Braun KF7070 BrewSense Drip Glass Coffeemaker 12 Cup Stainless Steel Review

Braun KF7070 BrewSense Drip Glass Coffeemaker 12 Cup Stainless Steel Product Review and Specs

The perfect cup of Coffee Braun’s pure flavor technology ensures your coffee is made at the right temperature and brewing time to extract the best Coffee flavor and aroma Expect excellent results whether you brew a full pot or choose the 1–4 cup settingWake up to a fresh pot a programmable 24-hour timer means your Coffee will be ready when you are the auto shutoff feature will turn it off automatically And the easy-to-read clock is visible from anywhere in your kitchenRich flavor anytime the brew pause system lets you pour a cup anytime during the brew cycle without dripping plus the 12-cup flavor carafe seals in the fresh flavor by minimizing air exposureYour Coffee your way a unique water level indicator lets you brew an 11 ounce Mug or up to 12 cups of CoffeeSmarter by design the sleek elegant design features a smaller footprint and lower profile easy-access control panel and convenient cord storagePure pleasure with every sip the Braun gold-tone filter unlike paper enhances the flavor of your coffee by allowing essential oils to reach your cup A charcoal filter purifies brewing water and a cleaning feature can be customized to different water hardness levelsIncluded Components: Charcoal Water Filter
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Tag:drip coffees, Explore Coffee Machines, Oil Cups, Stainless Steel Water Features

3 thoughts on “Braun KF7070 BrewSense Drip Glass Coffeemaker 12 Cup Stainless Steel Review”

aPZcm says:

It’s worth having one just as a high-end decoration for your kitchen at a reasonable price.I usually keep 2 Braun coffee makers because we host large family and neighborhood events.Full disclosure: I’ve been using the Dieter Rams-designed Braun Aromaster since the 1980s, and have owned four of them.One of my favorite features is the lid stays in place while filling the reservoir and pouring our coffee..Looks like no replacement is available.This morning it wouldn’t brew.I like to easily see the time but it does not show up.This Braun model does both of those things very well.I really miss that window! Well made and easy to use.I don’t know if the pot, the filter, or both are responsible for the great coffee, but I am very pleased so far.Do you think it’g going to be easy to get Krups to honor the warranty on this junker.It has lots of different the mesh basket.Will never touch Braun again.Went to sight and it said it didn’t have this product number in their files.The 12 cup brewed at 183° and the four cup at 181° far below optimum temperature for brewing great coffee.If you want features and control, keep looking.

fpJlh says:

We replaced a different type that was only two months old because we were tired of having grounds in our coffee. Wish they would make it on 5 cup size but its beautifull and works great This is very affordable and beautiful coffee maker.Now it is rusting and leaves rust marks on the glass pot and looks awful. I didn’t know my coffee tasted bad in my old machine till I had good tasting coffee in this one.The unit is very attractive with the full stainless appearance, modern design and exceptional coffee quality.Bought this last January, and this morning, not quite 11 months later, it just won’t brew. Hot plate does not have a staying warm feature.Great to buy it..[/review4][review5] makes the hottest coffee ever……was a great buy[/review5][review5] I have bought Braun coffee pot thru the years no matter how expensive or inexpensive the coffee maker is it always brews the perfect pot of coffee from a coffee haulic❤️❤️❤️[/review5][review5] Easy to program, clean and use… makes a great cup of coffee[/review5][review5] Purchases 4 other coffee makers at similar price all of which were given away. If you think all makers brew the same.The only downside is the clock doesn’t light up so very hard to see the time.Bought a Bunn like I should have to begin with[/review3][review4] The coffee maker is compact so if you need a coffee pot for minimal space this is the one.

zwVWwA says:

The numerous settings are easy and fast to use and makes great tasting coffee.I set it for the morning before I wake up and it can keep my coffee warm for hours before shutting off on its own.It’s hard to make out how much water you’re putting in, the clean light won’t go away despite us having cleaned it twice and followed all directions, it won’t auto turn off.Water level cannot be seen from outside. Great coffee maker & it keeps the coffee at just the right temperature Returned item.Not made to last.I love the reusable filter that comes with it as well. It is an excellent coffee maker.That’;s les than one year!No one is getting back to me about this, I would like the product to be replaced I love not having to use filters anymore. Easy to use, but most importantly, makes the most delicious cup of –> <use xlink:href="http://az.

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