BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker Black CM0700BZ Reviews

BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker Black CM0700BZ Product Review

Ergonomic Carafe – The improved carafe is engineered for comfortable handling and drip-free pouring, with a removable lid for easy cleaningSneak-a-Cup Feature – This feature temporarily stops the flow of coffee so you can pour your first cup before brewing ends without making a messSpace-Saving Compact Design – Perfect for apartments, RVs, dorm rooms, and smaller coffee appetitesPermanent Grounds Filter Included – No need for paper filters. The permanent filter works with your favorite coffee grounds and it’s easy to cleanLighted On/Off Switch – One-touch control for easy operation, and an on/off indicator light for peace of mindNote: Cup equals approximately 5 oz. (varies by brewing technique)Volts: 120V
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3 thoughts on “BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker Black CM0700BZ Reviews”

jMKEn says:

It’s cheap, it works, it makes delicious coffee.cannot return because already packing in trash.I had the older model back in college and that thing lasted years and finally slowly stopped working.I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to be happy.I use it on my desk at work.PROS: This coffee pot makes the coffee HOT! Absolutely fantastic…finally, a HOT cup of coffee; plus, the warmer mode does keep it quite warm, too…IF coffee is drank within a 30-minute time frame.I use this machine every morning and sometimes twice a day; I clean it out with plain water and let it air dry after every use.It fits nicely in a little corner of my coffee bar.I put in the right of amount of water and got the same amount of coffee back.Add that it takes 4 times the amount of coffee my excellent former coffee maker made.I was tired of him making a full pot with our 10 cup machine…such a waste! Well, this little pot is easy, simple and most of all hubby uses it.The coffee doesn’t seem to brew up very strong no matter how much coffee I use in the basket.It comes with an internal removable “permanent” basket filter.Coffee pot is leaking hot water as it brews.It makes good coffee, is easy to clean and use, so now it’s just a matter of whether it will last.Coffee was good and hot, etc.I was making 8-12 cups with a larger coffeemaker and would waste half of the pot.It’s really easy to clean.Serves its purpose.I bought it April of 2018 and now it is December 26, 2018 and the coffee pot is in the trash.

bGOpp says:

It is for our vacation not knowing it wasn’t a 6 cup filled it up with that amount and it poured everywhere.The pot handle is comfortable to hold and the spout doesn’t drip.And it’s the perfect size for your countertop! It had a reusable filter but I’d probably use regular paper filters, the permanent filter is annoying to clean for me.Thank you, Black and Decker! Hopefully the on/off switch will not quit on me like the former model.Instead of a lever lid, the carafe comes with a snap-on lid that allows you to pour coffee at a fast speed without any drips! Who wants to pour slowly to avoid drips when you are trying to get your caffeine fix.On May 16, we filled it with water as we had done each morning planning to switch it on a bit later.Although I haven’t experienced this with other coffee makers I’ve owned, I thought it would wear off with use.….Keeps the coffee hot.” I think the 5 cup capacity may mean 6-8oz of small cups.It’s just what i was looking for.The coffee comes out cloudy and full of coffee grounds every time.It seems that things I have gotten are either seconds or previously returned items that were faulty.Drip free pouring and the “sneak a cup” feature add to the perfectionism of this little pot.My wife wishes I’d gotten a bigger coffeepot, but this is perfect for me at home — I can brew an entire pot and drink it myself.That’s like 2 or 3 of those big whip-creamy looking things at Starbucks.Features are as described.I used it 3 times and each time it had a strong plastic smell.I like that the lid to the coffee pot doesn’t move or interfere with pouring like my old one did.

eKpfOA says:

I broke the glass carafe in the kitchen sink :(.I love my coffee hot and fresh in the morning and this Black and Decker coffee pot made my day.This coffee maker had brewed coffee five times, then stopped heating the water.Also, the replacement costs $7 less than purchasing a new machine, which makes this machine almost disposable, sadly.I usually side the pot out rather slowly to try and avoid a lingering drop of liquid splashing onto the heat plate.I decided to just bite the bullet & get a smaller one and chose this guy.Just need to shut it off when you are finished with it.This leads me to believe the cheap plastic of the top of the pot leaks into the the bottom after hot water runs through it, and if you don’t already know, burning plastic is toxic.Loved it and was thrilled to find a replacement years later.It makes two 14-ounce mugs of coffee, which is perfect for me.It’s super easy to use.There is no stop for pour feature.this one works great and makes a great cup of coffee just enough for about 2 regular cups if you need more its there to add to if not it has done its job.The autostop feature when you remove the pot while it’s still brewing is laughable bad…it doesn’t hinder the flow at all so you’ll spill coffee all over the burner if you take the pot off mid-brew.I had a one cup Black and Decker Coffee Maker for many years and it finally stopped working.Among other things I have a large hand.Coffee time for brewing slow but coffee nice and hot.I’ve never owned or let alone USED a coffee maker before so I needed something simple- I am not tech savvy at all.I think coffee filters are a must though.

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