Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker Brushed Stainless Steel Review

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker Brushed Stainless Steel Product Reviews and Specs

8 Strength Settings: Choose from 8 strength settings or choose Pre Ground coffee option to brew coffee just the way you like it and bean hopper capacity is 1/2 pound of Coffee bean capacity with locking system for easy removal, storage and transferBrewing Capacity: Single cup with variable size options or upto a 12 cup carafe; Dimensions:9 inch (W) X 14 inch (D) X 16 & ¼ inch (H); 1/2 pounds of Coffee bean capacity with locking system for easy removal, storage and transferRemovable drip tray for 7.5 inch height clearance to fit tall cups and travel mugs; if Carafe overflows: Always ensure the carafe is completely empty before brewing. Power:1100 WattsLCD Screen: Provides real time feedback on water level, grind size, strength selection, grinding time, brewing time, and selected settingsProgrammable Auto Start: Automatically starts grinding and then brewing coffee at your selected time; Pre brew temperature control: Delivers water at the ideal temperature from cold startNote: This product is not compatible with demineralized water such as distilled or reverse osmosis water; Construction Materials: Stainless Steel; Water tank capacity: 60 ounces
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Tag:6 cup coffee maker, breville coffee machines, corner desk, grinding coffee makers, latte cups, silver rose

3 thoughts on “Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker Brushed Stainless Steel Review”

bffhI says:

After having some issues with that model including weak coffee on any setting, as well as lukewarm coffee at best, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the YouBrew’s big brother .We have owned a LOT of these products as the functionality and longevity of all other brands has been extremely short of stellar.It is not dispersing the correct amount of water.I have contacted customer support who told me to adjust the grind to “coarse” which I have done and happens because I am using a dark roast.That won’t last long.A few days ago the descale notification came up.It was used daily and eventually a mechanical part stopped working so we decided to replace it… With tears in our eyes, we researched the internet and came across what we hoped would be a step up.I love that I can make a pot of coffee or use the single serve function to make up to a 20 oz.My idea was to splurge a little more and get something "different".It requires manual pre-warming with hot water, which is completely impractical when the maker is set to automatically start at a specific time.I enjoy one large cup of coffee per day early in the morning: whether I am commuting to work or headed out to capture sunrise.I have learned that darker roasted beans are more likely to stop up the chute.I first saw it at the mall at upon inspection it was clear it was designed for people who really enjoy coffee, by people who really enjoy coffee.Then it became extremely watery, no matter how many different settings we tried.‘m not someone who writes reviews very often, but, I’ve had this for over a month now and wanted to comment on some of the other reviews I read before I purchased.My use case: Daily 1-2 pots that I share with co-workers, with an occasional post-lunch single 16 oz cup.We highly recommend most of what Breville sells but not this coffee maker.I was using a coffee bean grinder and a Capresso brewer which we’ve had for 12 years.Item works as it should.I put Starbucks seasonal beans in.

lUgXq says:

My last model was a step back from my first, earning only two stars.I think America’s Test Kitchen missed the mark with the Moccamaster! We’ve had many coffee and espresso machines from a $2000 super automatic to the Nespresso Citiz and Vertuoline as well as the Breville K-Cup machine that is at least 6 years old that we keep at our lake house.If you like fresh coffee made from fresh ground beans, this is a great choice.I was hesitant to spend more but the Breville but I’m so glad I did.It is now in a landfill somewhere..Control of grind, water volume, and strength all combine to make a machine capable of brewing the perfect pot of coffee.Sounds great! BUT, after you use it a couple times , it gets VERY inconsistent.But I found that if one is prepared to carry out a few chores each time it is used, the reward is an excellent and consistent cup of coffee.It brews decent coffee BUT has a MAJOR design/manufacturing deficiency.It has some quirks you should know about.That changed after about 6 months when it started producing watery coffee.It beats out the other popular grind-and-brew makers since you can top off the water reservoir and bean hopper and still make a single cup of coffee–unlike the Capresso, which uses all the water in the reservoir each brew, or the Cuisinart, which grinds all the beans in the hopper at once.This maker is best for those who love coffee, and the making process.My previous coffee maker was a built-in Miele coffee maker.I will start off with the pros and cons for me.It pulled in way too many beans each grind , and it didn’t grind them all.That is how their warranty works.Besides, I have other Breville products that I love, so we took a chance.It never worked right.

gpUwiY says:

The coffee tastes like plastic.This brewer is the best ever.Watched the videos, seemed straightforward enough…ordered.It has been consistent and reliable every time.But I don’t.After 5 months the chute starts getting fully clogged and needs to be brushed and vacuumed out after EACH CUP or it won’t work .I have a very satisfying brew every time.It does not wake me up in the next room over if I set the timer.i have a ton of their appliances.Prompts saying Breville will call back are false as they never do.This is the second, expensive coffee pot.I am very familiar with all the ways to adjust the machine for grind size etc but this new machine makes ONLY watery coffee.This machine requires careful and extensive maintenance to work correctly long term.Unfortunately there are some serious issues:1.However, if you enjoy a great cup of coffee and you do not mind a little extra effort to get it, this may well be the exact item you are looking for.That is when I realized what I am missing in a great, fresh cup or mug of coffee.With the first cups coffee I made I used coffee strength #4 .The metal ‘wheel’ that allows or blocks the grinds from getting to the filter basket wasn’t rotating smoothly.I received the coffee maker, was delighted with the flavor and my purchase,but the latch to close the water tank is defective and will not hold closed.What was worst was Breville Customer Service, I email them, and 1 week later still no reply, and after it jammed I called them, got an automated response that it would take an estimated 35 minutes, I put them on speaker phone and an hour later still no response, I then text chatted with an Amazon rep and even they could not get a reply.

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