BUNN CSB3T Speed Brew Platinum Thermal Coffee Maker Reviews

BUNN CSB3T Speed Brew Platinum Thermal Coffee Maker Product Reviews and Specs

Brews a full pot of coffee in less than half the time of other top selling home coffee makersCommercial grade stainless steel hot water tank. Care & cleaning: Dishwasher-safe partsBrews one large travel mug (20 ounce) to a full pot (50 ounce)Double wall, vacuum insulated thermal carafe keeps coffee warm for 2+ hourUnique spray head for optimal coffee extraction and flavor3 year warranty backed by bunn customer service in springfieldDesigned and assembled in USA
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Tag:Best coffee machines for business, commercial coffee machine, Explore coffee makers for homes, Explore cup warmers for coffee

3 thoughts on “BUNN CSB3T Speed Brew Platinum Thermal Coffee Maker Reviews”

vGdlM says:

Read reviews on this maker and another, very different dual purpose maker.Also, the fact that you need to leave the lid open so it doesn’t brew is pretty dumb, I live in AZ we have dust everywhere and I keep thinking of it all falling into my coffee maker as the lid remains open when I prep tomorrows coffee for the next morning.Plastic smell??? there is none.It’s a pretty big machine, and takes up roughly the same space as Technivorm coffee makers.Aesthetics was important to me.The carafe is great and the chrome/black housing looks good too.This type of coffee maker might work for a small office or someone who needs a cup of coffee every hour.Love that this one has an insulated pot rather than a hot plate.However, it rationally and calmly began reading more reviews and found the LOGICAL ones.Even the youtube video was just about worthless explaining all of the overly complicated steps needed to brew a carafe of “coffee” that tastes something like tin combined with a hint of plastic.This new one with a thermal carafe instead of the heat plate on a glass pot works so much better.The coffee basket is flimsy although serviceable.There are specific steps to follow in the instruction booklet before the coffee maker will brew coffee.Probably because machine works like a hot water heater; turns on when the water temperature drops.We each usually have about two of the “large” keurig cups sizes each morning, which is about 12 oz times four servings..But the coffee is not hot in the carafe.I threw the box away before realizing and now I am stuck with it .

nwfIS says:

i’m undecided on how i feel about the water being heated constantly in a plastic tank.The next morning it wouldn’t brew.I don’t know how many times we got half way to town before someone said” Did you turn the coffee pot off?” We worried our remote farmhouse would burn to the ground because the coffee had become a flammable crust in the bottom of the carafe.Is everything cheap these days? Go all the way and buy restaurant grade, anything else will be like this low grade appliance that is sure to eventually break.It is so easy to use, and is our first one with a thermal carafe…a total game changer.What a ripoff.I’ve personally drank swimming pools of coffee made from this manufacturer at my office.It had a reamer tool to clear lime & in addition to vinegar cleaning, I think that’s why it lasted so long.We kept buying disposable, cheap, coffee makers, and decided to spend a little more on one that may last longer.I did notice a mild “hot plastic” smell for the first three weeks or so of using.It does make coffee fast but right when it’s done being made I have to take the coffee and put it in individual coffee cups and warm them up in my microwave.I read some reviews about a plastic smell and this being confusing or hard to use.I made a pot of coffee last night at 7 pm and I forgot to dump what was left before heading to bed.) This Bunn has a thermal carafe rather than a heating plate.We’ve had everything from a $30 Mr.The coffee was cold.We really like the carafe vs the pot to keep the coffee warm over time rather than continually heating.We are very finicky coffee drinkers and have found that we are very happy with our purchase.For the past few weeks, my machine will only make the equivalent of a third of a carafes worth of coffee , regardless of the amount of water poured into the coffee maker.

cpLzZJ says:

1st, no way to customize size of pot, it is on or off and brews all the water in the tank.The machine keeps a reservoir of hot water so it can make coffee quickly on demand, if you don’t want that, don’t by the product.I hadn’t seen a Bunn with a thermal carafe.In order to enjoy the speed, you have to leave the machine on 24/7 .This time we went with the Thermal carafe and really like the unit.And, second, I don’t feel like this thermal carafe keeps the coffee as hot as I like it.The coffee is not steaming hot immediately after brewing.The chrome plastic parts look and feel cheap.Does not heat the water to the desired temperature nor keep it there.I paid about double what i wanted to just to get it and to my disappointment the pot is made in China .The Amazon support are very friendly but the product no working.They gave me rave reviews about it.It just makes good hot coffee quickly!Pros:Simple to useCoffee is actually hotCoffee stays hot for quite a while in the thermal carafeIt’s fast… Makes a full pot in 4 minCons:It’s largeFilters need to be Bunn filters! The speed at which it operates will overwhelm standard filters if you like strong coffee.The coffee was hot coming out of the carafe & I don’t have a negative thing to say about this pot.i had hoped it would diminish with use but after 24 hrs and multiple cycles if anything it was worse – returned to amazon.I use the same gold filter that I used in the older model and it works fine.While I do get my coffee twice as fast it came at the expense of doubling the amount of coffee required per pot than my previous slow brewing coffee maker.As I’ve only had the machine maybe a month, I do worry it’ll be the first thing to bust early.While I’m sure that it would work if I had called and asked for help, I am not willing to spend the time fooling with such a sensitive product.As advertised, simple, fast, durable, pours well, coffee stays hot 4-6 hours, depending on ambient temp, I use maybe 10% less coffee for the same kick and flavor from my last machine, I think its just the way the water spreads over coffee grounds more evenly, no regrets, this was a good purchase and a great value imo[/review6]<!– .

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