Bodum K11683-01WM Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker 51 Oz Jet Black Review

Bodum K11683-01WM Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker 51 Oz Jet Black Specs and Product Reviews

Includes two lids: One for the fridge overnight, and one with a plunger to press down the coffee grounds in the morning51 Oz. Capacity.Innovative locking lid system keeps your Coffee hot or cold and helps prevent spillsAll components are 100% Dishwasher Safe for easy clean-up.All Plastic Parts are 100% BPA Free!Included Components: Flat Lid
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3 thoughts on “Bodum K11683-01WM Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker 51 Oz Jet Black Review”

wRodK says:

If you leave it at the bottom and try to rip out, your a 1st class goof whos lacking the ability to make a coffee.However, this is NOT a regular French press that can be used for hot water.However, it was around $12.If there were a way to take apart the pitcher for optimal cleaning, I’d be happier.5L) which is the perfect amount for 2 coffee drinkers to enjoy a cold brew beverage on a warm summer day.Definite plus there!The only issue is getting the press top off when it first arrives.Something to wake you up, and be refreshing as well.The packaging is a little silly.I haven’t had any issues taking the plunger lid off or pulling up the plunger.As a new mom cold brew is my new fave I haven’t had hot coffee in so long I like cold brew better .The plunger lid was suctioned SO tight, I couldn’t get it off causing the thin outer plastic piece to literally snap.They love it too! Just add ground coffee + cold water then let it sit in the refrigerator.OMG… it is simply amazing, especially for the price point.In the morning you add the press on top and push it down.It was annoying, it was messy, it didn’t make that much coffee.My fault, not the fault of the product.This comes with two lids for the brewing and serving process.Yes the grounds stay in the container with the coffee, but I have not noticed any issue with that at all.This one looks nice and comes with the plunger lid and a separate flat lid.I love that it’s plastic and I don’t feel so bad about being rough with it….

URtBl says:

Will give you about 3 to 4 venti cups of coffee.However, I appreciate how simple it is to make a pot.I spend way too much on cold brew at the coffee shops I frequent and this makes life so much easier.With this wonderful product I skip all the hard work and move straight from the Bodum to my refrigerator storage jar! Filtered and ready to mix! OK, so I purchased this in a wave of sheer excitement at the prospect of easy cold brew at home!! I read others reviews, tips, and tricks.We have a white one and we loved it so much that we got a second, so we can always have coffee on hand.She’d be so happy to see me doing this.I’ve bought about 4 in the last 6 months from Walmart or amazon.I love this.By using pressed coffee, I needed something that would give a good pressure as to get the most out of the grounds.i fill it up, leave it in the fridge by 7 pm after dinner, then in the morning i strain it and my coffee is ready.I also used a canning jar for cold brew, but the coffee grounds made the filtering with Melitta filters very slow and difficult to get more than a cup even though I had a coarse grind with a burr grinder.We were using a smaller brew system previously when I saw this unit on sale during Prime Day and decided to pick it up as it holds 1.Overall quality of this product is definitely 10/10.Very satisfied with the quality and looks of it.The multiple lods are very functional other than having an extra one to store while the coffee steeps.The product is easy to clean, I just dump the grounds in the trash and rinse everything out.Note the coffee needs to at least over night, but I noticed the flavor is best after a day of being in the fridge.Slightly disappointed that I received this with cracks in the cover.

dtmMNr says:

We drink a lot of cold brew, so this is a heaven!!!! Works as stated, good with Dunkin Cold Brew Packs; 13-year old daughter wanted it to copycat Dunkin’s Cold Brew specialty coffee.This one is perfect for that! We also like the separate lid for storing in the fridge so it actually fits without the plunger taking up extra space.Very clear, specific directions on package.This 1.I can’t imagine pouring hot water into it, over and over.Plus it is a lot cheaper somewhere else I have another green cold brew frech press that I got as a gift and absolutely love.Sometimes the coffee grinds get in my glass when I pour the last little bit of liquid out but oh well.That’s not bad but with this, I get the same amount of coffee but for maybe a dollar per 4-5 cups/days.They are super easy to use.The capacity is huge, so one batch lasts me a few days. This is sooooo convenient and I love the way it looks! PRO TIP – it arrived with the instructions on how to open/use it trapped inside so we spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out how to open it. Okay so I brew the coffee regularly and then put it into this in the fridge.It is large enough so that you can make enough that you should be able to go a couple of days without having to make another batch.Only thing is when the coffee is finally ready to be poured a lot of little coffee grounds go through the mesh /: i suggest pouring the coffee in a bigger container through a smaller mesh/coffee filter to try and get rid of as many coffee grounds as u can.entry-content –><!– .

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