BOSCARE 10 Cups Programmable Coffee Maker CM1429TA-UL Keep Warm Drip Coffee Machinewith Permanent Filter Coffee Maker Reviews

BOSCARE 10 Cups Programmable Coffee Maker CM1429TA-UL Keep Warm Drip Coffee Machinewith Permanent Filter Coffee Maker Product Review and Key Specs

【Quick Touch Programming and Controls】–Easily program the 24-hour auto brew feature so you can wake up to a fresh pot of coffee,Intuitive operation and programming with the soft-touch buttons, which are easy to wipe clean.【Easy-View Water Window】—The front-facing window shows you the exact amount of water that will turn into coffee.Make sure water reservoir has not been filled beyond the 10 cup line, No more dripping or mess on your counter tops.【THE BEST TASTING COFFEE】- Brew a full pot of coffee using your favorite grounds and with brew strength control you can select regular or bold coffee flavor, whatever you like better【PERMANENT COFFEE FILTER】 – BOSCARE Brewing Coffee Maker includes one permanent coffee filter, saving the money from buying paper water filters.【SUPERIOR QUALITY WITH BOSCARE】- We are here to offer you only the best quality products designed to make your life more easier and fun. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us, our professional customer support is always here for you!
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3 thoughts on “BOSCARE 10 Cups Programmable Coffee Maker CM1429TA-UL Keep Warm Drip Coffee Machinewith Permanent Filter Coffee Maker Reviews”

MwhBO says:

It makes 10-cup coffee, which is good for several people.The glass carafe is very light, feels like it will break, the handle is kind of loose, the entire coffee maker is just the most basic thin plastic.I’m more than likely addicted to the stuff.The outlook is fancy, quality is just beyond the cost, not too big on my counter, just right.I can program it so that it is ready to drink when I wake up.And it can be programmable the way you needed.It does not drip at all when I’m pouring myself a cup mid brew! Not one drop!!! My old machine would always drip just a bit and over time the base would burn and it took so much effort to clean it-not this one! This machine also conveniently does not need a paper filter so it saves me the headache of separating those thin sheets.It came very fast and was perfect texture and consistency.I know most people are into those kcup things, but personally I like my coffee strong some days so I like it the old fashion way.I like that this is a simple but sturdy coffee maker.Not too large and has tons of features like timer, filter, automatic stop drip when you pull the carafe out to get a cup of coffee early.No dripping coffee on to the plate when I pour my coffee.The brewing temperature is in the perfect range for good coffee – not too hot to destroy the flavors, and not too cold for under-brewing.Coffee is brewed within 5 minutes.Sadly, we did not think was the case.I’m very satisfied watching it sitting in my kitchen.also the container is 10 cups, big enough for the family to share.This maker can make 10 cups it is totally enough for my family.This is the perfect size for my family that enjoys coffee every morning.

JlVBo says:

It serves 10 cups of coffee which is how we wanted specially when we have visitors.Great coffee, great settings.Of course, the price is also much higher.The only bad thing to complain is the material.The keep-warm feature works great, sometime I forgot the time and then I can still enjoy the hot coffee after coming back.There are many features and I love how there is a clock to tell time.I am not a coffee lover so I want to buy a simple and easy-to-use products which meets my needs.User-friendly design, easy to follow instructions, and made in high-quality material.We still like the old fashion and don’t prefer the k-cups.We can select regular or bold coffee flavor.The main benefit of using a permanent filter in your coffee maker is to reap the long-term savings.I like to drink coffee, and so it helps me a lot .I am very happy I went ahead and ordered it.Very easy to use and clean.Also, the clock doesn’t keep time well…losses about 10 minutes each day!Update:Go figure! The day after I submitted this review it broke.Nope, this is no hotter than the low priced machines out there, so at $50+ it is so not worth it.We can pick how we want our coffee.I love this coffee maker so much for couples reasons.Have had this over a month now and am very pleased with my coffee maker.

OKcFLX says:

My only complaint is that there is a big discrepancy between the water we put in and the coffee we get out.You have to figure it out on your own.I really like it so far.Probably would be better if the instruction can include some pictures.It is easy to brew a coffee and is fast to give me a cup.So far I’ve made three pots using starbucks beans and it’s worked great! There’s a strength mode too that I tried out This product makes it so easy to make coffee.That is saying something since we are in our 70’s and have had many different brands of coffee makers during our lifetimes.I couldn’t wait to open it.Something Programmable, reliable, and good value.It’s so easy to use and worth the price.Easy to clean and fill water.Also it’s easy to clean and temperature holding is fairly good Bought this coffee machine two weeks ago.It is easy to use and function very well.It tastes fresh even after sitting in the pot a while.I usually have 2-3 cups of coffee every day.

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