have been using the k-cups with several different machines over the past several years and basically forgot how good real coffee used to be.Overall I’m really liking this coffee maker.He is picky about his coffee.I love coffee.I have a sister that makes her coffee the Pour Over method and a brother who has a stove top percolator coffee maker and both make great coffee but we wanted something more automated.Ours will not brew hotter than 182 degrees which is 20 degrees cooler than our previous Bunn.I had a bunn for 33 years it finally give up.Soon as I opened the box, a big made in china on it.Let’s get to the point, I’m 58 years old and I’ve had a lot of coffee pots in my time however this is the very best one, which does not surprise me because Bunn makes awesome products.It’s simple enough to do, and the instructions are in the user guide that can be found right on the Amazon page, but when you do, make sure you take the lid off of the carafe! When you remove the sprayhead for cleaning and run the cleaning solution through without coffee grounds in the basket, the water comes out too fast for the small hole in the top of the carafe! Yes, WARNING!!! It makes a small mess.Awesome coffee maker! Watched the viral video about Keurig and the bacteria that can never be cleaned out of them and ordered this after the MR Coffee broke after about 3 weeks.

BdULR says:

I was excited to see that BUNN put out a pot that had a glass carafe and a timer however I was a little disappointed in the fact that the brew time was not signature 3 minute BUNN.Style was very nice.Plus this is probably more energy efficient.Coffee maker is tall.Film builds up you have to take apart tiny screws to clean once a month.When I called BUNN and gave customer service the proper numbers on the unit, it was discovered that this product was from 2018.being a fan of “Peets brazil nut minhas” coffee I am extremely particular on having a full bodied coffee with a smooth flavor.The warmer turns off after two hours and if you press the brew button to turn it back on, it will display an error message due to there being no water.That said, the inner-workings appear to be of less quality than the original.With that said I woke up to my coffee maker having brewed an entire pot of coffee all over the floor of my apartment and ruining my hardwood floors.Even with the best beans and multiple grinds the resulting coffee lacks any flavor depth and has a plastic blandness to it.Cooks the coffee at a higher temperature and I will say it is awesome This coffee pot is replacing a Bonavita that quit working week two of the Texas Stay at Home order.This coffee maker does not store hot water like normal Bunn coffee makers. Wish it had been designed just a bit better as far as the carafe & plastic lid, specifically the lid part that sits directly on top of the glass carafe.It was absolutely a joke! Tasted horrible! Used a lot of coffee.This cheap piece of plastic does not have the instant reservoir and I understand that….The brew water being heated to the same temp before it is released into the coffee bed is a game changer.It worked for a few days but then started to brew extremely slow!! The last pot I had made actually took an hour and a half! I gave it one star just because I have always used Bunn coffee pots and I still will.

NmLKeZ says:

When the last one died, I took my brother-in-law’s advice and tried this Bunn.We saw this model and decided to give it a try since we didn’t have the need for back to back pots of coffee and liked the fact that we could program it to make the coffee so it was ready when we wake.They have always been excellent.This model has a easily programmable timer.So far this machine has proved reliable and more efficient at delivering me decent pots of coffee every day.It turns on to brew, takes around10 min to finish, keeps it warm for 2 hours, and that’s it.The temp that it brews makes the coffee taste so much richer using same coffee brand.When you try to brew using the Brew button it does not all come out and when it does it barely drips.It is much easier to clean.Wasted energy is not a small deal long term.It does what it’s supposed to do without any frills…unless you think a clock and programmable start timer are frills.Just set the timer & HOT coffee ready to go when we wake up.I’ve no problem with the advisory warning – but STOPS WORKING completely – no option to override or anything.I may never need to shop for an alternative.I was just a little disappointed that the water reservoir tends to fill beyond the capacity of the filters.I used to have an OXO which had a CRAP temperature gauge and made delicious lukewarm coffee..More even brew pattern.However, it was not and when it arrived it had made in china all over the box ? but we decided to keep it because it is difficult to find a coffee maker with these features made in the USA.It’s a little slow but I didn’t want a pot that stays hot all the time.

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