Arzum Okka OK002W 120V Turkish/Greek Coffee Machine White/Chrome (Silver) Reviews

Arzum Okka OK002W 120V Turkish/Greek Coffee Machine White/Chrome (Silver) Review

Automatic Turkish/Greek Coffee machineAutomatically brews and pours coffee directly into the cup(s)Self-cleaning functionSlow brewing functionIncluded components: Quick Start Guide
Tag:bean to cup coffee maker
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Tag:bean to cup coffee maker

3 thoughts on “Arzum Okka OK002W 120V Turkish/Greek Coffee Machine White/Chrome (Silver) Reviews”

rODjd says:

At over $250 that is a significant amount of money for a coffee maker.I timed this brewer against the stovetop maker and this was faster and easier.For those whom don’t know how to cook on the stove or just want to push a button and walk away, this is for you. I love this coffeemaker, it’s so easy to use I like the ease of use.and now was able to find it in AMAZON working in 110V! I love it, it is excellent, simple to manage.Otherwise, it’s perfect.The coffee produced by this machine is too "thin".Worth the price Loved how fast and easy to drink coffee with this machine[/review2][review3] easy preparation and stylish appearance[/review3][review3] great product[/review3][review3] Easy to use and clean.It makes a great cup.It made excellent coffee for a good 3 month then stopped working correctly. BEAUTIFUL appearance, high quality plastics, electronics, overall design.Convenient as you can use any Turkish/arabic ground coffee and don’t have to buy any special capsules.

UnLmz says:

Turkish coffee Very good but the only thing is it’s not easy to clean Easy and fast expensive but a grear buy if you like Turkish cogfee Good Fast Amazing for Turkish coffee!! The machine works great and makes a great cup of Turkish coffee.Machine becomes unusable2) cleaning is a chore , you will need to clean after every use or else end up with an ingrained layer of coffee on the metalHeating plate.You just have to play with the settings for the cup sizes and then the ONE or TWO cup buttons for the amount of water used, to really determine what will work for your cups sizes.[/review4][review5] Very good machine make the Turkish coffee great, also try to make Frensh coffee and Greek coffee was very delicious[/review5][review5] Very convenient.

XwdUir says:

Turkish coffee used to be a weekend treat, now it’s how I start every morning.I decided to give Arzum brand a go and I am very happy.I contacted the seller whose response was “our team in not aware of technical issues please contact the manufacturer”! Seriously! But I did and no one ever responded not even amazon’s guarantee .I am extremely impressed with this product.In time I will try to put up my long term review.The machine itself is so great.I like Turkish coffee almost exclusively.entry-content –><!– . Happy Great item I grew up in Greece with Greek coffee, but haven’t had any in years as it’s hard to make here on your average stove.

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