BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer Black Reviews

BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer Black Reviews and Key Specs

Double wall, vacuum insulated thermal carafe keeps coffee warm for upto 2 hoursUnique spray head ensures even, complete coffee flavor extractionStainless steel internal hot water tank keeps water heated to optimal brewing temperature of 200 Degree FSpecially engineered thermostat for use above 5 000 feetReservoir-style home brewer makes upto 10 cups of coffee in just 3 minutesStainless-steel water tank; 800-watt heater and internal thermostatSprayhead design improves coffee-flavor extraction; Hot water available for tea
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3 thoughts on “BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer Black Reviews”

pijUZ says:

We like that they make a good cup of coffee, fast.I’m so glad I made the decision to switch out.The reason why your brew basket overflows is that the flow rate is too fast for your altitude and water hardness/softness.For starters, they replaced a lot of the sturdy metal parts with that flimsy foul smelling plastic that you now find in many products from China.I’m not sure if that is out of the ordinary for them to last that long or if I just took good care of it; but I was really sad to see it finally go.My memory loss and desire for fast brewing a stiff cup of coffee led me back.This creates a problem of backup of water since it flows so fast.The unit is simple and sturdy.My mom had one and drank coffee day and night.I use reverse osmosis water for my coffee and that works OK for my medium-coarse grind regular coffee.It worked the first time, but every subsequent time it spilled coffee grounds everywhere.This machine is no where near the same quality as the ST it was replacing.The pour hole and the hole where the coffee enters from the filter are always open to the atmosphere (which I happen to like.Bunn sent me a new lid and all is well.It is now June 15, 2019, and I’m updating my review.I haven’t had the issue of grounds leaking everywhere because I bought the larger filters designed for this maker.I was really excited about the chance to go back to one.I was told that using a very fine ground that I might have an issue with overflow due to the high speed water flow and did find this to be an issue.I live on a boat and wanted something that brews quickly to keep the power requirements down.The enlarged snout pours cleanly when the lid is in place.

gyoHE says:

Simple, elegant, easy to use and maintain.We have had to solve this by pouring in half the water and then when it stops dripping, pouring in the rest.My complaints in order of annoyance are as follows:1.This Bunn BT is perfect! Simple design.On the downside, when making a full pot with generic filters hot water and coffee grounds ended up all over the counter.Every morning I wake up and groggily make my way to the kitchen to brew a pot.FYI: Don’t waste your time calling Amazon bc after the rep puts me on hold for 17mins, he comes back to tell me he found out the coffee maker is made to brew fast….However, I am a first time owner and I LOVE this coffee maker.We had an older version that finally died.After about 1 hour is just warm.I got it because I’m the loan coffee drinker in my house and I didn’t want a pot of coffee sitting on a warming plate getting scorched.People say that there was a terrible smell coming from it.There is no way to make strong coffee no matter how much you put in the basket.It brews perfect coffee in 3 mins.This recent purchase is my 2nd of this model, the first one lasted 12 years of everyday use.I’m returning it because it is even less than basic.Never any of those coffee stains anywhere!!! Fits great under our kitchen cabinets on the counter top and takes very little space .HOWEVER, watch that coffee bean grind! You do NOT want to have a “regular” or “home coffee maker” grind with this machine.This coffee maker was billed as the hands down one to get for its price range for the quality of the coffee.The graphics on the front do not even match the photos.

HOuHSF says:

When it arrived I noticed some changes; such as the place you pour water in was now a lift-up piece of plastic, whereas before it was a plastic cover that sat flush with the top of the maker and simply swiveled out of the way.So it was with the Bunn Velocity Brewer with the thermal carafe.The opening is small and has a rubber lip so, if you manage to fit your hand in to wash the interior, not only is it difficult to get your hand back out but the lip prevents the water from draining out completely.And the only way to empty the water storage is to pour it out the top upside down.Others would take 20 minutes or more, scorch coffee on the hotplate, or the carafe would break unexpectedly, element would die, or another mishap to require replacing the $40 unit after just 1 year! After half a dozen sub-par coffee maker brands and hundreds of dollars in disappointment, not to mention terribly brewed coffee, this Bunn BT seemed like the only logical choice for us serious coffee drinkers…Holy s***! Why didn’t we buy this ages ago? It makes perfect, rich coffee in just minutes, and is friendly to all the gourmet grinds you want to put in there.The 5 stars will be my rating at this time…I pray that nothing goes wrong! My previous coffee maker was a Mr Coffee($79.Sometimes it does have some leaking before you can get pot below filter.I’ve tried for a month playing with how much coffee/water to use, tried grinding my own beans, different coffees.If you are into weak "black tea" coffee this brewer is for you.Pour the water in put the carafeclose in place close the lid and in THREE minutes you got HOT fresh coffete ! I STRONGLY recommend this product and those follow my reviews know, I do NOT recommend many products often !I’ve owned this product for several months, I have one issue.We prefer bold roasts with rich flavor.Therefore, I decided to purchase their commercial VPR series 12 cup model.12-15 folks meet very often and this coffee maker is such a life saver.My wife bought this because we wanted a good coffee maker.However, when we received this item, it was missing the sprayhead.The instructions inside the lid were to clean the whole thing every month, which involves going in there with rags and Q-tips… Seeing as there’s no full-time housewife in my household , I don’t exactly have time for that sort of thing.My first one lasted 9 years.Feels like it takes longer to pull filtered water from my fridge than to brew the coffee.If not, it makes the best coffee a machine is capable of making.Yes, It was time for a new coffee pot and we found that Bunn had up dated the Thermal Carafe,very nice…….

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