Thermos 33105A 17 Oz. Vacuum Bottle Assorted colors Review

Thermos 33105A 17 Oz. Vacuum Container Assorted colors Specifications and Product Reviews

  • 16-Ounce capacity
  • Glass vacuum insulated for optimum temperature retention
  • Hot or cold
  • Assorted colours: blue, red & green


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Thermos 3410USP
Glass vacuum protected for maximum temperature preservation, hot or cold. Twist as well as pour stopper allows you to put without removing the stopper. Incorporated handle with gentle rubber grip. 2 interlock cups for helping and sharing anyplace. Size: 35 ounce…..

Thermos 37110A Transluscent Vacuum Bottle colour may vary. Review specs

Thermos 37110A Transluscent Vacuum Bottle color may vary.
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Thirty four Ounce glass protected bottle….

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