Braun KF7170SI BrewSense Drip Coffeemaker 12 Cup Stainless Steel Review

Braun KF7170SI BrewSense Drip Coffeemaker 12 Cup Stainless Steel Reviews and Key Specs

Satisfaction in every cup: With Braun’s innovative pure flavor system, your coffee is made at the right temperature and the right brewing time to extract the best coffee flavor and aroma.Keep the flavor inside: The unique carafe lid seals in the fresh flavor by minimizing air exposure and the anti-drip system lets you pour with precision – any time during the brewing cycle.Easy operation: The digital control panel buttons are displayed in the same way you read – from left to right.Control at your fingertips: Regular or bold, the strength function allows you to personalize each pot, just the way you like it.Wake up to a fresh pot: Reliable clock with a fully automatic 24-hour programmable timer means your much-needed first cup of coffee will be waiting for you when you want it.
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Tag:24 hour clock, bean to cup coffee maker, Best coffee makers for home, Drip Brew Coffees, drip coffees

3 thoughts on “Braun KF7170SI BrewSense Drip Coffeemaker 12 Cup Stainless Steel Review”

VecOe says:

It has some really cool features – getting coffee to stay warm for a set period of time, adjusting intensity of the brew, and changing the temperature of the hot plate were just a few of them.Appliances should last longer than 4 months….I’m the kind of guy who measures his coffee consumption in pots, not cups.It comes with a water filter which is a nice feature.Looks great and stylish on my countertop.Why not just a press of the brew button? Not a rhetorical question.This was true.I am in the process of returning this one also and opted for obvious reasons not to get another replacement since both their Engineering and Quality Assurance groups are non-existent.However using the same amount of pitcher-filtered water and the same Melitta brown paper filters, I find that I have to add almost 10% more of the same coffee grounds to achieve the same flavor.Unfortunately, even though you have it set for the warming plate to remain on 4hrs, alas, the warming plate turns off after 2hrs.So many good reviews but sooo disappointed.I was hoping it would start going away, but it is about the same, so I returned it for the refund.I was excited when I saw this on the market and snatched it up immediately to replace my mediocre coffeemaker.It has German flags slathered all over the box, and “Made in China” on the under side.Best coffee maker we ever owned!! NOTE: I only needed and ordered 1 Braun coffeemaker which I received and enjoy using.It won’t do anything now.Oy! I’ve read the reviews, and one common complaint is a strange smell and/or taste with drip machines.It also makes delicious tasting coffee.[/review1][review2] The dreaded E01 code came up on our braun and am very disappointed.That little plastic piece broke off after only three months.

ZIqwx says:

We love this Braun model even better than our more expensive Quisinart! It has temperature and brew strength settings which are features we wanted since we like our coffee very hot.Highly recommend.The coffee is good, not great.Second unit lasted 8 months, failed in the same way.I like the new carafe design.Quite endearing actually..I worry about putting the grounds that did not come out in the trash, into my disposal.It makes great coffee with a full 12 cup pot.This unit is a sleek, attractive addition to our stainless kitchen.Strange concoction.We’ve been cleaning it whenever the light comes on and so far have not had any issues.If I put in 12 cups of water to brew a full pot the coffee make will only produce 10 cups of very bitter non quality coffee Makes great coffee!! Especially love the bold feature.The lettering on the chrome buttons is very small and hard to read which wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t have to set the plate warmer every time you make a pot of coffee.But, it only lasted 3 months before it crapped out.Its very easy to use.I was honestly really worried about the strong plastic smell and some other quality issues people mentioned.Decided to spend a little more for the same.

AmrOYQ says:

I am so glad I bought it! Has a lot more buttons then our 10 year old coffee maker.Overall, it’s a good coffee maker.Easy to set up and easy to use.Until it wasn’t.I’ve never had a coffee pot spill when pouring like this one does, it’s a mess.Enjoy & Happy New Year! This Braun coffee maker is very nice.My biggest complaint with my old Mr.Braun offers the ease of more recognized brands but a more flavorful cup.This Braun coffeemaker serves up the best coffee ever.We read the reviews and love that it keeps coffee warmer longer, so this was it.We have been married 64 years, so this really tells the story.Would vinegar work as well? Good looking pot but for me the reviews on flavor are pot always dripped when pouring.It’s neither too complex or too simple.Coffee.

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