Bonavita BV1901PW Metropolitan One-Touch Coffee Brewer Length 12.60" Width 6.80" Height 12.20" Black Reviews

Bonavita BV1901PW Metropolitan One-Touch Coffee Brewer Length 12.60" Width 6.80" Height 12.20" Black Product Review

One-touch brewing with sleek black designOptional pre-infusion mode saturates freshly roasted ground coffee to optimize flavor while the showerhead is specifically designed to facilitate even saturation of coffee groundsPowerful 1560-watt heater with advanced heating control quickly brings water to ideal brewing temperature of 198° to 205°F (92°- 96°C)Removable flat bottom filter basket and larger showerhead provide better saturation and uniform flavor extractionAudible signal alerts user when the filter basket has finished draining and coffee is readyTempered glass carafe design help retain heat and warming plate shuts off after 40 minutes and is easy to cleanLength: 12.60″ Width: 6.80″ Height: 12.20″
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3 thoughts on “Bonavita BV1901PW Metropolitan One-Touch Coffee Brewer Length 12.60" Width 6.80" Height 12.20" Black Reviews”

xRPEC says:

the new carafe costs $18.I got a truly great brew on the first try, using 2 tablespoons per cup of freshly ground whole beans which I grind a bit finer than typically recommended for drip coffee machines.No coffee maker below 100 dollars can do that….This one does not have that problem at all.It uses similar technology to the BV1900TS that has a SCAA award for meeting the above 195-205 degrees conditions under testing2.And more annoyingly, there are no markings whatsoever, so I have to guess how much water to put in it to get 6 cups or 8 cups.Couple of minor things others might find important.DO listen to this review; This coffee maker is simple, easy to use, and makes hot coffee very quickly.I’m adding some stars back on for their response, but leaving one off because of the hoops I had to jump though.It also clogs easily and after 3 months of daily use it was struggling to brew 8 cups without stopping.With the lower price and video reviews of this unit I am happy I ordered it.There is one source and with shipping and tax, the carafe is $50.I assuaged my sorrow by researching coffee makers and stumbled across this new model.I had no problem with the basket staying in place as others stated as this model clearly has a catch that locks the basket in place.It then malfunctioned and numerous attempts to clean it were fruitless.They talked in circles and gave one excuse after another.I read a bit about the technivorm moccamaster, and how it heats to 205 during brew.In short I’m happy I went back to the glass carafe though as it’s just easier to clean and I think it makes the whole experience better.This unit is not worth the money, and I’m not the person to say whether it makes a good cup of coffee..

lOEbS says:

Cleaned it religiously with recommended powder.Bonavita as a company is not helpful over the phone nor do they care if replacement parts are available.Carafe is a pita to clean if you have big hands.AVOID! These are made to fail so you have to buy another one! Although this is easy to clean and easy to use it doesn’t heat the water very hot and therefore the coffee cools super fast.Second go at this, as I attempted to nudge the basket back with the pot, with not much force at all, the pot itself shattered, raining coffee and broken glass onto me and my floor.My only problem with this is that the carafe it comes with looks great but is really fragile.I bought this coffee maker a little less than 8 months ago.It soaks the grounds and lets them bloom, then finishes the brew.Does about half of the water and shuts down.Please note this is a fragile item and I would not plan on getting a useful life from it.This is a great coffee pot so far.I contacted bonavita customer service, who offered no recommendation for repairs and simply told me the product was out of warranty, so there is nothing they can do.If you want a no nonsense coffee maker, with a pre-infusion option, meets the SCA guidelines, and brews a superb cup of joe…look no further.All of a sudden, it has gone silent.The one star is because of the nauseating plastic smell and taste that just did not go away even after running the unit through several plain water cycles and a vinegar cycle.Bonavita customer service sent me an email that it would not be available for at least 6 weeks.I loved it!!! It made great coffee, was easy to use, easy to clean.Creates a ton of humidity and condensation on any cabinets, walls, or windows nearby.There is one button to press to start making great tasting coffee.

zRHJOU says:

It died on me just last week and I contacted bonavita about it.Easy to use, easy to clean.I especially like the “pre-soak” feature you can program to allow the fresh grounds to “bloom”! It really does make a difference.Enter Bonavita.I paid much more for this one in an attempt to get a great cup of coffee.It’s simple.For years, my main way of making my morning cup was a Chemex with the beans weighed out, ground on a burr grinder, and the water measured.Lots of hype, no convenience features, and no improvement in flavor.Cleaning is a breeze and the book is Very educational. LOVE this coffee maker! Produces consistently good coffee.High end, gourmet coffee.The preinfusion feature is great, and the warming plate at 45 minutes is perfect for coffee freshness.One month in and out of nowhere the carafe has cracked.No complex extra features that never get used.The coffee tastes great, easy machine to use BUT… the filter slides over two small lips of plastic on each side.The Bonivita is loud and often results in a luke warm cup unless the carafe sits for 10 minutes to warm up after the cycle is finished.About a cup every 24 hours.

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